5 Reasons Why Your Business May Need a Panic Button & Key Features

Everyone agrees that when it comes to protecting your business, security systems are essential.  If you’re wondering what other steps you can take beyond traditional security systems for your home and office, you will be pleased to know that investing in a modern panic button can significantly improve your safety measures. It’s especially true with panic buttons with capabilities like e911, audio, SMS, email notification, and real-time chat.

A panic button is a switch or button intended to inform authorities, coworkers, or other persons on the premises during an emergency. The majority of panic buttons are created to be technologically advanced yet incredibly user-friendly.

The professionals at Linked Security have all the influential information that guides you to the right decision! So, let’s delve into the details to find out more about why businesses may need a panic button to enhance their security capabilities.

5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Invest in a Panic Button

Any company trying to be proactive about workplace safety should consider adding a panic button. Let’s discuss 5 reasons why you should add a panic system to your safety plans.

  1. Efficiency at informing authorities

Even though sending a text message or making a phone call might appear simple, doing so in an emergency is much more difficult. A panic button integrated into a security system can help ensure that help is quickly alerted in an emergency. As a result, every business and home should think about installing a modern panic button integrated security system.  

These systems allow you to program in pre-written messages and emergency contact numbers. So all you have to do is press one button to alert the authorities in case of an emergency. 

  1. Sense of security

Obviously, there are significant consequences in every emergency circumstance. If your company lacks a reliable security system, it will increase the probability of emergencies and distract your personnel. 

A panic button can effectively help you give employees the sense of security they need in the workplace. It will make them feel safer at work knowing they may contact for assistance if they run into an emergency.

  1. Everyone can access it

Emergency circumstances can happen anywhere, at any time. They don’t simply occur at banks or corporate headquarters. When installing panic buttons, you should ensure everyone on the property can access them. This is the only efficient way to make your personnel feel safer and prevent as many adverse situations as possible.

  1. Undeniable versatility    

Utilizing high-tech video and buzz-in systems is a great idea for monitoring since threats might come in different ways. Threats can, however, also originate from the inside. An inventive panic button system can be combined with an effective incident response strategy to create a solution that can manage any threat that comes your way. By using this technique, a threat might be stopped before it starts.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

In addition to saving lives, panic buttons will safeguard your property from any significant risks because they may be effectively used to alert the authorities quickly.

You might be surprised to learn how expensive damage can become in the absence of a panic button. The investment may be costly, but it is unquestionably a good one. Considering that emergencies might arise at any time, following all safety requirements, such as those regarding fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and burglar alarms, seem insufficient.

To ensure that you, your staff, and your office are secure from any emergency scenarios, you must immediately choose the appropriate locations and install a panic button. Increasing the effectiveness of your security measures can guarantee a safe workplace and encourage productivity.  

App-Based Panic Buttons: Key Features & Considerations

Although physical panic buttons are excellent solutions, app-based panic buttons have a few advantages over their counterparts.

  • They’re wireless and mobile: Panic buttons that are controlled by apps are not limited to one place. They can be turned on using a laptop, tablet, or phone, most likely the finest location of all. You effectively carry a panic button in your pocket as a result, and you may use it to give first responders a precise location to find you.
  • They relay information in milliseconds: The quick transmission of information is another advantage of these app-based alert systems. Thanks to app-based panic buttons, the police and emergency personnel will arrive in a matter of seconds.
  • The quality of relayed information is invaluable: The interface of app-based systems has three or four buttons, allowing you to easily specify what is happening. Emergency services are therefore prepared and aware of what to expect. 

Keep in mind that most apps also identify the exact location of the alert’s source room and display a floor diagram of the building with the risk zone underlined. For quick action by first responders, these floorplans display windows, doors, and other features.

How Many Panic Buttons Do You Need & Where Should You Place Them

When it comes to the number of panic buttons, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it depends on how your business is laid out and where the staff is positioned. A panic button, for instance, should be prominently displayed in any waiting area with a single customer service window or reception desk.

If the intruder injures the receptionist before pressing the panic button, additional panic buttons could be installed in a variety of locations, including nearby desks, the office, the break room, and even a back-of-the-house office or a room where staff members are directed to report in case of emergency. Generally, there are more opportunities to alert law enforcement or security professionals since there are more strategically placed buttons.

Panic buttons may be required in larger enterprises, like warehouses or enterprise companies, for the furthest reaches of the structure, where an employee may become aware of an intruder who entered through a back entrance. Furthermore, panic buttons can be integrated with surveillance systems and access control. When the panic button is pressed, video feeds are immediately focused on the scene of the alarm, and doors are automatically locked to isolate internal spaces.  

You might be delighted to know that Linked Security in NYC provides installation and repair services for all varieties of intercom systems and monitors your property, personnel, and activities with cutting-edge technologies, including HD cameras and infrared capability. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, panic buttons are a reliable way to keep unauthorized people or intruders away from your property. By keeping those helpful hints in mind, it becomes clear that your approach to safety will be much improved by investing in a modern panic button with capabilities that are very technologically advanced and incredibly user-friendly.

If you are considering installing panic buttons for your business, our team at Linked Security is here to help! Our experienced professionals can assess your workspace needs and provide the appropriate solutions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information and to make the best decision for your business and your staff’s safety.

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