Office Network Wiring – A New Office and Show Room Space In Manhattan

Linked Security has been hired by a local company in Manhattan to do their new office network wiring in the new space they moved in to.

When planning your new office space, you want to consider all the devices you will use and their connectivity. Computers, phones, printers, credit card machines, music amplifiers, speakers and monitors are just a partial list of devices you would need to connect to your local network.

Although a lot of devices these days can connect through W-FI, wired connection is still the best and fastest option.  Especially when you have a large number of devices to connect on the same network.

In this project, we ran Cat6 cables throughout the showroom and offices to offer wired connectivity to a wide range of devices. We installed wall plates and junction boxes with phone and Ethernet jacks.

Due to the large size of the space, the Wi-Fi signal was week at some spots, therefore, we installed Wi-Fi hot spot devices in couple of locations.

In order to connect all the devices on the network, we installed a network rack with patch panels and a network PoE switch. A PoE switch powers up a lot of devices so they do not need an extra power transformer. We use PoE switches to power up cameras, VoIP phones and other smart devices.

When considering a commercial space or an office network wiring it’s smart to plan ahead as much as possible, so please call us to setup a meeting for your next project, before you start the work and not after.

This project included:

  • Wire runs in an open walls environment
  • Wire testing and certifying
  • Wire termination
  • Network equipment installation