Upgrading the security system at Yeshiva School in Riverdale, NY

Installing a Security system for a school is always challenging because there are always kids at school, so when Covid19 started and schools got shut down, that was the perfect timing for this Yeshiva School to upgrade their security system.

When securing schools and public space there is a lot to consider. Securing public facilities can be challenging and requires a lot of planning and attention to details.

The Yeshiva already had some cameras, but they wanted to add some additional security cameras and in particular a License Plate Registration camera that will record and register any vehicle that drives into their dead-end street. These Hikvision cameras were mounted on a pole we installed, and the wires run in weatherized conduit.
Hikvision offers a wide range of specialty cameras that can help you protect and monitor your facility such as Dark Fighter low light cameras, fish-eye cameras, PTZ cameras and Heat Sensing cameras for securing outdoor spaces.

Besides cameras, we also replaced their access devices and intercom with a new ZK-Access system that allows video communication between the gate and front door to the admin’s office. This access control system also allows opening the doors with keyfobs. Programming of this system is done through a local computer.
To wrap it up we installed an alarm system with different sensors around the school and on the front doors, as well as panic buttons around in different locations so staff can sound the alarm in case of an emergency.