Sonos PLAY 1 vs PLAY 3: Choosing the Perfect Speaker for Your Home

Sonos is one of the most prominent brands in music-streaming hardware, and its selection of speakers perfectly balances high-end audio with sophisticated design.

While many companies provide robust speakers that can broadcast digital music, Sonos has developed an array of best-selling speakers that outperform every other product on the market. PLAY 1 and PLAY 3 are two major releases.

Everyone agrees that nothing compares to the feeling of purchasing the right item and being completely delighted. Therefore, if you are curious about which Sonos PLAY 1 or PLAY 3 is most suitable for you, qualified professionals at Linked Security are here to relieve your tension and comprehensively guide you to the right decision!

Design & Build Quality

Anyone desires technology that enhances the overall aesthetics of their home interior, so it is fundamental for all contemporary appliances to have eye-catching, appealing, and distinctive designs. Many adore Sonos PLAY 1 and PLAY 3 because they are well-sized, can comfortably fit in any part of the house, and blend perfectly with any interior decoration.

Sonos PLAY 1

Sonos speakers consistently receive high praise from experts for their minimalist designs that seamlessly integrate into any arrangement. The PLAY 1 weighs 4.1 pounds and has the following measurements: 4.7 x 4.7 x 6.4 inches.

Comparable in shape to the portable JBL speakers Charge 3 and Pulse 2, the Sonos PLAY 1 is composed of cylindrical shapes. The speaker is placed upright on a flat surface, and for convenience, the Play, Pause, and volume adjustment buttons are perfectly arranged on top of the speaker.

Those who prefer a lighter aesthetic in their homes will appreciate that the Sonos PLAY 1 is available in both black and white. The PLAY 1 is particularly portable due to its tiny size, making it simple to move around the house.

Sonos PLAY 3

The Sonos PLAY 3 is a larger smart speaker that measures 5.2 x 10.5 x 6.3 inches and weighs 5.7 pounds. Although its boxier shape poses a challenge to fit into smaller places, thanks to its positioning versatility, it may be positioned either vertically or horizontally.

PLAY 3 comes in black and white, and it features three buttons on the top that may be used to adjust the volume or muffle the speaker. The Sonos PLAY 3 will automatically adjust and optimize the sound when it detects its placement, so its positioning won’t have an impact on the speaker’s sound output. Without your intervention, the Sonos PLAY 3 will automatically convert from mono to stereo sound.

Audio Performance

Since the sound quality of these Sonos speakers is the primary factor in their purchase, we consider this section of our comparison article to be one of the most influential.  

Sonos PLAY 1

It’s essential to comprehend that PLAY 1 is a small speaker and cannot match or compete with PLAY 3’s audio capabilities. You’ll need to buy at least a pair of PLAY 1 speakers for larger settings to adequately fill the space.

The Sonos PLAY 1 speaker features two drivers inside: a mid-range/bass driver and a smaller tweeter. Stronger driver magnets used in the speaker are what give it its excellent sound. Although the speaker isn’t intended to be the main source of music, many people still use it as the main speaker due to just how excellent the quality is.

Sonos PLAY 3

The PLAY 3 is considerably louder than the PLAY 1 and can even be heard in a 550-square-foot flat. The PLAY 3 includes 3 amplifiers and 3 speaker drivers since it was designed primarily to fill a big room. The speaker’s ability to recognize its location makes it even more useful; as a result, PLAY 3 will take notes and adjust to mono or stereo mode to enhance the sound.

The bass issues can be resolved by purchasing two PLAY 3 units, each of which can occupy one side of the stereo channel. The PLAY 3’s pricing point is comparable to iPhone docks, but the Sonos speaker outperforms them in terms of functionality, sound quality, and reliability.

Features & Compatibility

For a company like Sonos, providing speakers that are efficient, dependable, and well-constructed and that employ Wi-Fi wireless networking rather than Bluetooth is essential, because Wi-Fi is a much more reliable connection to use and does not have a distance restriction inside your home.

The Sonos speakers are also incredibly simple to use since the Sonos application is very user-friendly. You can set up these wireless speakers in just a few minutes thanks to the app, which even guides you through the entire procedure.

Sonos PLAY 1

You can stream free radio, podcasts, or even audiobooks to your speaker using Sonos, which uses your WiFi to broadcast music from an ever-growing list of more than 100 streaming services, including all the well-known ones like Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. With Alexa and Google Assistant built-in, the Sonos PLAY 1 additionally offers integrated voice control.

The Sonos PLAY 1 has fairly straightforward setup procedures as it may be installed in a matter of minutes once you download the application. You can easily start listening to high-quality music thanks to the app, which virtually guides you through the setup process. In addition to being incredibly user-friendly, the Sonos PLAY 1 application has a straightforward layout, and everything you could need is already in the box.

Sonos PLAY 3

Popular music services like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and others are easily accessible with the Sonos PLAY 3 smart speakers. The next Sonos PLAY 3 can only be activated and managed by iOS devices, so if your phone does not support this platform, the medium-sized smart speaker cannot make use of this feature. You can manage the sound and bass from different places using the application, which is incredibly user-friendly.

To operate the network, the speaker can either connect by Wi-Fi, Ethernet, a Bridge, Boost, or itself to a router. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are also compatible. Although not directly integrated, the virtual assistant can be used with an Amazon Alexa device to enable voice control.

Price & Value for Money

The majority of individuals perceive Sonos speakers to be of great quality and value for the money. They include a variety of capabilities, including voice control, multi-room audio, and connectivity with different music streaming providers.

Sonos PLAY 1

Sonos delivers the PLAY 1 for a fair $199 in an era where Wi-Fi-based and AirPlay speakers are still frequently rather expensive. For this price, it’s one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods to launch a thorough multi-room music system, especially since the update allows you to set it up wirelessly without a Sonos Bridge.

The idea behind Sonos is that you shouldn’t ever have to choose between great sound and a simple method to listen to all of your music at home. Music fans now have considerably more affordable access than ever before to Sonos thanks to the PLAY 1. 

Sonos PLAY 3

The Sonos PLAY 3 provides outstanding sound quality and an array of features that is unmatched by any other speaker company you may have ever come across.

When you take into account your alternatives, such as Apple’s Airport Express and the price of purchasing self-powered speakers, you’re undoubtedly confident that the $300 price of a Sonos PLAY 3 is fairly affordable. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that the PLAY 3 is a cost-effective option for supplying music throughout your home. And if you already have a couple of speakers, we encourage you to look at Sonos’ other wireless options.

Sonos PLAY 1 vs PLAY 3: Pros & Cons

In addition to everything we’ve already covered, it’s critical to understand the benefits and drawbacks of the Sonos PLAY 3 and PLAY 1 before making a purchase. We’ve made thorough infographics that describe the benefits and drawbacks of both speakers to help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages.  


The benefits of both Sonos speakers are as follows. PLAY 3 outperforms PLAY 1, even though the graphic doesn’t adequately depict its dominance.

Well-balanced bass: Live music is comprehensively transmitted by speakers with good bass response. Although bass should be robust and powerful, it should always sound clean and articulate.

Multi-room audio: The main advantage of any multi-room home audio system is easy to control. You have the option to control the speakers with a smartphone or tablet. For instance, you might make a distinct playlist and play the same music in each zone, or you could play the same music in each zone.

Works with streaming services: Since they transmit music and entertainment more quickly, music streaming has a relatively straightforward mechanism. You decide when and what you watch and listen to. Compared to downloading content, it uses fewer system resources.

TruePlay: TruePlay is a fantastic feature that modifies the speaker’s sound to suit the requirements of a space. A new function called TruePlay aids with speaker placement. When many customers complained about the Sonos sound quality, which was a result of the bad placement, the company introduced a feature that makes up for bad placement by altering the sound so that it is more transparent and optimal.

Smart integration: The Sonos PLAY 1 provides integrated voice control and has Alexa built-in. With the assistance of Alexa integration, you may stream audio and react to voice commands. In comparison to Sonos PLAY 1, Sonos PLAY 3 provides integration with Echo and Amazon Alexa.

Strong build and clear mids: With the power of Sonos PLAY 1 and PLAY 3, music may sound awesome over the whole frequency range, resulting in highs that sparkle and mids that are crystal clear in quality. In addition to a strong build and clear mids, Sonos PLAY 3 also provides exceptional and top-notch sound quality. 


It’s important to be aware of the disadvantages of these smart speakers in addition to the benefits we have already mentioned. However, please note that the disadvantages listed below apply to both speakers.

No Bluetooth: Because Wi-Fi is a far more dependable connection to utilize and does not have a distance restriction inside your home, Sonos uses it for wireless networking instead of Bluetooth.

No High-Res support: High-Res support is not available on the Sonos PLAY 1 or PLAY 3 speakers. Although it is not a major downside, hi-res audio is still worth looking into if you want the best possible digital music experience, or at the very least, better sound quality than you are accustomed to. Hi-res audio formats deliver a far better listening experience as compared to compressed audio files, such as the widely used AAC and MP3 codecs.

No Aux input: The AUX input, which is just a player connection point, is not included in the Sonos PLAY 1 or PLAY 3 models. However, since the system uses wireless speakers, a transmitter is provided to convey the essential audio signals, and a wireless receiver is used to receive them.

Installing Your Sonos Speaker: a Perfect Audio Experience

The Sonos can alter your whole house into a haven for music enthusiasts! Both Sonos PLAY 1 and Sonos PLAY 3 are among the best speakers ever made, offering not only excellent sound performance but also several distinctive features that make them sound much better than anything you’ve probably ever listened to before. They are also among the best-designed speakers, as they cover all the musical aspects that audiophiles are looking for.

Therefore, whether you’re searching for your first pair of speakers as you establish a home theater system, replacing an outdated pair of budget speakers, or intending to purchase the best speakers your space and budget will afford, professionals at Linked Security are ready to assist you.

So, if you are searching for exceptional sound performance and a unique presence, Sonos speakers can elevate your listening experience to a whole new level with the type of detail and bass that truly exceeds expectations!

Our Verdict

Because of its distinctiveness, stylish design, excellent audio capabilities, and cutting-edge advancements, Sonos speakers distinguish themselves from other comparable products. Sonos remains the sole option if someone intends to invest in audio speakers.  If you want to buy a single speaker, choose the PLAY 3 since it is stronger and more advanced based on the actual comparison. The PLAY 3 is the greatest mid-sized speaker available today and provides a great experience right out of the box.

The only circumstance in which we’d advise purchasing the PLAY 1 is if you’re eager to spend money on a pair, as two Sonos PLAY 1 speakers unquestionably provide more sound than a single PLAY 3 device. But if you combine two PLAY 3 speakers, the ambiance is unmatched and will leave you speechless. The PLAY 3 will more effectively satisfy your demands if you don’t want to invest in more than one speaker.

Thanks to Connected Security, a company with extensive industry knowledge, you have a fantastic opportunity to invest in smart home speakers while taking into account all of your preferences for Sonos PLAY 1 and PLAY 3. Therefore, if you’d like further advice, don’t be afraid to book a consultation with us!

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