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Many businesses are facing different challenges due to the ongoing Covid19 Pandemic. It seems that we are facing a new reality that all of us will have to adapt to. It’s no secret that many businesses are affected by the restrictions posed in the US. In NYC, particularly, retail shops have been closed and lost a big portion of their business to online shopping, service providers like beauty salons and barber shops are shut down and are not sure when they will be open again, supply chains of materials for manufacturing have been hurt.

At some point however, places of business and public offices will be able to reopen. It will probably be under some restrictions and these new rules of conduct will shape a new reality in the retail/services world. In the past few weeks we have been giving a lot of thought to the way things are going to change and how Linked Security can help you guys be ready for these changes. Here are some of the ideas we came up with.

Utilizing cameras to monitor and screen visitors around public places

Hikvision-thermal-cameraIn recent years, a great progress has been made with cameras in both hardware and software. The combination of low-cost devices and the ability to analyze footage using a software makes cameras an amazing tool to be utilized in different environments.
In the Post Corona days, we estimate that cameras will play a significant role in opening places to the public and maintaining a safe environment for employees and customers alike. Here are couple of examples:

Body temperature sensing – body heat cameras are already being deployed in different facilities to monitor visitors’ temperature when they arrive. This tool can help public offices, care centers, hospitals and co-working spaces adopt and adhere to procedures for a safe environment.

See this Demo of Dahua Thermal Camera:

Face mask detection – many places have adopted a No Mask – No Service policy, but how can they maintain it? Smart cameras are now being programmed to recognize facial masks on people. Combined with access control systems, cameras can either “authorize” a person to gain access to an area or “deny” it. Additional tools such as smart intercoms or visitors sign in tablets, can interact with the visitor and prompt messages such as: “Please put your face mask on to enter”.

Video analytics – video analytics is a feature embedded in cameras or in video management software that allows advanced analyzing of video footage. Security cameras in retail stores for example can be used to monitor the 6ft rule in lines to the registers. Where a limited number of visitors is allowed, cameras can count the number of people coming in and out and provide a live report to security or management.

Touchless Access Control Solutions

PDK-bluetooth-prox-readerAccess control is an important part of security in small to large scale facilities including schools, hospitals, warehouses, labs and other corporate environments.

Acquiring access by employees is traditionally done by scanning a card or a fob, punching in a PIN on a keypad, scanning a thumb print or presenting an ID to a guard. These methods can pose an issue in a high traffic environment and increase the risk of spreading the virus. Touchless access control devices can solve this issue by minimizing contact between personnel.

Facial recognition devices – facial recognition technology is already being used to control access in high security facilities. The advantage of this technology in the post-corona days will be to eliminate the use of keys/fobs/keypads or any other device that requires physical interactions. Employees can arrive at their office, scan their face at the entrance and be allowed access. This solution can be integrated in any work environment where access control is needed.

Bluetooth proximity readers – similar to traditional proximity readers, these devices are installed at each door. Using Bluetooth technology they can recognize a mobile credential that a person has on his mobile phone. The credentials can be given by the system admin just like in any access control system. These readers eliminate the need to reach to your pocket and pull out a or or ID, increasing safety and security alike.

Improving deliveries in residential buildings

Akuvox-SIP-intercom-systemOnline shopping revenues have been consistently increasing every year and slowly plays a huge part of all our lives. In the past few weeks we have been seeing a dramatic influx in online purchases and home deliveries due to the online crisis. Stores are close and people are afraid to go out. True, at some point retail stores will open again but analysts expect this trend to stay in a rise.
How will deliveries arrive when people get back to work? Probably like they did before, meaning delivery guys will try and call all the tenants, and if no one is there, they will have to try and re-deliver another day. Some packages are even left in unsafe locations like building’s vestibules and so on.

One solution that can help solve this issue is a SIP intercom, an already growing trend.

SIP intercoms are building entry systems that use an internet connection to create Video/Voice calls to tenants’ mobile devices. Residents can answer their door on the go and make sure packages are delivered every time.
These systems have many additional capabilities that can make the delivery guys’ life easier. Landlords can issue them fobs, PIN or even mobile passes to allow them access at certain days or hours.
Another solution that can help overcome this challenge is the Amazon Key For Business. Amazon KFB is a dedicated access device designed by Amazon and installed in multi residential buildings, that allows Amazon drivers to gain access to the building while they are on their route and deliver packages. This is a FREE service that Amazon offers to qualifying buildings.

To conclude shortly, there are going to be some changes in the security industry for sure, just like in any other industry, and everyone needs to adjust and adapt. Creativity is definitely a key to success in a new world order.

Here at Linked Security we like to believe that creativity is in our blood.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about how we can help you adjust to this new game ahead of us, please write us at [email protected] or call us any time at (212) 500-1334.

Stay safe!
Yonatan Yekutiel, CEO.
Linked Security NY

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