IP Intercoms – a look Into the future of intercoms

IP intercom

For decades, city residents and business owners have relied on traditional telephone connected intercom and analog communication systems to provide an effective and safe way to screen individuals that arrive on our doorsteps. With IOT (internet of things) revolution undergoing, IP intercoms are bound to be the next step.

What is an IP Intercom system?

An IP intercom system is a system that sits on a local network environment and can be connected to the Internet. Like  any Network device, it can easily communicate with the outside world or with any other device on the Local Network, such as computers, tablets or phones.

To demonstrate the advantages of an IP intercom system, let’s think of an office location, that has 2 door entries, 2 front desk and 6 individual offices located on 2 floors. If we were to connect a regular intercom system we would need to install 2 door stations, 2 units for front desk and then 6 units for all the offices. That’s a lot of hardware and also a lot of labor since we would need to wire each and every location. But if we go with an IP system like 2N, we would only need to install 2 door stations and connect them to the LAN, then install the software on any of the existing computers at the office, and there you go.

With IP intercoms we can also forward the calls to mobile devices of office personal or building’s tenants, allowing them to control the door remotely.

IP Intercom connected to LAN

IP Intercom connected to LAN

IP Intercom Systems are Part of our Communication Future

With more businesses and ordinary people using the Internet to stay connected with friends, family members and coworkers, it makes sense to imagine how innovative IP  intercom technologies are already making a huge impact on our future communication and safety needs and methods.

Multi-Tenant Intercoms Versus Single User Intercoms

Those that live in and around New York City understand that this region has a wide array of differing residences. Families or individuals might live in a high-rise apartment with many floors, or they could reside in comfortable townhouses and even in single family houses. There are big and small businesses that are also found in a variety of commercial business settings. All of these city dwellers can make their personal home or work habitat safer by allowing our skilled local installers to assess these places. They can quickly determine whether a multi-tenant intercom or a single user intercom security and communication system is best for each unique situation.

How Our NYC Intercom Professionals are Transforming the Way We Communicate

We have become known as premier NYC intercom professionals working within the city limits. Our team is well-equipped to bring your home or office intercom system into the future where easier, faster and safer communication devices abound. Consider upgrading your environment with a combination security and communication multi-user or single user intercom system. Our courteous and knowledgeable local installers can offer their expertise on the different intercom options, and these friendly professionals can also install the system in a short period of time.

To conclude, IP Intercom systems allow us to be communicate in ways we could not have before, on a much wider scale than before. It is the platform on which, in the future, we will integrate security and communication to better serve our needs. And with the right installers – it’s easier than ever.

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