Installing Fiber Optic Cables at Home

Most people ask about fiber optics because they want high-speed internet. And this makes sense, as fiber optic cables are considered the most advanced technology that can generate up to 100 gigabits per second, which is pretty cool. Copper cables can’t do that. 

Fiber optics became a standard for smart homes. It’s hard to imagine home automation that assumes multiple devices and gadgets connecting to one system without running on fiber optics. It all boils down to the bandwidth. While your lighting may not require much bandwidth, your video and 4K TV will certainly need more. And since smart homes often cover security systems, providing monitoring through CCTV, alarms, and fire detectors, fiber optics for homes (FTTH) is a last-drop technology that can offer the necessary capacity and speed. 

Do I Need to Install Fiber Optics for My Security Camera System?

A modern surveillance system, like IP cameras, can operate on copper-based CAT5e and CAT6 networks in most small homes because they typically handle a data transmission limit of 100m (328ft). However, larger homes with networks over 100m will need a fiber optic cable. This is also true for medium-sized and big businesses or organizations. 

Can I Install Fiber Optics Cables Myself?

Every home has a modem location. You can replace it with a fiber modem if your house has a fiber optic location from the street. Sometimes, it could be really easy to run a cable up the wall through the attic and fish that wire down to your modem panel. But for the most part, it’s a job that should be delegated to trained technicians. There are also safety and installation regulations that only professional installers are familiar with. 

Another thing to consider – is whether your neighborhood has the presence of fiber optic infrastructure. Speaking of NYC, there are still gaps in Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens, which limits opportunities for residential and small businesses. Installation is impossible in some places that don’t have a broadband network in place. 

Installing Fiber Optics at Offices

Offices, especially large ones, integrate multiple and diverse systems that cannot function without fiber optics. Copper cabling isn’t a viable option if you have a large facility like a warehouse with fire alarm control panels

Other popular applications in the office setting are long-distance calls, office lighting, and efficient audio and video solutions for conference rooms. Business safety is not the least, of course. With the capabilities and speed of fiber optic cables, you can build a reliable security system with video surveillance and access control to keep your assets and employees secure. 

How Are Fiber Optics Installed in the Ground?

There are different modes of installing fiber cables; one is underground. Underground is a technique where long-length conduits of fiber optic cables are fed through conduits beneath the street. The underground delivery mode is found in Manhattan and some areas of Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens. This shouldn’t be confused with micro trenching technology, which involves placing small cable conduits in shallow slot-cut trenches or ducts.

Aerial Installation of Fiber Optics in NYC

Apart from the underground and micro trenching delivery, some boroughs in NYC utilize above-ground cable installation known as aerial infrastructure. This form involves attaching a fiber overhead to utility poles. Aerial fiber installation is positioned in southern Brooklyn, eastern parts of Bronx and Queens, and all of Staten Island. In the vast areas of Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens, fiber placement represents a mix of underground and aerial utilities. 

Why You Should Trust Professionals

Installation of optical fiber cables is a job that should be reserved for professionals. They have the necessary tools, protective equipment, experience with the cable being installed, and equipment and procedures being used. 

Optical cables are vulnerable to extreme pulling or crushing forces and tight bends. In addition, if handling precautions are violated, it’s easy to get harmed by broken fiber ends that can penetrate the skin and cause serious infection. 

If you are looking to install a fiber optic cable in your residential building or office, Linked Security can help. We serve New York City, providing effective security installations and structured cabling. Our crew will show up with the equipment to meet your needs, regardless of where you plan to install fiber optic cables. 

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