Is Your Home an Easy Prey for Burglars?

In 2021, there were nearly 899,700 reported burglary cases nationwide and 1,409 reports of burglaries in NYC compared with 1,148 in September 2021. If it ever crossed your mind how burglars choose targets, read on. Linked Security has a closer look at this subject and provides helpful insights to avoid falling victim to home invasions.

Back Door

Your home’s back door is the most appealing entrance for burglars. Unfortunately, many would not include the back door when taking security measures. Did you know that among 2.5 million break-ins each year, the back door takes up 22%? Here’s a solution to safeguard your back door from intrusions. 

Solution: To secure your home’s back door, you can go for a deadbolt. Having a solid-core back door will also protect your house. Those with a sliding glass back door should secure it from the outside by installing a metal bar, choosing strong glass, and using security screens and other coverings. 

Easy Access from An Alleyway or a Street 

Any front door should be well secured, but homes with easy access from an alleyway are particularly a tempting target for intruders. 

Solution: If your New York City home has a garage facing the alleyway, installing a motion-activated light will scare off intruders. A camera will capture any footage of anything taking place behind your house. A smart doorbell is a great solution for doors with easy access to a street. You can see who is at the door, and some products are wireless, meaning you can answer a visitor even when you aren’t at home.

Corner Houses With Neighbors on Only One Side

Most burglars prefer quiet residential areas with easy access, like neighbors on only one side, and easy access to escape routes like alleys or roads. 

Solution: Side windows with no neighbors can be secured with deadbolt locks. We recommend motion detectors on external lights and timers on internal lights to make the house appear occupied. 

Houses Concealed by Trees

Does your home have trees and shrubs around that conceal windows or doors? They are perfect entry points for burglars since they hide them while checking the house and breaking in. 

Solution: Trim down trees and plants close to your home. Trees near windows should be removed. Otherwise, consider reinforcing windows with extra security. For instance, you can add security signs and stickers even if you don’t have a security system.

Poor Lighting On or Around Your Home

Thieves don’t like to be in the spotlight, so make sure you have proper outdoor lighting. 

Solution: Install lights around your front and back yards, near the garage, along pathways, and all potential entrances. Or, as mentioned above, light up your backyard with motion lights.

Windows or Pet Doors

Windows and dog doors are open passages for burglars to get through quickly. If left unlocked, it would make your home an easy target for criminals. 

Solution: What can you do to make your windows burglar-proof? You can install window sensors and break-in sensors and also add bars. To secure your pet door, consider modern electronic locks with an RFID chip, which can be attached to a cat’s or dog’s collar. Security alarms, motion sensing lights, and even security cameras would be more technical solutions. If being tech-savvy isn’t your option, then opt for installing a pet door in a wall and not in a door. 

A Tall Fence Might Be a Problem 

On the one hand, a fence might seem a viable solution to protect your house from unauthorized visitors. On the other hand, it isn’t quite the same with tall fences. Most robbers will use a high fence to get the privacy they need. 

Solution: Risky fences can be protected with motion-sensor lights. Also, include windows and doors to deter criminals before entering your property. 

Home in the Middle of Blocks

Houses in the middle of blocks are easy burglary targets. And the risk increases if your property is adjacent to a forest, open lot, or unprotected area. 

Solution: In such an environment, installing high fences and having lots of lighting will certainly boost your home’s safety. 

How a Linked Security NYC System Protects Your Home

No matter how experienced intruders are, they always prefer an easy target. Hence, the best way to avoid a break-in is to make it clear to thieves that they better stay away from your house. 

Our security system solutions are a great way to keep you safe. For instance, outdoor cameras are known to stop burglars. Some products we work with allow you to view what’s happening around your property in real-time through your iPhone from any place. 

We can also upgrade or repair your current intercom system. Updating locks and windows is a great start to preparing for the unexpected. With our expert team, you can get the best service and rates.

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