Case Studies List

Access Control System at Watch Me Grow school

In this school project Linked Security was in charge of securing the facility as well as provide convenient access control for staff members and team.

Mircom Intercom and Access Control- Upper West Side

In this project Linked Security was asked by the management company to install a system for a residential building that will combine a Telephone Directory Intercom and an Access Control system. The Mircom intercom calls tenants on their phone and let them buzz the door.

CCTV System – Western Beef Supermarket

n this project, Linked Security was asked to install a CCTV system to cover all of the supermarket areas with focus on certain spots. We have decided to use a Dahua CCTV system with super fast NVR that can record up to 64 channels and playback 16 channels simultaneously. The results are absolutely fantastic.