Large construction projects in New York, NYC and the surrounding boroughs are complicated, with several moving parts to manage. One of the crucial elements to completing a construction project on time is having security systems installed at the construction site. On commercial and residential development projects, there are several elements that require protection, including resources, assets, and workers, and the risk factors go up when construction site security is not taken seriously and managed appropriately. Guarding your New York, NYC construction site with a CCTV security system is a smart investment decision. Data has shown a significant decrease in the amount of crime being committed in areas being watched under active video surveillance cameras. Equipment theft and materials from New York, NYC construction sites is a growing problem that accounts for hundreds of millions in annual losses, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau and other related costs for general contractor companies. In fact the numbers have steadily rising by at least 10% per year since 1996 and are expected to continue. The cost of construction site theft, goes far beyond just the loss of items. Companies must also factor in the delays in work, inefficient utilization of personnel, the cost to replace materials, supplies and equipment, or rent it in the interim to keep projects on schedule. Insurance premiums may also go up. One pair of thieves in Brooklyn recently made off with more than $100,000 worth of equipment stolen from six different construction sites. Construction sites may be considered relatively easy targets. Heavy equipment (such as Loaders, tractors and excavators), hand and power tools and metal materials such as copper are the most targeted items. According to CNBC “Stolen copper is valuable as scrap because the metal is used for so many items—from fiber optics to plumbing to anything electrical—and the profits are tempting.” One of the biggest reasons is that many construction sites lack the proper security and loss prevention practices.

Some reports have shown that security related issues such as the ones listed below are among the leading causes of construction site theft:

Poor overall site security

Lack of proper lighting

Open cabs providing easy access to thieves

Multiple pieces of equipment sharing the same keys

Unsecured job sites, particularly at night and over weekends

Lack of product identification systems

Besides taking measures to protect job assets and materials, you also need to prepare problems related to injuries and site entry of unauthorized personnel which may result in further unnecessary costs and even delays at New York, NYC Department of Buildings (DOB).

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Different types of businesses require different security and smart automation solutions. Linked Security NY has been protecting businesses of all types for more than 10 years.

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For commercial New York, NYC builders, residential developers and real estate investors that are looking for technology solutions for better construction job site security. Access control systems, video surveillance cameras, alarm and monitoring systems can be an effective way to keep tabs on everything that is happening. If you would like to learn about how Linked Security NY protects construction company projects from potential crime, theft and vandalism threats, feel free to contact us for a free consultation. Speak to a construction security expert today.


Security cameras and video surveillance are vital components to New York, NYC construction site security, both for deterring potential thieves by letting them know they’re being monitored and for identifying actual suspects. Providing outdoor security cameras and surveillance solutions for large and/or remote areas can have its challenges. Some cameras may have limited coverage and are ideally placed near the areas of interest. As you might imagine, construction site security cameras come in a wide range of products that are designed to cover a variety of surveillance needs, wired and wireless cameras, black-and-white and color cameras, IP-based cameras, unidirectional bullet and multidirectional dome cameras, wide-angle lenses which are great for covering large lots and other options.

There are also mobile surveillance units, which are cost effective, relatively easy to install, energy efficient, and can be remotely monitored via smartphone, tablet or a web based pc. Some security and video surveillance cameras come with a time-lapse capability can also double as marketing tools to record site progress for promo videos. The benefit of an internet connected camera means you can also get text alerts when a camera is activated by the motion or infrared sensors. This allows you to immediately notify the authorities when unauthorized access to your jobsite is detected.

Benefits include:

Reduce site travel costs

Keep stakeholders informed

Manage subcontractors & milestones

Monitor construction progress

Remote access from anywhere

Whether the site has power and communications setup (requiring permits and trenching), Linked Security NY professionals will suggest solutions that are wireless or solar powered units (with battery backups) with full Wi-Fi access. They can be mounted on existing light poles or fence lines to provide coverage in hard to reach areas. We can install surveillance cameras on your New York construction site to monitor the process, and create time lapse videos.

We offer services for the developer and construction industry including:

Construction site security cameras

Construction site monitoring system

Wireless Jobsite Security Cameras


Video surveillance cameras can also be integrated with alarms for maximum deterrent effect. Alarm systems can be controlled remotely or automatically. Loud, noisy alarms tripped by sensors or cameras can scare thieves off, while silent alarms can be used to bring authorities to the area before a criminal knows they’ve been caught. Alarm systems can be monitored by professional security services to provide maximum protection for your construction site. Linked Security NY can also equip your facility with signage that will alert would-be trespassers to the presence of alarms, electronic detection, and monitoring services.


Thieves love to lurk around inconspicuously. They often like dark, unprotected job sites where they can get in and out undetected. Cutting-edge cameras work best in outdoor perimeter surveillance after hours with automated and remotely controlled lighting technology. This is why measures like motion detector enabled floodlights can useful Lighting can serve as a deterrent that lets burglars know they’re visible, and can also improve the quality of suspect-identifying details picked up by surveillance cameras. Using lights that are energy efficient and do not require a battery, generator or to be plugged in can also be a plus.



One of the most commonly occurring issues on construction sites are injuries to personnel. Construction sites are dangerous places, and whether through simple accident or worker negligence, injuries and related issues can occur. When you have a complete surveillance system installed by Linked Security NY you’ll be able to have a clear picture of everything that happens at your jobsite, reducing workers compensation claims and the potential for you to be sued for something that wasn’t your fault or responsibility. Providing the safest workplace possible for your employees, subcontractors and clients should be a top priority and top-of-the-line security systems helps with that.


One unique similarity of many construction sites is that they are not confined to buildings or structures (at least in the beginning) that can be easily closed off or locked up for the night. Construction sites are often sprawling, and sometimes cordoned off with little more than a chain-link fence. Yes of course fences can barbed wire attached on top. By working with Linked Security NY, it will be possible to monitor, detect, and respond to any intrusions onto your construction site.


Vandalism and property destruction are still an issue in today’s society. If its troubled teenagers, a recently fired worker or mentally ill adults there is always a reason to protect construction site property and advanced construction site security systems can help with that. Imagine the chaos if a group of drunken teens were to gain access to the site and begin operating heavy machinery?


When you work with Linked Security NY to design and install cutting edge security platforms, you will always have record of data and video footage that can be useful in disputes, solving crimes, reviewing accidents, and damage avoidance. Placing surveillance cameras and entry access control systems in the right areas, they help can enhance your construction site’s defenses against deterring thieves and potential vandals as well document any infiltration threats to your job site.

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