Outdoor TV Enclosure – Weatherproof, Waterproof, and Secure

How To Choose The Best Outdoor TV Enclosure

Choosing the best outdoor TV enclosure guarantees you can watch your favorite sporting events out in the sun or see a romantic movie under the stars. However, the type of a TV case you need for your regular or outdoor TV depends on where you live and the conditions your TV will be exposed to.

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If you are going to install a regular TV exposed to extreme weather, you need a cover that can resist humidity, heat, and even tropical storms. For example, the Storm Shell Hard Cover TV Enclosure is great against moisture and UV rays. Its Rubbermaid box suits fully covered decks where the TV is only partially exposed to the elements. However, it isn’t fully waterproof.


Is your patio or deck susceptible to heavy rains, wind, and snow? Then you will need an outdoor TV enclosure that is highly waterproof –  can effectively repel the water. For example, you may consider the Lich Premium Outdoor TV Cover, which is water and dustproof. It has durable Velcro straps that work for any TV mount. When installed correctly, it’s 100%  waterproof.

Another good product on the market with a waterproof feature is Apollo Outdoor TV Enclosure. It provides good protection from multiple dangers, including tight-seal technology, water-tight cable holes, and can be used with external speakers.


Is theft your top concern? Check out the TV Shield Pro. It’s by far the best product on the US market, encompassing the best weatherproof and waterproof features. On top of that, you can secure the screen with two built-in locks that prevent stealing and seal your TV to make it weatherproof.

The Benefit of Using an Outdoor TV Enclosure

You may assume you need a weatherproof TV to enjoy TV shows or a blockbuster outdoors. However, that isn’t true. You can use an indoor TV if you are wise about it. One way is to go with an outdoor TV case.

Outdoor TV enclosures solve the weather problem by preventing water from entering the case, increasing airflow to eliminate humidity, and insulating against extreme temperatures.

You can install any TV and even protect media devices like Apple TV or Roku inside the enclosure. Most TV outdoor enclosures are designed to be opened and closed. For instance, TV cases like the Storm Shell Hard Cover, Apollo Outdoor TV Enclosure, TV Shield, or Pergola World Cedar Outdoor TV Enclosure are completely removable –  designed to be opened and closed. So when a TV has issues, or you want to replace it, it can come out easily.

On the flip side, compared to an outdoor TV, even the top TV Shield Pro will cost around $1,600 for a 40” to 50” TV, while a weatherproof outdoor TV averagely costs approximately $4,000. And more advanced models can end up heating $7,000.

But even cheap TV outdoor enclosure, such as Kolife TV Cover, Garnetics Weatherproof Protectors, Clicks Depot Waterproof TV Covers, or A1Cover can still protect against various dangers, are durable and weather/temperature resistant. In any scenario, if you need to buy a TV to go in it, including a complete outdoor TV kit, you will still save significantly.

Do You Need Help With Outdoor TV Installation?

You can count on Linked Security to complete the job if you need help installing an LCD/LED TV with an TV outdoor enclosure. We’ll recommend the best location and viewing angle for your needs. In addition, we can connect your streaming devices and AV equipment.

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