Emergency Alarm System – LIC School

In this unique project, Linked Security was requested to install an Emergency Alarm sounders throughout a school with few alarm activation buttons in different locations such as front desk, management office and back yard.

The need for this type of system came up after last year’s school shooting events. The school decided they want an economic solution to sounding an alarm signal that will let the kids and staff know that an event is ongoing.

Once a person pushes the emergency button in any of the locations, the alarm sounder will go off. Turning off the alarm is done using a key held by faculty. The system also has a battery backup in case there’s a power outage.

Potentially this system can be integrated with additional platforms like access control, burglar alarm and communication. It can also be setup to contact law enforcement units if needed.

This project included:

  • Metal conduit runs
  • Staff Training
  • Periodic system testing

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