RFID Access Control Password Reset

RFID access control systems are an integral part of many offices and residential buildings in New York City. They are very convenient due to contactless technology and the ability to integrate and update with existing cards. And one of the important things is to know how to reset a password. 

If your ID card is lost or stolen, there are ways to change a passcode. Linked Security will show you how to reset an RFID password.

Resetting Admin RFID Password on a Generic China Keypad System

Let’s take COUNS KO 5C and see how we can reset the password. Please note that this function is about resetting a default door password. Here’s how you do it: 

*+ existing code (4 digits) + 0 + new passcode + #

                                                            Repeat a new password, + # + *

The keycards will work the same; you’ve just changed the admin’s passcode. Once you see the green light by the “OK” button, you can add or remove a card or change door opening settings. 

A default password can be either 9999, 1234, or 0000, but always check with the manual of your RFID card reader. 

And here’s how you change a door code password for COUNS KO5C. 

Door code Password to unlock the door:

* + Default code + #. Then hit 5, which will change a door code, enter a new password + #

   Confirm new code, press # and *

It’s possible to disable key access and leave only the RFID card. 

K2000 RFID Access Control Password Reset 

Press * + existing password + # +0 + new password + #. Enter the new password again and press #. 

You will hear a beeping sound, meaning you changed the door code successfully. 

To set a master card:  

Press * + Programming password + # + 0 and swipe the card. Afresh, you will hear a beeping sound meaning the main card has been set up successfully. 

To add an access card for new users: 

Press * + Programming password + # + 1+ 4-digit user ID and swipe the card.

To change the password for new users: 

Press * + Programming password + # + 2 + 4-digit user ID + The user password + #. 

For example, enter 1, a four-digit user ID (e.g., 2356), and the user’s password, which can be any digits from 0-8. 

YH2000-c RFID Password Reset

A default password for a YH2000 Access Control RFID System is 12345. To change the password, follow these steps: 

#+ 5-digit current password+1+ new 5-digit password

Adding a New User

# + 5 digit system password + 0 + a 4-digit user ID + RFID detect + 6-digit user’s password +6

# + 5-digit password + 2 + a 4-digit user ID + RFID detect + 6

# + 5-digit password +2 +4-digit user ID + 6-digit user’s password +6

# + current 5-digit password + 1 + new 5-digit password 

MG236b RFID Access Control Password Reset 

Push 0 and then a 6- digit new code + repeat a new code. You will hear two beeps. 

To open a door with a public card pin, hit [1] and then [0]. You’ll hear 2 beeps.

To open a door with a personal card pin, hit [1] and then [1]. You’ll hear 2 beeps.

Activate Public PIN

Push [3] and then 4-digit public PIN. You’ll hear 2 beeps; 

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