Low Voltage Wiring – Basics and Major Applications


Low Voltage Wiring in New York Homes

Today more people are concerned about living in homes that provide efficiency. And one of the ways to fulfill that is through low voltage wiring. To help you understand why anyone would install low voltage wiring, Linked Security will address the most important aspects related to the subject. First, let’s start with some basics.

What is Low Voltage Wiring?

As the name suggests, this type of wiring is intended to process small amounts of volts.

Unlike standard 110V or 120V wiring used for lights and appliances, low volt wiring transmits under 50 volts – 12V, 24V, or 48V. It can power LED lighting and even low-voltage refrigerators and freezers. However, it involves wiring signal transmissions like Ethernet, telephone, coaxial RF (TV), audio speakers, intercoms, etc.

These systems can be found almost in every NYC home. When someone needs to build a home network from Wi-Fi connection and telephones to security systems to audio-visual wiring, they will look for low voltage wiring installation, also known as structured cabling.

Low Voltage Cabling Basics

Low voltage wiring is built on a separate network. For the most part, it’s an additional network to your home’s main electrical system. It should be installed a foot away from the main electrical grid. A professional low-voltage contractor will create a reliable design that makes provisions for cooling issues and redundancy.

Picking the correct cabling for the project is pivotal. Some common types of cables used in low voltage cabling are UTP cable, speaker wire, fiber optic cable, security system wire, and thermostat wire.

In a nutshell, a low voltage system is:

  • Efficient
  • Simple
  • Organized
  • Adaptable
  • Flexible

Low Voltage Wiring Applications

Nearly anything related to your home’s network can be run on the low voltage cabling, including low voltage TVs, but it’s typically used for:

Door Buzzer Systems

A transformer and a new electrical box are required to connect to the existing electrical circuit to operate door buzzer systems on low voltage. It will reduce electricity down to 12 or 24 volts.

Intercom Systems

All intercom systems are low voltage. Many available low-current solutions can be tailored to specific situations, whether you live in a multi-tenant apartment or a single-family home.

Security and Alarm Systems

A system with low voltage is essential for developing security and alarm systems, particularly where motion sensors and cameras are required. It is also used for smart doorbells with cameras.

Door, Key Locks, Biometric, and Badge Systems

All the cables used for the access control system are low-voltage wires. Induced voltage and interference may occur if they are not kept separate from high-voltage electrical cables.

Audio and Video Speaker Installations

Low voltage wiring is also used for homes and office rooms to support audio and video systems, including speakers and cable television.

Meeting Rooms

Low voltage cabling is the only right solution for installing conference room AV systems.


Alarm speakers, cameras, and motion speakers need professionally installed low voltage wiring to run. Data networks and surveillance systems are the first to take care of before major remodel works.

Need Low Voltage Wiring Installation in NYC?

Although low voltage wiring is pretty safe, failure to install it properly can lead to poor connections and even a fire hazard. For this reason, we don’t recommend DIY installation. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars constantly fixing the problem.

Instead, you can rely on Linked Security to design safe, low voltage wiring for your internet, security, and communications. Our team is ready to provide efficient structured cabling installation in any location across New York City.

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