Security Systems for Jewelry stores in NYC Diamond District

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Security Systems for Jewelry Stores in NYC

Security Systems for Jewelry Stores in NYC

Jewelry Store Security Systems in New York City

Safeguard your jewelry business with Linked Security NY. We are a leading provider of jewelry store security systems in New York City and the surrounding boroughs. Our services, including integrating video surveillance, and intrusion detection with access control, are the most comprehensive security solution for the jewelry industry.

Linked Security installations will give you solace knowing you are protected, letting you focus on what you are good at – selling jewelry – while we do what we’re good at – securing your NYC Diamond District store premises. We install security systems for diamond dealers, exchanges, wholesale jewelers, retailers, jewelry repair shops, and appraisers.

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Key Components of NYC Jewelry Store Security Systems

NYC jewelry stores contain high-value inventory that often requires specialized security systems for insurance purposes. Some special jewelry merchant security features include; pressure-sensitive showcases, break-glass sensors, safes, panic buttons, surveillance cameras, and burglar alarms,  to name a few.

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Video Surveillance and Jewelry Camera System

Video surveillance systems go beyond simply elevating your jewelry store security –they also help you operate more efficiently. By monitoring your company’s operations, regardless of where you are, in real-time, you will best ensure the safety of your customers and workers while supervising employee work ethics and customer service.

It’s quite useful to have the ability to retrieve digital recordings of all customer interactions and transactions anytime for analysis. State-of-the-art design, flawless installation, and reliable maintenance and repair service make Linked Security NY one of the top New York City security installers of jewelry camera system providers to the gold and diamond district stores.

We offer Ultra HD cameras that will allow the owner to zoom and focus on the hands movement of clients and employees at any spot at the store. This will help retrieve “loss” or “disappearing” merchandise. Linked Security NY also provides smart video analytics systems that alert the owner if a certain item has been removed from its location or someone has blocked a certain path/view.


Intrusion Alarms

We are one of the top-rated jewelry store security system providers in New York City and the surrounding areas. Linked Security NY’s intrusion detection alarm systems are part of a custom integration of managed security services that cover access control and video camera surveillance.

We partner with a NationWide Digital, Underwriters Laboratory (UL) certified central station alarm monitoring system that most jewelry insurers recognize. With Linked Security’s ongoing monitoring, service, and support, local diamond district stores will be watched and protected 24/7.

Jewelry Store Door Buzzer

A jewelry store door buzzer system can deter robbers from seeking unauthorized access to your diamond store. Linked Security NY provides advanced door buzzer solutions that integrate cameras, smartphone connections, and intercom. As a result, someone inside the store will see who is at the doors and grant access to authorized visitors.

We can also sync your door buzzer entry system with high-quality locks to control access. This allows for basic access control supported by other jewelry store security systems, such as mantrap and surveillance.

Security Doors for Jewelry Stores

Trap door or security portal setups are the best security doors for jewelry stores. These unique entrances are ideal for controlling access to banks and jewelry businesses.

It is a system of two interlocking doors where the first set of doors opens before the second set, causing the user to be “trapped” inside temporarily. The system of 2 doors will not allow opening 1 door while the other is held open. The user must provide valid authorization to pass through the first set of doors into the mantrap, and may be required to provide secondary authorization credentials, often via biometrics, to pass through the second set of doors into the secure area.

Jewelry Store Protection with Access Control

Our managed access control system solutions are the best way to control access within your store and retail space. We can set up access control systems to limit access to offices, safe rooms, vaults, draws, and other backroom work areas. It’s crucial to have the ability to control access by time of day, day of the week, or even by a person. We offer several different kinds of entry & door access products, such as:

We offer user-friendly cloud access portal software for easy management. We can have it set up to send you email alerts and also view access reports whenever on demand. Linked Security NY’s access control systems are one more way we make retail stores’ security safer and more secure.

Protect Display Cases, Cabinets, Drawers, and More

Linked Security delivers jewelry store security systems for controlling access to file cabinets, cash drawers, display cases, and diamond drawers. Authorized employees present an electronic fob; seconds after they are authenticated, the case unlocks to show a potential customer piece of jewelry. It allows you to specify what each user can unlock and when. Instantly grant or revoke access to any user at any time of day. Safeguard precious inventory from internal shrinkage and customer theft.

Jewelry Store Panic Buttons

Linked Security can install a hardwired and wireless panic button to alert the police to an emergency. A hardwired button will be placed in hidden areas, such as under the lip of a display case or where your employees will likely be at the time of intrusion.

Portable wireless buttons can be carried in pockets, providing security for employees wherever they might be. It functions like a hardwired panic button but comes with more flexibility.

Get A Free Jewelry Store Security Assessment

Safeguarding your jewelry store business,   inventory investments, employees, location, and even those irreplaceable pieces left in your care for repair by your customers requires more than just a security system. It needs a security integrator that can provide jewelry store protection with the understanding of the threats you face and thoughtful dedication to your industry’s unique requirements and intricacies.