A Small Meeting Room Solution for Businesses

Small Meeting Room Solution for Businesses

There are several key reasons for choosing huddle rooms. First, sometimes it’s impossible to schedule a meeting ahead of time. Instead, these small workspaces allow for the fastest and most effective discussions on the run. Secondly, huddle rooms are much more convenient than classic solutions in terms of equipment installation. 

Keep reading to learn about the essentials of huddle rooms for your business. Linked Security covers all you need to know about how to transform your office space into the tech-savvy trend.

What is a Huddle Room?

The word “huddle” is associated with the hustle and bustle. When combined with a “meeting,” we get a meeting on the go. It would seem that this contradicts a business moral since everything must be planned and done on time, including meetings. However, this is not entirely true. 

How Huddle Rooms Appeared

On the one hand, modern workspaces extend beyond the walls of office buildings as many people have started working remotely. Sometimes, all employees needed to be brought together to discuss a project quickly. 

On the other hand, a prevailing number of offices tended to be open spaces with lots of noise and no secluded place for collaboration. These two trends have triggered demand and growth of huddle rooms in today’s offices – small rooms for quick meetings.

Benefits – Knowledge Exchange, Flexibility, Productivity, and Creativity

Wise leaders noticed the benefits of small and short gatherings. Instead of long meetings, employees work more efficiently in short meetings. In addition, studies show that smaller teams are better than big ones. Consider this aptly written article by Diana Coutu, where she mentions a Harvard University professor’s opinion on small teams. And huddle rooms are all about small team collaboration. 

So many companies that changed their policies regarding employee hours, remote work, and meeting room architecture saw increased innovation trends within teams. It’s all about interaction. The more employees are in the process of knowledge exchange, the more innovative ideas they can generate. 

Innovation as a by-product of collaboration is the most important competitive advantage for any company looking to stay relevant in today’s economy. Businesses aiming for long-term success should strive to create comfortable spaces that boost productivity. That is, where employees can easily collaborate and generate revolutionary ideas that will give a business a competitive edge tomorrow. 

This means that rethinking the approach to organizing workplaces for employees, allowing them to work flexible hours in a hybrid work model, and creating huddle rooms, encourages team creativity and leads a company to success. 

The purpose of any digital workplace, including huddle rooms, is to encourage ideas exchange, productivity, and creativity.

Technology That Suits a Huddle Workspace 

We’ve just discussed the benefits of huddle rooms. Now let’s look inside the rooms to understand how to equip them. With many meetings and limited time in mind, it’s important that the huddle room’s User Experience is as simple as possible to avoid overloading your IT support. 

As a rule of thumb, such meeting rooms can be of two types.

The first type is meant for internal meetings without involving people from outside. The meetings will have several attendees and a system for displaying information necessary for discussion and decision-making. Until recently, this was a whiteboard, but more companies utilize an LCD panel or a projector. A wireless presentation system is becoming very popular, allowing speakers to share their notebook or mobile device content on a flat panel or projector without plugging in a cable. 

The second type of meeting is a video conference with remote attendees. As mentioned earlier, many companies today have employees who are home-based or work flexible office hours. This necessitates video conferencing equipment to include remote workers and contractors in huddle meeting rooms. 

The use of video conferencing increases yearly due to a greater potential for effective inter-team collaboration. In 2018, Cisco predicted that 82% of global IP traffic would be video by the end of 2022.

The selection of equipment and software hinges on many factors, like the budget, the availability of video systems in other meeting rooms, and the number of huddle rooms. 

One important note –  it’s best if a video conferencing system isn’t connected to a specific vendor. You may have ten video conferencing sessions in one room, and each time it can be different services – Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Pexip, TrueConf, or Cisco. Huddle room participants won’t have time to figure out how to connect to these platforms. Instead, they should be able to connect just like that off the bat.  

To sum up the above, the ideal setup for huddle rooms will include the following equipment: 

  • Wall mount LCD or LED monitors. 
  • Central workplace – a table with chairs.
  • A camera with a microphone or video conferencing software.
  • HDMI extender. 
  • Video switch box, transmitting VGA, DVI, and HDMI signals for 4k-quality images. 

Need a Video Conferencing for Your Huddle Room in NYC?

A huddle room is the next level in the conference room solutions. If you are looking for audio and video system installation, Linked Security NYC can design one to give your small team the productivity, flexibility, and creativity of a hybrid workspace. 

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