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ButterflyMX Systems

Looking for an innovative access control solution for your residential or commercial property? Consider installing a smart intercom system with video capabilities. This security system allows for secure door entries and provides added convenience and peace of mind. Look no further than ButterflyMX Systems. These cutting-edge door entry systems revolutionize the way admins manage visitor access, offering a seamless and secure technology to open doors like no other. With ButterflyMX, admins can effortlessly grant entry to guests and service providers by using virtual keys. This can be done from anywhere and anytime through a smartphone app, thanks to the developer features.

Gone are the days of rushing to the door or relying on outdated intercoms. Now, with our reliable service, you can have peace of mind with our advanced access control systems. Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to convenient resident features. Embrace the convenience and peace of mind that ButterflyMX video intercom brings to your property’s security. With this innovative technology, admins can enhance the effectiveness of their security measures while saving time. Say goodbye to traditional access control methods and protect your space from unauthorized entry with our new era of smart access solutions. Our innovative system allows admins to prevent any unauthorized entry, enhancing the safety and security of your living experience.

Linked Security NY and ButterflyMX Systems: Revolutionizing Property Access

In the realm of advanced security solutions, Linked Security NY has emerged as a trusted provider, particularly in the innovative access control solutions offered by ButterflyMX Systems. Their expertise in seamlessly integrating these cutting-edge door entry systems has been transformative for both residential and commercial properties across New York.

ButterflyMX Systems, known for their smart intercom capabilities, have been a game-changer in the industry, and Linked Security NY has been at the forefront of installing and maintaining these systems. Their ability to tailor these systems to each property’s unique needs, coupled with their technical proficiency, ensures that every installation maximizes security and convenience.

For property owners and managers looking for reliable and sophisticated access control solutions, the partnership of Linked Security NY with ButterflyMX Systems offers the perfect blend of technology and expertise. Their services extend beyond mere installation; they provide comprehensive maintenance and support, ensuring that every system operates at peak efficiency and continues to meet the evolving needs of the property and its residents.

Linked Security NY’s commitment to integrating the latest technologies, such as ButterflyMX Systems, demonstrates their dedication to enhancing security and convenience for their clients. With their professional approach and attention to detail, they have set a standard for excellence in the security solutions sector in New York.

Unveiling ButterflyMX Smart Video Intercoms

ButterflyMX Smart Video Intercoms provide admins with secure property access using access pins. They are the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and sleek design. These innovative intercom systems provide real-time video communication between residents, admins, and visitors, revolutionizing the way we manage property access and door entries in modern homes.

With ButterflyMX, residents and admins can effortlessly see, speak, and grant access to visitors from anywhere using their smartphones. No more running to the door or relying on traditional intercom systems for property access. Admins can now easily manage access to the property. The smart video intercom allows admins to conveniently video call and chat with visitors right from their mobile device.

The elegant touchscreen design of ButterflyMX adds a touch of sophistication to any home or building entrance. Its simple dashboard provides an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to navigate through different features and functionalities.

One standout feature of ButterflyMX is its weatherized casing, which ensures durability even in harsh weather conditions. The polycarbonate glass protects the screen from scratches while maintaining crystal-clear visibility for video calls.

Another advantage is the automatic resident directory updates. As new residents move in or old ones move out, the system automatically updates the resident directory so that visitors can easily find the right person to contact.

ButterflyMX also offers additional security measures such as access pins, allowing residents to securely grant entry to authorized individuals without physical keys or cards.

Key Features of ButterflyMX Video Intercoms

HD Video Quality

ButterflyMX video intercoms boast high-definition (HD) video quality, ensuring crystal-clear visuals during video calls with visitors. With this feature, you can see who is at your door with exceptional clarity and detail. No more blurry or pixelated images that leave you guessing!

Two-Way Audio

Say goodbye to the days of shouting through closed doors or straining to hear the person on the other side! ButterflyMX systems come equipped with two-way audio functionality, allowing for easy communication without the need for physical proximity. Simply speak into the device and have a conversation with your visitor in real-time.

Built-In Motion Detection

With built-in motion detection technology, ButterflyMX video intercoms provide an added layer of security. The system alerts users when someone approaches the entrance, giving you peace of mind knowing that you’ll be notified of any activity outside your door. This feature ensures enhanced safety and allows you to monitor any potential threats or unexpected visitors.

These different features make ButterflyMX video intercoms stand out from traditional doorbells or intercom systems. The HD video quality guarantees clear visuals, enabling you to identify visitors easily. The two-way audio feature facilitates effortless communication without physical contact, making it convenient for both residents and guests.

Moreover, the built-in motion detection adds another level of security by notifying users whenever there is movement near their entrance. This alert system helps prevent unwanted surprises and ensures that residents are aware of any approaching individuals.

Comparing ButterflyMX Intercom Models and Pricing

ButterflyMX offers a range of intercom models designed to cater to different property sizes and needs. Whether you have a small apartment complex or a large commercial building, there is an option that suits your requirements.

Flexible Pricing Options

ButterflyMX understands that every customer has different budget constraints. That’s why they offer flexible pricing options, allowing you to choose the best fit for your financial situation. Whether you’re a small business owner or managing a large property portfolio, there is a pricing plan that works for you.

Tailored Features for Every Requirement

Each ButterflyMX intercom model comes with its own set of features, ensuring that there is an option suitable for every requirement. From basic audio-only systems to advanced video intercoms with touchscreen displays, you can choose the model that meets your specific needs.

For smaller properties where simplicity is key, the audio-only intercom model provides an affordable and straightforward solution. On the other hand, if you want enhanced security and convenience, the video intercom models offer features like HD video quality and mobile app integration.

No matter which model you choose, all ButterflyMX intercoms are designed with user-friendliness in mind. They are intuitive to use and provide seamless communication between residents and visitors.

How ButterflyMX Systems Revolutionize Access Control

Traditional key-based access control systems are a thing of the past. With ButterflyMX systems, property managers can embrace a new era of convenience and security. By replacing physical keys with digital access codes or virtual keys on smartphones, these innovative systems offer a range of benefits that revolutionize access control.

Easy Remote Access Management

Gone are the days of manually managing physical keys for different properties. ButterflyMX systems allow property managers to grant or revoke access permissions remotely and in real-time. With just a few clicks, they can provide visitor access or restrict entry when needed, all from the convenience of their smartphone or computer.

Comprehensive Entry Activity Logs

ButterflyMX systems provide detailed logs of all entry activity, creating a comprehensive record of who accessed the property and when. This feature enhances security by allowing property managers to monitor and track visitor movements. In case of any incidents or breaches, these logs serve as valuable evidence.

Enhanced Convenience for Residents

Residents also benefit greatly from ButterflyMX systems. Instead of carrying around multiple physical keys, they can simply use their smartphones as virtual keys to gain seamless access to their properties. This eliminates the hassle of lost or forgotten keys while ensuring quick and convenient entry.

Increased Security Measures

ButterflyMX systems prioritize security by incorporating advanced features such as video intercoms and motion sensors. These additional layers of protection help deter unauthorized access attempts and enhance overall safety within the property.

With its easy remote management capabilities, comprehensive entry activity logs, enhanced convenience for residents, and increased security measures, it’s no wonder that ButterflyMX systems are transforming traditional access control methods.

ButterflyMX Installation and Certified Partners

Professional Installation Services

Professional installation services are an essential part of setting up the ButterflyMX System. These services ensure that the system is installed correctly and functions optimally. By relying on certified partners to handle the installation process, you can have peace of mind knowing that experts are taking care of everything.

Expertise in Integration

Certified partners possess extensive knowledge and expertise in installing and integrating the ButterflyMX System seamlessly into existing infrastructure. They understand the intricacies of the system and can navigate any challenges that may arise during the installation process. Their experience allows for a smooth integration, minimizing disruptions to residents or businesses.

Efficient Installation Processes

The installation processes carried out by certified partners are designed to be efficient. They aim to minimize any inconvenience caused during setup. Whether it’s installing hardware, configuring software, or updating resident directories, these professionals work swiftly to complete the installation with minimal disruption.

By utilizing professional installation services provided by certified partners, you can ensure that your ButterflyMX System is set up correctly and functioning smoothly from day one. The expertise of these professionals guarantees a seamless integration into your existing infrastructure while minimizing any disruptions to residents or businesses.

ButterflyMX System Integration in Various Industries

The integration of ButterflyMX systems has proven to be beneficial across various industries. Let’s take a look at how different sectors have leveraged these systems to enhance their operations.

Healthcare Industry: Streamlining Visitor Management and Access Control

In the healthcare industry, seamless visitor management and controlled access to sensitive areas are crucial. With ButterflyMX systems, hospitals and medical facilities can streamline the registration process for visitors, ensuring a smooth experience while maintaining security measures. These systems provide a convenient way to grant access to authorized personnel and restrict entry to restricted areas, safeguarding patient privacy and protecting valuable medical equipment.

Hospitality Establishments: Enhancing Guest Experiences with Contactless Entry Options

Hospitality establishments strive to provide exceptional guest experiences. By integrating ButterflyMX systems, hotels and resorts can offer contactless entry options for their guests. Visitors can use their smartphones or pre-authorized access codes to enter their rooms or common areas without the need for physical keys or cards. This not only enhances convenience but also promotes safety by reducing touchpoints and minimizing the risk of lost or stolen keys.

Commercial Buildings: Improving Security Protocols and Simplifying Visitor Registration

Commercial buildings often deal with high volumes of visitors daily. Integrating ButterflyMX systems allows these establishments to improve security protocols by providing controlled access points throughout the premises. These systems simplify visitor registration processes by automating check-ins, generating temporary access codes or QR codes, and sending notifications directly to hosts when guests arrive. This ensures a seamless experience for both visitors and employees while maintaining strict security measures.

By leveraging the integration capabilities of ButterflyMX systems, industries such as healthcare, hospitality, and commercial buildings can optimize their operations with enhanced security protocols, streamlined visitor management processes, and improved overall efficiency.

Advantages of Choosing ButterflyMX Systems

Increased Convenience: Remote Access Management via Smartphone App

With ButterflyMX systems, managing access to your building has never been easier. Through their innovative smartphone app, you can control entry and grant access remotely. No more rushing to the front desk or carrying around a bunch of keys! Simply use your phone to unlock doors, manage visitor access, and receive notifications when someone arrives. It’s like having a personal doorman in your pocket.

Enhanced Security Measures: Video Verification of Visitors

ButterflyMX systems prioritize security by implementing video verification of visitors before granting them access. This means that you can see who is at the door before deciding whether or not to let them in. With clear visuals and two-way audio communication, you have complete control over who enters your building. Say goodbye to unexpected surprises or unauthorized individuals gaining entry.

Seamless Integration: Minimal Disruptions or Costly Renovations

One major advantage of ButterflyMX systems is their seamless integration into existing infrastructure. Whether you’re upgrading from traditional intercom systems or installing a new system altogether, ButterflyMX can be easily implemented without significant disruptions or costly renovations. Their user-friendly interface and compatibility with various devices make installation smooth and hassle-free.

By choosing ButterflyMX systems for your building’s access management needs, you gain increased convenience through remote access management via their smartphone app. Enhanced security measures are provided through video verification of visitors before granting them access. Moreover, the seamless integration capability ensures minimal disruptions and costly renovations during installation.


In conclusion, ButterflyMX Systems offers a revolutionary solution for access control in various industries. With their smart video intercoms and advanced features, they provide a seamless and secure way to manage entry and visitor access. The different models and pricing options cater to the specific needs of each customer, ensuring flexibility and scalability.

By integrating ButterflyMX Systems into your facility, you can streamline operations, enhance security, and improve the overall visitor experience. Whether it’s a residential building, office complex, or educational institution, these systems offer convenience and peace of mind.

So why wait? Upgrade your access control system with ButterflyMX and unlock a new level of efficiency and security. Experience the future of entry management today!

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