Upgrading an analog audio only intercom system to a video IP intercom system with remote access.

IP video intercoms are becoming the next hot thing for residential buildings looking to upgrade their outdated systems. The biggest (but not only) advantage in these systems is the remote access feature. IP intercoms use a local internet connection to create a video call to tenant’s phone, therefore allowing them to see and talk with visitors even when they are away, and of course open the door as well, ensuring you will never miss a package in your life.

When considering an intercom system upgrade we would consider few things:
1. How many entrances does the building have?
2. What type of wiring is currently in place?
3. Should we install units in the tenant’s apartments or use mobile devices only?
4. Do we have internet connection?

In this project, the tenants decided to lower costs by not installing monitors in the apartments, but use mobile devices only. This is a great way to upgrade your intercom system at minimal costs and yet get great video communication and remote access through your phone.

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