Residential building’s front door security and Brivo Onair Access control

It’s no secret that security these days means a lot. In the past 2 months we are seeing an increase of break-ins in residential buildings, mainly to steal delivered packages from buildings’ lobbies or mail rooms. Thieves know tenants are ordering everything online, and the gain might be worth the risk.

Securing your building’s front door is an important part of the overall security, along with installing security cameras, access control features and sometimes alarms, it can solve your break-ins issue, protect your tenants and make sure everyone and their packages are safe.

In this project, Linked Security was hired to install a security system in 2 buildings after a number of break-ins have occurred.

The buildings already have a video intercom system – which is important, but their front doors were the weak links. Therefore, we designed a security system that includes:

  1. Brivo Onair access control system – cloud managed system that allows tenants pen the door with keyfobs and helps monitoring the door’s activity.
  2. 1200lbs magnetic lock that will work along the mortise lock and electric strike. This 2nd lock point on the door will make sure thieves can’t shim the door or force open it in any way.
  3. REX motion sensor and push-to-exit button.
  4. Regulated power supply with backup battery
  5. Latch guard to prevent anyone from inserting tools between the door and frame in order to force open it. 

This installation was a great success, the tenants love the ability to unlock the door by using a keyfob or by using their mobile phone, and they feel safer. The buildings’ manager will also get notifications about forced entry and if someone leaves the door open for a while. This will allow them to investigate and respond fast.