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Buzzer Systems

Linked Security offers affordable door buzzer solutions for New York City property owners and local businesses. Whether you are a property manager or lease an office or a storefront, if you need to tight up security a bit and have control over who enters your space – we can suggest door security systems that will might be a perfect match for you!  We specialize in door buzzer repairs.

Some of the items we recommend for small business / office:

  • Single user intercom systems – audio only or audio/video communication between your door and front desk
  • Door release buttons at your location of choice
  • Door release using a remote control (RF operated)
  • Keypad or electronic key-switch to secure your office
  • Door status monitoring (open/close)
  • Doorbells

If you would like to see how we can help you secure your work space give us a call and schedule an appointment with our consultant – it’s free!

Our services include: Access control, Door buzzer repair, Magnetic locks, Electrified locks, Electric strikes, Proximity readers, Keypads, Biometric readers, Facial recognition, doorbell, remote control, door release.

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