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Fast Intercom Repair for homes, apartment buildings and businesses

For an emergency call us at 347-462-0751 for a quick response.

Our technicians are trained to inspect, troubleshoot and repair all intercom systems efficiently and with guaranteed results.

We offer intercom repair for Aiphone intercom, LeeDan intercom, NuTone, Comelit intercom, Mircom, Keri systems, DKS, Akuvox and much more. 

Linked Security is a Brooklyn based intercom repair installer & locksmith with over 10 years of award winning customer service satisfaction experience in NYC and a combined 21 years of security industry experience in our team.

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What Linked Security provides?

  • We provide competitively priced intercom repairs and troubleshooting for Brooklyn multi-unit apartments, commercial offices and businesses.
  • Our technicians are experienced with working on all types of intercoms including:
    • Audio intercom repairs,
    • Video intercom repairs,
    • IP intercom system repairs,
    • Single user door entry system repairs and more.
  • Some of the more common systems we work with are: Lee-Dan, Aiphone, Comelit, Akuvox, Seidel, Mircom, Keri systems, DKS, Avaya, Alpha and others.
  • Intercom repair service areas include all neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, and Queens.


Who is Linked Security?  

Linked Security employs a small team of highly knowledgeable and capable intercom repair specialists that are on call 24/7 to respond and troubleshoot any of your building or apartments door security needs. We proudly service almost every neighborhood throughout the 5 boroughs of New York City. 

We are a full security integration firm that offers a wide range of security system products and installation services such as security cameras, intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance, door buzzer repairs, structured cabling and more.

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Linked Security is dedicated to educating customers and providing the best products and services at a price you can afford. 

Some of the common door entry access control issues we see and repair Brooklyn and Manhattan buildings intercoms are:

  • Tenants can’t buzz the door open with the intercom device
  • Tenants can’t hear the intercom ring in the apartment
  • The intercom’s video feed has stopped working
  • No more audio communication between the apartments and the door unit    

“The communication between the apartment and the door unit had broken because of some issue in the intercom. I needed to have it repaired promptly. I called them and had their technician at the exact-time. He started his work and resolved the mess. Based on my experience I highly recommend them for accurate Intercom repair.”    –Lena Decoteau

Linked Security Intercom Repair Solutions

Experience how easy and convenient total control of your security can be with
Linked Security intercom repair solutions. 

Security starts at the door.

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