Multi Residential Intercom System – Brooklyn Co-op

Kyrous Management has contacted Linked Security NY to design and install a new multi residential intercom system with video and keyless entry features, for one of their managed co-ops in Brooklyn.

When designing a multi residential intercom system there are few factors to consider. First and foremost – wiring condition throughout the property. Before putting the proposal together, Linked Security techs performed  a test to the intercom wiring going from the electric room to all apartments, and to the front doors. Once we made sure the wiring is in a good condition – we could go a head and choose the right system.

For this multi residential intercom system project we chose the Aiphone GT system – one of our favorites. This system features a clear audio and video, easy maintenance and is highly reliable.

Entrance panel is elegant looking and equipped with a keypad for keyless entry and for programming. The panel is also NFC capable – meaning all programming can be done using a smartphone app.

The units in the apartment feature a 3.5″ monitor and are “hands free”. We have connected the apartments doorbells to the intercom units so when someone rings the doorbell it rings through the Aiphone monitor.

Along with this multi residential intercom system we installed an access control system so tenants can use a keyfob to unlock the front doors. This access control systems gives management the ability to add/delete keys (fobs) from the system, limit access to certain doors on the property and get an audit trail of all doors and users.

To secure the property, a Hikvision Security Cameras System was installed including 6 cameras that cover the front entrance, the lobby, the car gate and the parking lot. This system provides 2 months of high resolution video recording and since the installation already helped with arresting a criminal that tried stealing tenants’ packages.

This project included:

  • Wire testing throughout the property
  • coordinating installation with 36 apartment owners and working around their availability
  • integration of Intercom, Access control and CCTV systems
  • Pipe work

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