Upgrading the security system at Yeshiva School in Riverdale, NY

Installing a Security system for a school is always challenging because there are always kids at school, so when Covid19 started and schools got shut down, that was the perfect timing for this Yeshiva School to upgrade their security system.

When securing schools and public space there is a lot to consider. Securing public facilities can be challenging and requires a lot of planning and attention to details.

The Yeshiva already had some cameras, but they wanted to add some additional security cameras and in particular a License Plate Registration camera that will record and register any vehicle that drives into their dead-end street. These Hikvision cameras were mounted on a pole we installed, and the wires run in weatherized conduit.
Hikvision offers a wide range of specialty cameras that can help you protect and monitor your facility such as Dark Fighter low light cameras, fish-eye cameras, PTZ cameras and Heat Sensing cameras for securing outdoor spaces.

Besides cameras, we also replaced their access devices and intercom with a new ZK-Access system that allows video communication between the gate and front door to the admin’s office. This access control system also allows opening the doors with keyfobs. Programming of this system is done through a local computer.
To wrap it up we installed an alarm system with different sensors around the school and on the front doors, as well as panic buttons around in different locations so staff can sound the alarm in case of an emergency.

Residential building’s front door security and Brivo Onair Access control

It’s no secret that security these days means a lot. In the past 2 months we are seeing an increase of break-ins in residential buildings, mainly to steal delivered packages from buildings’ lobbies or mail rooms. Thieves know tenants are ordering everything online, and the gain might be worth the risk.

Securing your building’s front door is an important part of the overall security, along with installing security cameras, access control features and sometimes alarms, it can solve your break-ins issue, protect your tenants and make sure everyone and their packages are safe.

In this project, Linked Security was hired to install a security system in 2 buildings after a number of break-ins have occurred.

The buildings already have a video intercom system – which is important, but their front doors were the weak links. Therefore, we designed a security system that includes:

  1. Brivo Onair access control system – cloud managed system that allows tenants pen the door with keyfobs and helps monitoring the door’s activity.
  2. 1200lbs magnetic lock that will work along the mortise lock and electric strike. This 2nd lock point on the door will make sure thieves can’t shim the door or force open it in any way.
  3. REX motion sensor and push-to-exit button.
  4. Regulated power supply with backup battery
  5. Latch guard to prevent anyone from inserting tools between the door and frame in order to force open it. 

This installation was a great success, the tenants love the ability to unlock the door by using a keyfob or by using their mobile phone, and they feel safer. The buildings’ manager will also get notifications about forced entry and if someone leaves the door open for a while. This will allow them to investigate and respond fast. 

Home audio and video project in Brooklyn, NY

Linked Security has recently been contracted to work on a fun and exciting residential Audio and Video systems installation in Brooklyn NY.
In this project we wired a whole apartment with network wiring, audio speakers wiring and necessary wiring for TV installations. We installed a multi-zone audio system that includes a home thater surround system in the living room and 6 sonos systems for the different rooms in the house. We also custom mounted 4 regular TVs on full motion brackets and 1 Outdoor TV with outdoor speakers. We used our in-house construction team to build a custom platform for mounting the outdoor TV and speakers.
Our installers also upgraded the house wifi by installing an EERO mesh network, in addition to hardwiring the TVs and Sound Bars to a network switch.
All of the equipment is hidden in a network cabinet, so the final result is clean and beautiful!

Construction site security cameras & alarm to prevent theft

We recently installed a security system for a construction site that has suffered from break ins and theft during night time.
After consulting with our security system experts, the property developer decided to install a CCTV system that will deter and record invaders,  as well as a burglary alarm system that will recognize any attempt of break in, sound an alarm, and contact the police.
Both systems can serve the building after the construction is done so it is definitely a great investment, not to mention the peace of mind knowing your site is not being breached and your tools and materials are safe and sound.

Getting a lot of break-ins?

Call our security system experts to find the best solution.

Linked Security installs security system cameras and alarms at your construction projects and properties in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx.

Get the security expertise you need today!

Upgrading an analog audio only intercom system to a video IP intercom system with remote access.

IP video intercoms are becoming the next hot thing for residential buildings looking to upgrade their outdated systems. The biggest (but not only) advantage in these systems is the remote access feature. IP intercoms use a local internet connection to create a video call to tenant’s phone, therefore allowing them to see and talk with visitors even when they are away, and of course open the door as well, ensuring you will never miss a package in your life.

When considering an intercom system upgrade we would consider few things:
1. How many entrances does the building have?
2. What type of wiring is currently in place?
3. Should we install units in the tenant’s apartments or use mobile devices only?
4. Do we have internet connection?

In this project, the tenants decided to lower costs by not installing monitors in the apartments, but use mobile devices only. This is a great way to upgrade your intercom system at minimal costs and yet get great video communication and remote access through your phone.

Click here to read more about intercom upgrades.

Office door buzzer system & keyless lock installation Financial District Office in Manhattan

A top financing company in FI-DI (NYC’s Financial District) has asked us to secure 3 doors in their offices and install a door buzzer system with keyless entry on 3 doors.

When installing a buzzer system we need to consider few factors:

  1. The type of doors and door hardware (locks) we are working with.
  2. The level of security required
  3. The way the customer wants to unlock/lock the door

On most doors, we can install an electric strike which is an electric device that engages with the existing mechanical lock that is installed on the door. If the door does not have a mechanical lock or in cases where extra security is needed, we can install a magnetic lock which is a lock that uses electricity to create a strong magnetic field and hold the door locked.

Any type of keyless lock system we install will work with several door release devices such as keypads, keyswitches, remote controls, Bluetooth operated devices that work with your phone, and much more.

In this location we installed a keypad for each door, along with remote controls to unlock the door from anywhere in the office. This gave the customer the ability to let people in their office without getting up to open the secure room.

This project included:

  • Installation in a busy office environment during business hours
  • Wire running through drywall and modular ceilings
  • Wood door work and frame cutting
  • Keypad programming for numerous access codes
  • Magnetic locks installation on wood and glass doors

Office Network Wiring – A New Office and Show Room Space In Manhattan

Linked Security has been hired by a local company in Manhattan to do their new office network wiring in the new space they moved in to.

When planning your new office space, you want to consider all the devices you will use and their connectivity. Computers, phones, printers, credit card machines, music amplifiers, speakers and monitors are just a partial list of devices you would need to connect to your local network.

Although a lot of devices these days can connect through W-FI, wired connection is still the best and fastest option.  Especially when you have a large number of devices to connect on the same network.

In this project, we ran Cat6 cables throughout the showroom and offices to offer wired connectivity to a wide range of devices. We installed wall plates and junction boxes with phone and Ethernet jacks.

Due to the large size of the space, the Wi-Fi signal was week at some spots, therefore, we installed Wi-Fi hot spot devices in couple of locations.

In order to connect all the devices on the network, we installed a network rack with patch panels and a network PoE switch. A PoE switch powers up a lot of devices so they do not need an extra power transformer. We use PoE switches to power up cameras, VoIP phones and other smart devices.

When considering a commercial space or an office network wiring it’s smart to plan ahead as much as possible, so please call us to setup a meeting for your next project, before you start the work and not after.

This project included:

  • Wire runs in an open walls environment
  • Wire testing and certifying
  • Wire termination
  • Network equipment installation

Multi Residential Intercom System – Brooklyn Co-op

Kyrous Management has contacted Linked Security NY to design and install a new multi residential intercom system with video and keyless entry features, for one of their managed co-ops in Brooklyn.

When designing a multi residential intercom system there are few factors to consider. First and foremost – wiring condition throughout the property. Before putting the proposal together, Linked Security techs performed  a test to the intercom wiring going from the electric room to all apartments, and to the front doors. Once we made sure the wiring is in a good condition – we could go a head and choose the right system.

For this multi residential intercom system project we chose the Aiphone GT system – one of our favorites. This system features a clear audio and video, easy maintenance and is highly reliable.

Entrance panel is elegant looking and equipped with a keypad for keyless entry and for programming. The panel is also NFC capable – meaning all programming can be done using a smartphone app.

The units in the apartment feature a 3.5″ monitor and are “hands free”. We have connected the apartments doorbells to the intercom units so when someone rings the doorbell it rings through the Aiphone monitor.

Along with this multi residential intercom system we installed an access control system so tenants can use a keyfob to unlock the front doors. This access control systems gives management the ability to add/delete keys (fobs) from the system, limit access to certain doors on the property and get an audit trail of all doors and users.

To secure the property, a Hikvision Security Cameras System was installed including 6 cameras that cover the front entrance, the lobby, the car gate and the parking lot. This system provides 2 months of high resolution video recording and since the installation already helped with arresting a criminal that tried stealing tenants’ packages.

This project included:

  • Wire testing throughout the property
  • coordinating installation with 36 apartment owners and working around their availability
  • integration of Intercom, Access control and CCTV systems
  • Pipe work

Click here to learn more about our Intercom Systems.

Emergency Alarm System – LIC School

In this unique project, Linked Security was requested to install an Emergency Alarm sounders throughout a school with few alarm activation buttons in different locations such as front desk, management office and back yard.

The need for this type of system came up after last year’s school shooting events. The school decided they want an economic solution to sounding an alarm signal that will let the kids and staff know that an event is ongoing.

Once a person pushes the emergency button in any of the locations, the alarm sounder will go off. Turning off the alarm is done using a key held by faculty. The system also has a battery backup in case there’s a power outage.

Potentially this system can be integrated with additional platforms like access control, burglar alarm and communication. It can also be setup to contact law enforcement units if needed.

This project included:

  • Metal conduit runs
  • Staff Training
  • Periodic system testing

Click here to learn more about our Alarm systems.

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