Residential CCTV System – East 14th St

In this residential building, Linked Security was asked to install a residential CCTV system with 14 high resolution cameras to cover the building’s entrance, street front, hallways, mail area, laundry area and rooftop.

The system that was installed is a Hanwha CCTV system with 2MP vandal-dome cameras that provide 60fps clear video. Maximum storage of 24TB was installed on the recording device in order to provide few months’ recording.

Installing a CCTV system in a residential building has many benefits. Liability and insurance, security of the building’s residents, securing mail and packages area/room, preventing vandalism and more.

For a residential CCTV system – this project had some interesting challenges including wiring cameras on the roof at the 6th floor. Our professional team was able to provide great solutions and the results are fantastic.

This project included:

  • Metal conduit runs on roof and from the roof down 6 floors
  • Working with power tools
  • Extending communication cables
  • Programming of the residential CCTV system

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