Commercial and Office Building Intercom Systems in NYC

At Linked Security NY we install and repair a diverse range of office intercom systems for New York City commercial building owners, property managers and business owners. We work with the leading wireless, telephone, buzzer, audio, or video intercom system manufacturers to provide better communication and building security protections. Linked Security’s office intercom systems secure entrances by keeping doors locked while identifying and confirming visitor access.

Commercial door entry systems allow you and the building’s tenants to communicate with visitors, control access to different floors or parts of the building, log visitors info and photos and better interact with vendors and deliveries.

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Linked Security repairs, replaces and installs a wide variety of doorbell buzzer intercom systems for both residential and commercial applications. We work with leading edge brands to enhance the security and functionality of your space or property.

Improve your buildings security and communication capabilities

Linked Security helps NYC businesses manage, upgrade their building’s door and entryways by installing telephone, audio, video and door buzzer office intercom solutions that control access, verify and screen visitors as well as protecting company assets and employees. It also safeguards against any unauthorized guests attempting to enter without your knowledge. Modern intercoms systems are a crucial piece of a buildings security defenses.

What is the best type of intercom system for a business?

A lot of it will depend on the age and condition of the building, the existing cabling and wiring, any physical structure limitations. Our free onsite consultation can evaluate the structure of your office and current security setup, and give you recommendations as to whether it will be best to upgrade what you have or if it will be more efficient and cost effective to install a completely new system. We can install simple wired solutions that only need a dialup connection and phone cord as well more sophisticated smart wireless and video intercom products for multi-unit apartment and office building entry systems. Some of the smart wireless intercom systems may only require three connections: internet, access control system/door strike, and power to work.  

Linked Security offers free intercom security system assessments, for every kind of New York business, including high-rise buildings, apartment complexes, corporate offices, banks and financial institutions, manufacturing facilities, retail stores, healthcare providers and schools.

We sell and install single office intercoms, single-button and buzzer to multi-button buzzer systems, video door phones as well as multi-unit intercom systems. Any of the intercom solutions we install provide crisp audio and or video communication solutions in between different internal building areas (different floors or in separate rooms) as well as external access points such as main entrances. We can install:

  • Gate/Door Entry Systems
  • Multi-Platform IP Video Intercom System
  • Entry Access Control Systems
  • Outdoor IP video intercoms
  • Office Building Entry Systems
  • Door Buzzer Systems
  • Doorbell Systems
  • Commercial Video Entry Systems

Building access control programming benefits

  • Have control to set up and allow scheduled deliveries at specific times
  • Control and manage access levels for building’s maintenance team, cleaning team, security or visitors
  • Open and manage doors from anywhere
  • The ability to monitor and log reports on when, where and who is allowed entry

Commercial Office Intercom systems can protect and enhance

  • Primary entry doors
  • Internal and secondary doors
  • Remote and secure areas
  • Office communications
  • Individual office floor access
  • Parking lots & garages
  • Service areas
  • Multi-tenant buildings  

Security System Integrations

Linked Security has intercom office solutions that can be fully integrated with other security and building management systems, access control, keyless entry locks and video surveillance and security camera systems. Which will allow your management or security team to beef up your security levels by recording and logging records of all the people who enter into the building down to minute and day.  

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Depending on your needs, we can access and install intercom systems for your office that will bring tremendous value and ease to your day to day function and interactions.

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