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ID Badge Swipe Card Door Access Control System Installations for NYC

Many commercial buildings in New York City, will use some type of physical access control system, for the purpose of safeguarding assets, property, tenants, and employees. This is accomplished by verifying, monitoring and restricting door, gate, or entry way access to a building, property, floor, or room to authorized individuals. For many enterprise businesses, restricting access to certain areas is vital in order to protect proprietary data, servers, resources and even people. Is your building’s access control technology from the 1990’s? It might be time for an upgrade. It is recommended that businesses do a yearly review of their security and access control.

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Corporations such as PWC, Google, Bloomberg, Twitter, or Wework, that lease a significant amount of office space in NYC buildings will use the door swipe card access control or ID badge in physical security entry points. The way it works is that each card, Photo ID employee badge or keyfob, is encoded with magnetic strip or an antenna inside . Access can be granted when it is swiped or scanned to open electronically-powered doors. Using a software, the system’s admin can determine levels of access, schedules and alerts to control who can go where and when.

Other popular gate and door access control systems include:

  • proprietary proximity cards
  • biometric (retina, fingerprint, facial recognition etc)
  • smart cards
  • Mobile access
  • key cards
  • RFID cards
  • key fobs
  • keyless entry
  • Keypad pin based systems

Access control is also a great solution for smaller business or residential buildings who want to increase security at their location. It can also be integrated with other security systems like alarms, CCTV security cameras and more.

Id badge card reader access benefits include:  

  • Can easily be activated for different access points
  • Trusted access, for the right people at the right times
  • Can provide restrictions for certain times, certain access levels, or even certain numbers of unlocks
  • Provides remote deactivation capability    
  • Provides alerts and notifications

Linked Security installs large and small access control solutions. Access control systems are customizable, be it if you need to control the access to a single door or entry gate, a whole building or something in between. Linked Security can provide end to end security solutions for companies or buildings in NYC areas including Manhattan, Upper West, Upper East, Soho, Fidi, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island.   

ID badge card door access control system nyc


Physical Building Access Control Systems

Physical building access control system can include many components. Here in Linked Security, we customize the system to your specific needs and demands. Whether you need high-security features, mobile access and control or any other feature, we can design and install it. Some of the different features and components we can offer are:   

  • Proximity Card Access Systems – printable PVC cards, clamshell cards, key fobs and tokens.
  • Key Fob Access Systems – Key fob systems used in coworking and fitness facilities that grant after hours member access
  • Biometric security access control systems – for higher security applications they use biometric technology devices such as fingerprint readers, retinal eye scanners, facial recognition scanners, and hand geometry readers.
  • Keypad Pin Based Access control Systems – are relatively simple systems that require just a PIN code. They can be combined with other access card readers or credentials using multi-technology readers.  
  • Swipe Card Access Systems – ideal for more simple, low security building access control applications  
  • Mobile Access Control Systems – allow smartphones, iPads or wearables, to get access to secured doors, gates, networks, services through the cloud. without a local network connection (i.e. no network vulnerability weaknesses.
  • ​Multi-technology access control systems – technologies are made to simplify access control solutions and ease the transition from a traditional magnetic stripe or proximity card to smart mobile card technology.
  • Video Doorbell intercom access systemspopular for entry access to a multi-tenant apartment or office facilities, use 2-way voice communications and allow visual monitoring supervision

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From key fobs to ID badges to smart cards to mobile phone access our physical security technicians can help to implement the perfect intelligent security solution for your business.  A leading NYC ID badge card door access control installer, Linked Security has helped commercial office buildings, construction sites, healthcare organizations, universities, pharmaceutical facilities to ensure systematic traffic flow, support accurate and monitored attendance and restrict entrance to only authorized employees or guests.

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