Mircom Intercom and Access Control- Upper West Side

In this project Linked Security was asked by Victorian Management to install a system for a residential building that will combine a Telephone Directory Intercom and an Access Control system. The Mircom Tx3 panel calls tenants on their phone (land line or cellular) and allows them to communicate with the visitor as well as to buzz the door open. Mircom’s Access system lets the tenants scan a fob to enter the building.

This system is completely managed remotely using a dedicated software installed on a PC in the management’s office. The Mircom Tx3 software is a very simple and user friendly software that allows you to add/remove tenants from the intercom’s list, change their phone numbers and issue new fobs.

This system is very convenient and simple to use, it is loved by the tenants and it is very cost effective- especially for larger buildings, since there is no need to run wires to any of the apartments in the building

This project included:

  • Running new wires for communication and doors hardware
  • Installation of electrified locks, intercom and controllers in basement
  • Programming and setup of local network elements

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