Types of Perimeter Security Solutions: Tips to Choose the Right One

Are you concerned about the security of the perimeter of your property? Perimeter security is a crucial aspect of protecting any physical facility, whether it’s a residential property, a commercial building, or an industrial site.

No one argues that spending money on security systems that protect the perimeter of your property is a smart idea since vandalism and theft concerns are on the rise in New York City. By providing considerably better insight and visibility into potential risks surrounding the property, these systems can help you protect your assets and facilities.

If you’re looking for effective solutions to secure the perimeter of a property, this helpful guide from the experienced technicians at Linked Security will relieve your stress. In this article, we will explore the different types of perimeter security solutions and provide tips to help you choose the best security solution.

What is Perimeter Security?

With the ultimate purpose of protecting people, places, and property from unwanted access and invasion, perimeter security is a security solution that utilizes both physical and software technology systems.

In addition to physical security measures like fences, gates, illumination, and barriers, perimeter security may include video analytics, video management, access control, buried sensors, above-ground sensors, fence sensors, and security management. The use of an individual perimeter security plan will depend on the assets that need to be safeguarded and the potential for invasion.

Critical infrastructure facilities, military installations, and high-risk infrastructures, including airports, cell towers, and gas lines, have historically used perimeter security solutions. Perimeter security solutions have now spread to residential and commercial sectors like retail, manufacturing, and transportation.

Different Types of Perimeter Security Solutions

There are a variety of solutions available to secure the perimeter of a property, each with its own unique benefits and drawbacks. Let’s discuss the most common types of perimeter control systems and their possible uses.

  1. Perimeter Security Lighting

Most perimeter intrusion attempts occur at night, so it makes sense that there should be more protection during this period.

Any perimeter security lighting used outside should be highly resilient. For instance, some devices can change from white light to visible light as soon as they sense movement. 

Security lighting around perimeters is sensor-based and activates in response to motion or heat detection. It increases the efficiency of video recording and remote monitoring, floods the area with light, and serves as a strong deterrent.

  1. Perimeter Security Sensors

Sensors that detect heat, motion, and contact are crucial for deterring unauthorized entry. They function by transmitting signals to the security network and creating alerts for wireless or hardwired alarm systems to enable the deployment of an appropriate response.

It is also possible to program automated responses to predefined criteria, such as turning on perimeter lighting, starting recording, playing a recorded audible warning message, and locking down an entry or exit points.

  1. Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

A perimeter intrusion detection system (PID) comes in great diversity and uses sensors or other tools to identify an intruder. PID  Systems can be built on active or passive temperature sensors, break wires, electrostatic or magnetic fields, microphonic cables, seismic sensors, and near-infrared beam breaks. 

A perimeter intrusion detection system can be free-standing, installed on the ground, or mounted to a barrier.

5 Things to Consider While Choosing the Right Perimeter Security Solution

  1. Specific Concerns

Your security risk assessment should reveal the types of threats to which your property is vulnerable. These might include the chance that a thief will be able to climb a wall or fence, cut through one, or ram the barrier.

  1. Required Security Level

The level of protection required will vary depending on the type of property. Your company or organization will require a rather high degree of protection if it operates in a sensitive sector, such as the government, medical, research, or military. Stronger security measures are also required if you handle or keep valuable or possibly dangerous materials.

Keep in mind that if you’re looking for reliable security solutions for your perimeter, Linked Security has over 21 years of professional experience in designing and installing surveillance systems throughout NYC, including Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan.

  1. Current Physical Obstacles

Choosing the appropriate perimeter security requires careful consideration of the surroundings’ design, geography, and environmental factors. For instance, the location of the property may also impact the effectiveness of certain perimeter security solutions. If the property is located in a high crime area, a fence may not provide enough security, and more robust measures such as physical barriers or access control systems may be necessary.

By considering the physical characteristics of the property and the surrounding area, property owners can ensure that they choose a perimeter security solution that is both effective and appropriate for their needs.

  1. IT Infrastructure

Depending on the technological systems you already have in place, you might be able to choose solutions for perimeter security that easily interact with existing systems to reduce expenses. Considering that setting up a new networking infrastructure can be highly expensive, this is the ideal solution.

  1. Maintenance

Some perimeter security solutions can be quite inexpensive to install, but there may be significant costs associated with ongoing maintenance and upkeep. Make sure to find out what maintenance is required and whether the system requires any ongoing subscriptions.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, by taking certain precautions with your perimeter security systems, you may turn your building into a stronghold against robberies and other unauthorized entrances. 

That’s why you should keep those handy tips in mind to improve perimeter security, you can defend your building from the threats it faces. Once you have protection, you can relax knowing that potential hazards to your safety, your property, and the people are being prevented.

Don’t allow your inquiries to go unanswered, and don’t leave your safety to chance if you require assistance creating your security strategy or putting any protection measures in place. Contact our team at Linked Security and get a free quote regarding your concerns. We’ll point you in the right direction with our vast expertise.

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