CCTV System – Western Beef Supermarket in New York, NYC

In this project, Linked Security was hired by Western Beef Inc to install a CCTV system to cover all of the supermarket areas with focus on certain spots. We have decided to use a Dahua CCTV system with super fast NVR that can record up to 64 channels and playback 16 channels simultaneously. The results are absolutely fantastic.

4 and 5 Megapixels cameras provide outstanding recording. The use of fish-eye cameras in some areas provides a 360 view. The fast NVR offers fast processing about a month of recording at max resolution that is backed up locally and on a remote server for maximum security.

This project included:

  • Wire runs to multiple locations in a challenging work environment
  • Fabrication and installation of customized camera brackets
  • Installation of multiple monitors to at entrance and exit of the store
  • Installation of Network equipment in a communication closet and meticulous work on wire terminations and organization
  • Night time labor only (after supermarket hours)
  • Work by drawings and plans

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