Akuvox SIP Intercom Operation Demo

Akuvox is a SIP intercom manufacturer that we just LOVE installing.

This system has so many features and capabilities that make it a real custom Intercom solution. Smart intercoms allow you to interact with your front door through an indoor monitor installed inside your house/apt, AND/OR with your mobile phone/tablet using the Akuvox SmartPlus app. It also allows you to integrate different systems and app into the hardware, making it a smart home controller.

In the video below we demonstrate how a multi residential intercom would work with and without monitors and how different apps can be used with this system. We also explain about all the benefits the Akuvox system offers for both ingle home users and multi-residential buildings.

Check out the demo Yonatan has made for you to see the features in an Akuvox Intercom System.

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