Visitor Management System

Every day businesses receive thousands of different people, from candidates for interviews to employees and potential investors. And tracking and managing walking in and out processes are a real challenge without a proper visitor management system. 

Such a system controls the flow of people and provides extra safety for office workers. However, the key question is how to choose the right type of visitor management system for your business. 

Here’s a quick overview of the types of visitor management and their benefits. 

Visitor Management Software 

Visitor management software is becoming a trend today for most businesses. According to studies, 61% of organizations in the US have switched to visitor management software instead of the paper logbook. This modern solution allows business owners to manage their facilities and directly access recorded events. 

The benefits of using the software are: 

  • Eliminating manual costs
  • Better control and management
  • Integration with mobiles
  • Safety and well-being of employees 

Regardless of the software, it uses two different methods of deployment.

Cloud-Based Visitor Management System   

As the name suggests, all the data generated by the software is hosted in the cloud, and authorized people can access it online. For example, one of the popular vendors in this field is Brivo. The obvious advantages of such a system are:

  • Quick operation
  • Third-party integration
  • Less maintenance
  • Access through mobiles
  • Cost-effective 

On-Premise Visitor Management 

These are predecessors to the cloud computing system. They run on LAN or WAN, storing data and apps on the local machine. Such systems can be found in large organizations throughout NYC, covering public and private spaces. 

Despite the advancement in cloud computing and IT, host-bound visitor management systems have the following benefits: 

  • Doesn’t need Wi-Fi to run
  • Minimal risk of cyber attack
  • It can be customized for special requirements

Synchronized Visitor Management Systems

Synchronized visitor management systems integrate with access control systems. They easily synchronize with relevant locks, controllers, and readers. Examples of integrated visitor systems include ButterflyMX and Avigilon

Visitor Management Kiosks

This type of visitor management system assumes a self-registration kiosk or a shared touch screen in the hall or entrance area for guests to enter their information. You will often find hospital or healthcare kiosks. Advanced biometric kiosks are good protection against theft, plus they enhance safety and health.

Automated Passport Control (APC) is seen at the US ports like Oakland International Airport (OAK), Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC), and others. Travelers just need to scan their passports, take a photograph via kiosk, and ask a few questions to confirm their flight details and personal information. 

So whether a kiosk at the business or vehicle registration payment kiosks, they improve customer service and make operations faster. 


Visitor management systems prevail among businesses, including residential buildings. The reason is simple – easy control of guests in one place. 

If you need to renew or install new visitor management systems in New York City, Linked Security can help. We work with the best vendors in the industry. You can rely on us to perform the necessary task for the installation so that you and your employees can relax!

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