Jewelry Theft Prevention Tips from Linked Security

Jewelry Theft Prevention Tips

There aren’t many things that are more valuable than your jewelry, right? The reason is that gold, priceless diamonds, and jewels are reliable investments with rising values. Considering this, jewelry is often a valuable and sentimental possession, making it a popular target for thieves.

Whatever the situation, safeguarding your jewels and other priceless possessions is essential. Although you can’t always foresee the danger of attack, you can take precautions to preserve your assets and increase your self-assurance and sense of security. 

Due to the complexity of the issue, the pro technicians at Linked Security will ease your tension and provide expert tips on how to prevent jewelry theft and keep your valuable items safe and secure.

Degree of Your Vulnerability to Jewelry Theft in NYC

Although it might occur anywhere, the most frequent cities for jewelry theft are New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, and Houston, according to the FBI’s Jewelry and Gem Theft Program.

Indeed, citizens of NYC are well aware of the fact that one of the most common forms of burglary in New York City is jewelry theft. The main reason is that smaller objects like necklaces and bracelets are easier for burglars to take than larger ones. 

Along with particular individuals, theft is a concern for jewelry store owners because, like banks and other sectors with high-value inventory, jewelry stores run a considerably higher risk of drawing criminals. 

5 Reliable Ways to Prevent Jewelry Theft

Jewelry theft can be a devastating experience, both emotionally and financially. Losing a valuable or sentimental piece of jewelry can be heart-wrenching, and the cost of replacing it can be financially burdensome. 

Whether you own a single piece of jewelry or a large collection, these tips will help you protect your precious possessions from being stolen.

  1. Invest in security technology

It is advised to invest in the installation of a security system installation to prevent jewelry theft. A security camera can discourage thieves just by being present, in addition to the advantages of having a visual view of your home at all times. A camera shouldn’t be hidden because you want everyone to know that you will be notified if someone tries to enter the premises without permission. 

Along with an alarm system that lets neighbors and the police know that a break-in has taken place, both visible security cameras and doorbell cameras are well worth the cost. Most come with smartphone apps, allowing you to use the camera from anywhere in the world and stay up to date on events. 

So, if you’re aiming to invest in smart security technology, keep in mind that Linked Security has over 21 years of expertise in designing and installing surveillance systems throughout NYC, including Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan.

  1. Obtain a safe or lockbox

Purchasing a high-quality safe is another great way to safeguard your priceless jewels. It’s essential to think about both whom you want to keep out of the safe and what you plan to put inside it before selecting one. 

To further reduce the chance of it being opened, keep the safe hidden and use a combination lock. Electronic locks are much more dependable and widely available. They enable the owner of the safe to monitor their belongings from afar. Electronic locks are a general term that covers a wide range of locking alternatives to suit various demands. The traditional touchpad and the intelligent biometric lock are two examples of these locks.

For this purpose, we suggest installing a modern access control system, which will ensure your jewelry’s security most conveniently. 

  1. Avoid the expected hiding spots

According to a survey by NBC News, 75% of burglars claimed they checked in the bedroom first when they broke in. Jewelry is one of the final additions we make to our clothing when we get dressed; therefore, it is kept near the majority of our belongings.

It’s advisable to keep your ordinary clothing and your most priceless jewelry apart. Burglars aim to enter and exit the house as soon as they can. You have a better chance of keeping your priceless jewelry secure if you put it safely in an unexpected location, such as a restroom, closet, or pantry hidden behind other boxes.

  1. Be conscious of your surrounding company

Jewelry thefts are only sometimes committed by experienced thieves. A lot of break-ins are carried out by friends, relatives, house guests, or acquaintances.

Be cautious about putting expensive objects away before having company around. Additionally, it’s a good idea to remain in your house while service personnel is there. Although it may seem excessively cautious, your presence will lessen the temptation to steal. Use the opportunity to preserve your possessions by working from home during service visits.

You can have more control over who is at your door thanks to modern technologies like video and voice intercom. Pro technicians at Linked Security provide comprehensive installation and repair services for all kinds of intercom systems in NYC.

  1. Get an insurance policy

Your jewelry might be worth more than money if it holds special meaning for you. Jewelry insurance might therefore aid in keeping your mind at ease. Depending on the value of your collection, you may be better off with coverage designed specifically for high-value jewelry. 

Insurance cannot stop theft and cannot replace the things themselves, but a monetary refund can lessen the impact of the loss.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, along with other influential measures, one of the best precautions you can take to safeguard your jewelry is to install a security system on your property. Accordingly, choosing a security company you can rely on to protect your store or personal space is ultimately a wise investment.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away if you have any questions about our security solutions or how we can properly defend your valuable assets. The professionals at Linked Security will be pleased to provide you with complete support! 

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