11 Ways to Stop Your Neighbors from Stealing from You

Do you worry about the safety of your home and possessions from potential neighbor theft? Unfortunately, the risk of burglary is a common concern for many homeowners in NYC. According to the latest statistics from the FBI, approximately 1 million burglaries occur annually in the United States. Considering that a new burglary is committed every 26 seconds, increases in robbery and theft contributed to a 22% increase in major crime in New York City last year compared to the previous year.

As your devoted companions in high-quality protection, and as your trusted security experts, Linked Security is here to offer practical solutions to keep you and your property safe. By taking these proactive actions, you will feel at ease knowing that your valuables are protected while you are away from your property.

11 Ways to Stop Your Neighbors from Stealing from You

Do you suspect your next-door neighbor of stealing your belongings? Only force your way into their homes if you have solid evidence!

To successfully prevent your neighbors from stealing from you, you need to gather key facts that demonstrate they are taking your belongings or, better yet, catch them in the criminal act before confronting them in person.

Still conscious of where to start? These 11 handy solutions below may help stop your neighbors from stealing from you.

  1. Invest in a home security system 

Investing in a home security system is one of the most reliable ways to avoid crime in your neighborhood. No matter the size of the property or the number of doors and windows, home security systems are essential to providing families with this sense of security.

A significant advantage of having a professional install your home security system is the ability to feel at ease. Even though security system technology is continuously changing, expert monitoring by trained and experienced personnel guarantees that your system is always being watched and that any potential security breaches will be promptly handled. 

With this in mind, you can rest easy knowing that the best home security company in your area is effectively safeguarding your family and belongings.

  1. Install a motion-sensitive alarm system

Burglar alarm systems operate by generating an alert when movement is detected within your house while the alarm is set and active. These systems have numerous sensors that can identify motion and warn you or your neighbors of a potential invader. 

The sensors should be placed in strategic locations, such as at the back entrance, conservatory, and windows, where intruders are more likely to attempt to break in. The system can be upgraded with additional technology, such as window sensors that sound the alarm when a window is opened.

It is thought that burglars will be deterred from breaking into a property because the alarm system will alert both you and your neighbors, making it known that the home is protected.

  1. Look for vulnerable spots and landscapes strategically

It is wise to stroll around the exterior of your property looking for windows that may be easily opened or ones that provide a clear view of your valuables. Better still, inquire if a home security check is available from your neighborhood police force. They’ll search your house from the inside out and let you know where the weak spots are. 

Small windows become simple targets for robbers, especially at the basement level, so it is advisable to take that into account. Install safety glass or metal bars to reduce their exposure.

Trim your plants so that burglars can’t hide behind them, and place thorny rose bushes next to windows that are easy to get to. Gravel driveways and pathways are also effective at alerting unwelcome visitors.

You’ll be happy to learn that ornamental or chain-link metal fences supported by concrete pillars also function well in deterring trespassers. Another great choice is a solid fence with pointed tops.

  1. Lock doors and windows

General statistics indicate that 34% of burglars enter the property through the front entrance, and 81% enter through the first floor. This implies that most offenders seek easy access. Considering this, making your house more challenging to break into is a wise strategy. The simplest way to accomplish this is to close and lock your doors and windows before departing or even going to bed.

Also keep in mind that leaving your lights and curtains up at night allows unlimited access to your home, its arrangement, and the lifestyle of its residents. As a result, leaving windows open at night or when you’re gone encourages your neighbors to invade.

  1. Change your locks if necessary

Did you replace the locks when you moved into your new home? If not, consider how many copies of your key could have been created and disseminated. Change the locks or install a deadbolt to ensure that strangers cannot enter your home despite a locked door.

Depending on your level of technological proficiency, you may need the assistance of professionals, or you may buy them from your local hardware store. Consider upgrading to a smart lock or increasing security with a video doorbell for your utmost safety and peace of mind. 

  1. Strengthen outdoor lighting

In neighborhoods, burglars frequently prefer to target homes with less residential density. That’s why you should pay extra attention to making sure the space is adequately lit if your neighborhood has few residences and lots of open space. You can accomplish this without using only streetlamps. 

To prevent possible intruders from hiding in the dark, request that every household turn on their porch lights at night and put motion-detector lights on the sides or backs of their homes.

You should also check your exterior lighting and keep in mind that brighter is better since the majority of burglars will avoid well-lit homes. A light may need to be added if you see any dark areas despite having lights by your garage, porch, rear door, walkways, and yard

Think about smart lighting, timers, and/or motion sensors for added convenience and security. A motion sensor will simply shine the spotlight on crime by turning on lights when it matters most. This will hopefully cause burglars to flee the area.

  1. Collect evidence by incorporating security cameras

Your security camera footage can serve as the tangible proof needed to show that your neighbors are stealing your newspapers or shipments. 

With motion sensor security cameras, you will receive instant alerts when the suspected neighbors are stealing, allowing you to catch them in the act with advanced motion detection and intelligent notifications.

Research by the University of North Carolina shows that cameras are an effective crime deterrent, as 60% of intruders will move on to another target if they discover that the property is protected by alarms or cameras

When proving that someone committed an offense or was present at a specific location, CCTV can occasionally be used as evidence in court. Furthermore, it can decrease crime and increase community safety. Knowing that CCTV will capture their behavior, for instance, may discourage someone from committing a crime like a robbery.

  1. Set up warning signs

To deter potential criminals, in addition to placing security cameras on the exterior of your home, you might also post signs making statements like “No Trespassing” or “This property is under 24-hour monitoring.” 

This is especially useful if you reside in an area with a high unemployment rate because, while prowling around the neighborhoods, those jobless neighbors can choose your home as their object and steal from you.

This can be quite beneficial, especially because a poll on criminals shows that neighbors who want to steal your parcels will be scared off and compelled to give up after discovering the presence of exterior CCTV cameras.

  1. Inform your landlord 

If your neighbors are stealing from you, band together with other tenants who have experienced the same thing and speak to your landlords if you share an apartment or a room with someone else. 

Your landlord should take measures to deal with the thieves residing on his or her premises, including issuing eviction notices as a warning to stop stealing if there is convincing evidence that neighbors are stealing. 

It is feasible that renters and landlords can work together to stop neighborhood thieves from taking packages, garden tools, or firewood.

  1. Arrange direct interaction with the intruder 

When you have gathered enough proof that your neighbors are stealing, you should feel confident enough to confront them. 

Simply explain to them that you’ve been worried about the theft issues for a while and that you’d prefer to find a solution rather than start a fight. You have a better chance of winning a confrontation if you can control your temper and refrain from talking about other topics. 

Some daring neighbors who take your gardening tools can dispute your claims and refuse to make amends. In such cases, having evidence to present to them can help to resolve the issue.

  1. Report to the police

When the aforementioned remedies fail or when your neighbors behave violently after the confrontation, filing a police report is another option for dealing with a neighbor who is stealing your possessions. 

Remember to display the tangible evidence you have gathered to the police officials. Local police will enhance patrols in your areas as theft complaints rise, which will have an impact on thefts in your community.

You have the right to possession, and you have the legal right to sue neighbors who steal your mail, parcels, or newspapers. Small claims courts can assist you and prosecute criminals who live next door, even for low-value things. Therefore, if you need more help to stop your neighbors from robbing you, get in touch with local attorneys.

How Does the Security System Protect Your Home?

By installing a home security system, you can safeguard your belongings, keep your family secure from unwanted intruders, and protect your property and valuables. According to FBI statistics on house invasions, a burglary will occur in 1 in 3 vulnerable homes, compared to 1 in 250 secured homes.

The fact that your home is always being watched over, even when you can’t do it yourself, is probably one of the major advantages of having a monitored home security system. These systems provide round-the-clock surveillance, can keep you informed of any critical occurrences that take place at home while you are away, and can even call for help if needed.

While the majority of people consider home security systems as a means of preventing burglaries, many people might not be aware that these systems can also secure homes from fires. In addition to alerting the homeowner to heat sources, a home security system can also serve as an early warning system for smoke in the house.

Wrapping Up: A Safe and Secure Home is Within Reach

As you can see, an advanced home security system is a fundamental concept dedicated to protecting your home from intruders. Look no further and let the professional technicians at Linked Security address your safety needs if you’re wondering how to make your house more secure! Knowing that we offer excellent, professional security system installation services in NYC to assure your utmost safety may put your mind at ease.

As your devoted companions in advance protection, the professionals at Linked Security will further guide you in providing practical strategies to stay safe by incorporating the most influential aspects of technology to prevent your neighbors from stealing from you. 

Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us right away if you require assistance setting up your home security system. 

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