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New York, NYC Apartment Building Intercom Systems

Are you looking for the best intercom systems for apartment buildings in New York, NYC?  

You can rest easy knowing your property is secured when choosing to install an apartment building entry intercom system by Linked Security NY. We work with New York building owners and residential development property managers by offering and installing trusted leading brand apartment entrance panel intercoms, wired intercoms, IP intercoms, door entry intercoms, smart IP video door phone intercoms, telephone entry systems, apartment intercom buzzers, phone directory intercoms, vandal resistant intercom entrance panels, WIFI doorbell intercoms, wireless multi-tenant building intercoms, and video intercom systems

We can adapt to working with the building’s existing wiring (depending on condition) and old intercom stations or offer upgrades to accommodate nearly every need that should arise in your search for the right apartment intercom entry system at Linked Security NY.  We have successfully installed hundreds of residential building projects ranging from 5-story Brooklyn co-ops to 10-story high-rise developments in Manhattan. We use brands such as Micom, Aiphone, Siedle, Comet, Akuvox, and more.   

smart-IP-video-intercom upgrades

We provide several varieties of apartment building entry system products to fit nearly any type of building facility. Multi-tenant video entry intercoms, and mobile phone calling systems enable secure, convenient, and affordable property access for New York rental apartment buildings from a smartphone. The security that comes with being able to control who comes into your New York, NYC building along with the ability to verbally and visually confirm their identity is immeasurable. Linked Security NY services residential buildings in Brooklyn, Queens, and most neighborhoods in Manhattan and provides intercom replacements, intercom repairs as well new intercom hardware system installations.  Having a new modern intercom system designed and installed will allow your tenants or security guards to quickly and easily identify visitors before granting them entry into the building.    

At Linked Security NY  we install, service, replace, and repair a wide variety of trusted intercom system product solutions for multi-tenant buildings, new high-rise developments, managed co-ops, condos, and apartment complexes used for any kind of commercial or residential application.   

Trusted By Dozens of  Property Owners/Managers Including    

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Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about our latest residential intercom solutions, which are proven to enhance your property’s security and fit within your budget. 

Depending on the intercom product you choose some of the features include:

  • Premium audio and video quality
  • Real-time entrance monitoring 
  • Variety of sleek and fashionable panel designs 
  • Some products require no in-unit wiring or hardware
  • Remote access with door opening release with a smartphone app
  • Volume control for speaker 
  • Resistant to weather and vandals 
  • Entrance stations can have a digital directory or individual buttons to call tenants
  • Fob and keyless entry features
  •  Multiple access methods  
  • HD Color Imagery and video recording
  • Timestamped entry photos
  • Virtual keys and delivery PINs
  • Property management integrations
  • Pan, tilt, and zoom camera views
  • Automatically take visitor’s photo with date & time stamp   

Brand New Building Renovation Project Sites

NYC real estate developer

Are you a commercial or residential property developer?  Are you working on a renovation or construction site? Linked Security NY collaborates with property management firms, real estate brokers, architects, developers, building owners, and construction companies through the 5 boroughs of New York, NYC including, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island.  Our services range from a complete design and installation of multi-tenant building intercom system projects. From initial assessments to full installations and maintenance services. Our certified technicians are experts and offer the right smart building intercom security solutions with the aim of reducing costs and increasing safety and ultimately tenant satisfaction

Need a Whole Apartment Intercom System Replacement? 

No problem, we get calls from property management companies that have properties that are older buildings that need a complete system replacement or sometimes we can just upgrade the intercom panel and use the building’s existing wiring.  We always on our initial consultation, test the wiring condition throughout a building first, to make sure everything is okay before suggesting any system solutions to a potential client. Linked Security NY has helped to retrofit older buildings with the latest smart state-of-the-art audio, video, and remote access control intercom technologies. Are you thinking about replacing your building’s intercom system? We can tell if it makes more sense to replace the wiring and the whole system or just retrofit the new intercom products into the existing building system. 

Complete Security System Integrations

Many of multi-tenant building intercom solution products are designed to be integrated with other security system applications such as burglar alarms, surveillance cameras, and door access control solutions, enabling you to increase security effectiveness, reduce risk, and keep track of every person who enters and leaves the property. 

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