How to Use the ButterflyMX Virtual Key: A Comprehensive Guide

ButterflyMX virtual keys, which you can share with friends, family, and service providers via QR and PIN codes, represent the latest advancement in access technology. Sounds tempting, right? By employing virtual keys, you can even quit worrying about physical keys and all the inconveniences related to them. Instead, you can create virtual keys via the ButterflyMX mobile app and distribute them according to your preferences.  

Your security is a priority in the creation of virtual keys. Therefore, while being always erasable, you are eligible to decide when virtual keys can be used, and you can always keep track of who is using them. 

In this blog post from Linked Security NYC, we’ll comprehensively guide you to a wise decision regarding your convenience and safety. So, let’s delve into further details to explore why you may need virtual keys to enhance your capabilities.

Getting Started with ButterflyMX Virtual Key

  • You require a ButterflyMX account and an iOS or Android device to utilize the ButterflyMX Virtual Key. After that, you can open and run the ButterflyMX mobile app on your smartphone
  • Choose a type of virtual key by using the “+ Virtual Key” button. You have the option of creating a key with a one-time usage, custom length, recurring access, business hours, or full-day use. After that, you should give your virtual key a name. You may give the virtual key the name “clean service,” for instance. 
  • The days of the week and hours of the day that you wish your virtual key to remaining active depend on whether you decide to create a key with a custom length or regular access.
  • Decide on an expiration date for the key now, but keep in mind that once it has been generated, you cannot change these parameters. 
  • After selecting “Share Key Now,” click the “Create Key” button to produce the key. You can send a key to a contact by entering their phone number or email address and clicking the “send” button. 
  • ButterflyMX virtual key is delivered as a QR code that contains information about the key and a link to the actual key. They can save the key in their Apple Wallet if they click the link to view more information about it.
  • Your visitor will press the “Virtual Key” button on the video intercom once they get to the door. They will see a notification that the door is open and hear a chime once they are properly positioned.

How to Use ButterflyMX Virtual Key

Simple virtual key distribution allows you to grant controlled access to friends, family members, and visitors, which you may later remove. 

On Thursdays from 12:20 to 2:00, you typically open the door to let in your weekly cleaning service but let’s say you have an important appointment and won’t be able to use your phone to remotely let them in. For these types of situations, you can transmit a virtual key to a cleaning service representative with a defined activation interval on Thursdays from 12:20 to 2:00. 

You will have complete control over virtual keys while carrying your smartphone around with simply a motion of your wrist. You cannot navigate to control virtual keys as you typically would if you are running while wearing an Apple Watch and listening to music. But don’t worry, you can open the door right from your Apple Watch. 

In addition to creating virtual keys, the ButterflyMX app also allows you to establish a resident-only access pin that you may enter on the Smart Intercom to open a gate or entrance. 

Using Siri or Alexa to activate virtual keys via voice is also practical. Instead of picking up your phone and getting it dirty while your hands are covered with flour before your dinner party that starts in 20 minutes and one of your friends arrives early, you can just ask Siri or Alexa to unlock the door.

Benefits of Using ButterflyMX Virtual Key

Keeping your account secure

With the help of a few key security features that ButterflyMX has incorporated for your device and account, you may maintain superior protection against unauthorized access to your data by other parties and safeguard your privacy from those with whom you do not wish to share your information.

Even the security issues associated with physical keys are no longer a problem when using virtual keys. The development of virtual keys places a high focus on your security. As a result, even though virtual keys are always erasable, you have control over when they can be used and can always keep an eye on their performance. 

Maintaining the virtual key system

Nowadays, smartphone apps serve as smart substitutes for physical and wireless keys. Virtual Key, as a smart solution, is the most advanced and sophisticated system among the other technologies offered by ButterflyMX. 

The technology has been created to satisfy every unique need and has been successfully used in the residential sector. ButterflyMX makes sure that the virtual key system is completely maintained when on-demand access to the property is granted via a smartphone app.

A high degree of convenience 

Virtual keys allow individuals to accomplish operations that would otherwise take a vast amount of time and attention to detail, as they guarantee greater accuracy and perform much more efficiently than human beings. Furthermore, in some circumstances, the use of virtual keys might help you save a lot of energy and effort-related resources.

Final Thoughts

Leaving your key underneath a mat or under a potted plant is not a viable strategy to let family members and friends access your apartment when you are away.

Using virtual keys allows you to eliminate the need for actual keys and all of the problems they bring. Instead, using the ButterflyMX mobile app, you may generate virtual keys and distribute them in any way you wish.

As technologies evolve, Linked Security is devoted to suggesting the most advanced solutions. As a result, if you desire a custom-tailored intercom system that meets all of your expectations, book a free consultation with our experts! 

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