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Looking for a fast and reliable intercom system repair service in NYC? Look no further! Linked Security NY provides same-day professional door entry intercom systems repair and maintenance all over New York City. Our technicians are experienced with all types of intercom and buzzer systems including audio intercoms, video intercoms, IP intercom systems, single user door entry systems, and more. Some of the more common systems we work with are: Lee-Dan, Aiphone, Comelit, Akuvox, Seidel, Mircom, Keri systems, DKS, Avaya, Alpha and others.

NYC intercom systems can include different smaller systems and components. Multi-residential systems usually include door buzzer system so tenants can unlock the door, audio or video entry panel, and apartment intercom units. Commercial intercom systems usually include remote or wireless buzzer, access keypads, electric locks and other components as well as intercom communication. Some of the common issues we see and repair in NYC buildings intercoms are:

  • Tenants cant buzz the door open
  • Tenants can’t hear the intercom ring in the apartment
  • The intercom’s video feed has stopped working
  • No more audio communication between the apartments and the door unit

Our local intercom technicians have most of the parts and hardware necessary to repair or replace your door intercom system the same day. We work with many NYC property owners, property managers, small businesses and others and we are positive that you will be satisfied with our intercom repair service as well!

Need intercom Repair or updates?

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Linked Security repairs, replaces and installs a wide variety of intercom systems for both residential and commercial buildings. We work with leading edge brands to enhance the security and functionality of your space or property.

Intercom system and door buzzer upgrades

If your intercom system is experiencing many issues or if it doesn’t answer your needs any longer, we can offer different upgrading options. Did you know that most NYC audio intercom systems can be upgraded to HD video intercom system without changing the existing building wiring?

Linked Security specializes in replacing old door entry buzzers and intercoms with new top of the line video intercoms that feature HD cameras, clear audio, remote door buzzing, keyless entry and mobile access. With a quick and FREE consultation meeting, we can offer few upgrading options and provide price estimates as well.

When considering an upgrade to a commercial or residential intercom system we can offer few options:

  • Hardwired video intercom system that will allow one-way video communication between the front door and monitors in the offices/apartments, along with door release.
  • Phone directory intercom system that creates a phone call between the front door panel and tenants’ phone, thus eliminates the need of apartment intercom units.
  • Wireless intercom or IP intercom system that can create video call between the front door panel and an app on your mobile smart phone.

Our security consultant will discuss with you the best options and help you figure out what is the best system for you, so give us a call at (212) 500-1334.

Audio only intercom system


IP video intercom with mobile access


Upgrading your building’s entrance system with access control and key fob readers

Upgrading your building with an access control system can be just the right move for you! Keyfob system has many benefits, Distributing keyfobs instead of keys to your tenants or your employees, limiting access to certain doors to unauthorized personnel, and being able to see who goes where. All of these can make management much easier and more efficient.

Access Control systems can be added and integrate with any existing intercom system so it is a very easy upgrade. Weather you have a small building with 1 door or a larger building with few entrances, bike room, garbage room, parking lot etc, we can offer many options that will be the right solution for you and your business.

Wireless intercoms and video doorbells

Wireless intercoms and wireless video doorbells has gone a far way in recent years. With the improvement of wireless technologies, as well as batteries and energy consumption improvements, wireless solutions are better than ever.

Linked Security offers wireless intercom and door buzzer systems that will allow you to receive video calls to your mobile phone wherever you are. These top of the line wireless systems can offer many other features such as mobile access, cloud interface with system’s settings, keyless entry, remote management, audio calling and more.

Residential Wireless intercom can be the perfect solution to a multi tenant building that is looking to upgrade their old system into a video entry security system. It can save a lot of money on the installation since it does not require installing monitors in each apartment, and it will offer the tenants better features than their old system like HD video, remote unlocking the building’s front door to receive packages, etc.  

Commercial wireless doorbells can offer both savings and conveniency to business owners and office managers, using features like desktop door viewing apps, integration with CCTV system and visual employees time stamp report.

Whether you have any questions about repairing, replacing or updating your older intercom system, Linked Security can help! We can order the replacement parts, make repairs, or install a new modern, updated video intercom door buzzer system.

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