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Linked Security offers the latest access security systems in the industry. One of the vendors we work with is Avigilon. This supplier is the choice for many businesses in New York City because it delivers security solutions for all types of premises. 

In this blog post, we’ll talk about Avigilon’s physical security solutions with great attention to its versatile camera types and features. 

Avigilon Physical Security Solutions

Avigilon surveillance, a Motorola Solutions company today, has been involved in designing, developing, and manufacturing video management software and hardware, surveillance cameras, access control, and video analytics. With so many products available, Avigilon built a strategy on a unique physical security product portfolio powered by AI integration. 

The main components of Avigilon’s surveillance solution are hardware and software products. Hardware products include Avigilon cameras, network video recorders, encoders, sensors, storage servers, various appliances, and even an IP horn speaker

Software products are used for monitoring and analyzing video surveillance. The key solution elements are Access Control Manager (ACM) and a new Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7.14. 

Avigilon Access Control Manager

Avigilon Access Control Manager is a physical intrusion-detection solution using the ACC Gateway Web Client to connect to modern readers and other physical security elements through its IP network. Avigilon’s ACM is both hardware and software solutions that deliver comprehensive configuration and management. 

The Avigilon Access Control Manager desktop client with HID Global’s EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management Software is harnessed to control rules, add users, print badges, save policies, and adjust alarm alerts across multiple ACM appliances, including built-in templates and personalized reports. The ACM can be used by large enterprises and small and medium businesses.  

Thanks to open-platform hardware from Mercury Security and HID Global, wireless locks, ViRDI’s biometric fingerprint reader technology, and Bosch intrusion panels, Avigilon clients can significantly reduce installation costs and time. 

Avigilon Control Manager can be integrated with the existing systems, thus, increasing productivity and removing duplication necessity. Security personnel can respond quickly to incidents because the ACM can be accessed via a browser. 

Avigilon Control Center 7.14

Avigilon Control Center 7.14 is the latest and the most innovative version of video management software with several capabilities. This solution provides a new mapping experience, cloud services, a smart assurance plan, a mobile connection, and third-party integration. 

The Avigilon end-to-end solution can be broken down into the two following categories: 

  • Motorola Solutions CWD – Concealed Weapon Detection achieves threat monitoring and detection. Built-in Avigilon H5A, Modular Cameras stream, live video to ACC, and use sensors and cameras’ AI features, such as Avigilon Appearance Search and Facial Recognition
  • Threat response covers alarm alerts sent to ACC for notifications to Security Operations, identifying a suspect quickly to increase response times, and radio alert via text or voice with the location of the alarm. 

Avigilon Video Surveillance Components 

Avigilon video surveillance components cover Avigilon cameras and analytics, video surveillance management software (ACC), and storage capabilities. The Avigilon surveillance solution can be classified into the following main dimensions: 

  • Input and output devices 
  • Storage 
  • Video monitoring 

Input and output devices are Avigilon IP cameras, AI network video recorders (NVRs), encoders, microphones, motion sensors, Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) controls, and HD video appliances. 

Storage elements include HDSM SmartCodec technology to compress images to local or network-attached storage. Single NVR can store up to 432TB at a single location. 

Video Monitoring in ACC 7.1 via Virtual Matrix covers monitor view control, display control, hardware rendering, and video overlays. It also contains distribution elements notification. 

Input and Output Devices 

The Avigilon IP cameras include high-definition (HD) specifications. They communicate using IP and web-based interfaces and protocols, such as CIFS (Common Internet File System) or NFS (Network File System). Connected cameras to the network can be managed through the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and streamed in real-time via RTSP (Real-time streaming protocol)

These cameras encompass all the advanced features – integrated security and networking, motion detection, video analytics, bandwidth optimization, and network security. There are a few series of cameras to pick from the Avigilon solutions:

  • H4 Multisensor Camera
  • H4 Thermal Cameras
  • H4 Infrared (IR) PTZ cameras
  • 7k (30MP) HD Pro Camera
  • H5A Fisheye and H5M cameras
  • H5A Explosion-Protected camera

Each has different capabilities to accommodate the various needs of the customer. Some come in a dome model, others in a box and bullet model. 

Avigilon surveillance IP cameras support from 1 to 30-megapixel lenses. H4 HD Pro cameras start from 4k and extend to 7k (30 MP). Built on the H4 platform, they record high-quality footage and have a smart storage server and bandwidth. H4 dome cameras have self-learning video analytics, HDSM SmartCodec, and LightCatcher technology for low-light performance. 

Below is the detailed information about different camera features: 

Camera ModelTypeResolution and Lens
2.0C-H6M-D1-IR – H6 Mini Dom CameraDome2 MP; 2.99 mm
2.0C-H5A-BO1-IR – H5A Camera LineBullet2 MP; 3.3-9 mm
8.0C-H5A-FE-DO1 – Fisheye CameraSurface Mount Dome8 MP; 1.4 mm
2.0C-H5A-PTZ-DC36 – PTZ CameraIn-Ceiling Dome2 MP; 4.3 – 129 mm
2.0C-H5A-PTZ-DP40 – PTZ CameraPTZ2 MP; microSD Card Support; 4.25 – 170 mm
3.0C-H5A-CR1-IR – Corner CameraCold Rolled Steel3 MP; 3-9 mm
6.0C-H5DH-DO1-IR – Dual Head CameraSurface Mount6 MP; 3.35 – 7.0 mm; microSD Card Support
H4A-ETD-KIT – Thermal Elevated Temperature DetectionThermal Bullet640 x 512; 8.7 mm
H5 Modular CameraMain UnitmicroSD Card Support
H5SL CameraBullet Camera1.3-5MP; 3.1 – 8.4 mm; 9.5-31 mm 
H4 Multisensor Camera
9 MP (3 x 3 MP); 2.8 mm

You can find out more about cameras here.

Another output device is the Avigilon Video Surveillance Encoder. It uses digital signal processors to convert analog signals to digital format. As a result, you can view live images on your IP network using video management software and add IP-supported cameras based on your budget. 

Avigilon also has HALO Smart Sensor – a real-time detector and security device that integrates with ACC to secure vulnerable areas. 

All cameras can be easily set up through the camera’s software, including the Camera Configuration Tool and Avigilon Web UI

How do I access my Avigilon camera?

You must launch the Camera Configuration Tool and enter the desired camera credentials – the user name and password. So each camera can be discovered based on its credentials. 

How do I find the IP address of my Avigilon camera?

An IP address should be configured automatically through the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). If the automated function doesn’t work, you can use the following IP addresses or 

Avigilon Video Surveillance Storage 

The Avigilon Video Archive is a storage solution for petabytes (PB) of images that align with video retention policies. It caters to complete integration with the ACC and Avigilon NVRs. 

There are two products available – 5U Rackmount – Head Unit and  5U Rackmount – Expansion Unit. The storage capacity of the Head Unit ranges between 225 TB to 751 TB, while the Expansion Unit can store up from 263 TB to 789 TB of video. It supports standard and premium NVR4 and NVR4X models. 

Built-in Erasure Coding maximizes uptime, and MultiPath Input Output (MPIO) ensures seamless connectivity with Avigilon’s NVRs. 


Avigilon offers a robust surveillance system for homeowners and businesses. It’s about a wide choice of H4 and H5 IP cameras that allow for using analog cameras that you may already have. You can manage camera features via Avigilon Access Control Center, which is also compatible with iOS and Android. 

The software platform provides integration with other devices within a business, like emergency response, and all of this can be achieved through the ACC. The server has robust storage solutions from 225 TB to 1.5 PB per NRV. The APP/Client over the Internet or port forwarding allows watching CCTV cameras remotely. For example, with DDNS, clients don’t need to remember IP addresses to access their cameras remotely. 

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