Access control systems at Link Security are designed to withstand the rough and tough environment in New York, NYC. Whether you’re aiming to secure your building, home, retail store, or office, we offer access control system solutions for different scenarios, different access levels, and different groups of people. Our well-tested and reliable products will help you ensure your property is secured with the most convenient access control systems.

How do we make sure your property is highly secured? Linked Security’s stand-alone access systems are a perfect fit for small offices and retail stores that aim to integrate smarter security solutions into their facilities. On the other hand, we offer cloud-based access solutions for larger offices and organizations, integrated systems for multi-tenant buildings, and complex networked access systems for multi-location entities. In a nutshell, we make sure your property is highly secured, and you have the convenience of assigning access levels for different groups of people. 

What Do We Offer?

Take a look at our premium products:

Access control

Door buzzers

Magnetic locks, electric strikes & bolts

Proximity readers & key-switches

Keypads & mobile access systems

Biometric access solutions

Access cards, fobs & magnetic badges

Facial recognition

Cloud-based software

If you are looking for a security systems integrator that can do it all – you’ve come to the right place.

Different types of businesses require different security and smart automation solutions. Linked Security NY has been protecting businesses of all types for over 10 years.

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Access Control Software in New York, NYC

Access control systems are used to track and manage entry to a building. They are made up of the control panel and its associated app or software. The control panel is installed on doors, door handles, card readers, sensors, proximity readers, and electric locks. The app, on the other hand, is the management software to assign access to different individuals.

Our access control software solutions include server-based, cloud-based, and embedded software. Each of them guarantees multiple configurations, such as giving access to certain people, setting the time for opening and shutting doors, and getting notifications.

Access Control System Repairs in New York, NYC

No matter how well-established your access control system is, all types of systems break down over time, leading to inconvenience and security violations. Our security crew will quickly come to your place and repair electric locks, fob readers, sensors, and anything else that might jam your day.

At Linked Security, technicians are skilled in repairing all different types of control systems from various brands. It doesn’t matter whether your electric lock doesn’t work properly anymore, you need to upgrade the existing access control panel or update the software. We’re here to repair each component of the access control system available on the market.

Access Control System For Commercial Buildings

Whether you own a large organization, a medium-sized corporate office, a retail location, a factory, or a warehouse, one thing is for sure — you need a reliable control system to extend or limit access to specific areas. Linked Security offers best-in-class cloud access solutions, high-security credentials, and a wide range of integrations with your day-to-day software. Your business deserves the most efficient and reliable access control system to manage and secure your people and assets easily!

Our access control solutions for offices and institutions include providing temporary access to visitors during specific hours and days; managing your employees without a particular person who specializes in access management; and monitoring the doors in your building from the cloud to see whether particular doors are open or locked.

Moreover, you can rely on Linked Security to provide mobile access to your employees and edit the users on the go. As a result, the administrator of the system can restrict access from a phone using the latest key fob in seconds.

Access Control System For Residential Buildings

With 10 years of experience working with multi-tenant buildings in New York, NYC, our crew has all the knowledge it needs to secure your residential buildings conveniently.

We will design the system to secure your residential building with electric locks, keypads, proximity, biometric readers, magnetic locks, and much more. You’ll no longer need to replace the entire lock and distribute new keys whenever you face unexpected circumstances. Our solutions include:

You can integrate your system with the cloud or skip the software part altogether.

Security Solutions For Schools in New York, NYC

Do you feel that the property of your school isn’t secured properly? Most schools have larger buildings with a lot of common areas, which makes it hard to avoid loitering, vandalism, intrusion, or suspicious acts. Thanks to our security solutions for schools, you can manage who has access to the front door, back door, storage, parking lot, or gym. We offer:

Well-planned entry points

Limited access points

A secure entry vestibule or lobby area

You’ll be able to manage who went in and out and prevent unauthorized access to your school.

Access Control & Other Security Systems

Access control solutions provided by Linked Security offer a great deal of flexibility as they can be integrated with other security measures. Therefore, you have an opportunity to get a personalized system based on your specific needs.

Integration with CCTV – The combination of CCTV and an access control system is a great way to take your security network to a whole new level. For example, it can take short clips when someone enters the building, trigger a lockdown, and use a camera’s motion sensor.

Integration with an Alarm system – In tandem with a door access system, the alarm system can lock or unlock all doors when the alarm sounds or the fire alarm is activated.

Integration with Intercom Systems – For multi-family buildings and condominiums, it’s especially effective to integrate your access control system with the intercom system.

Integration with other management software – Increases the capabilities of your system and allows you to manage access rights via a database of employees or residents.

Cloud Access Control in New York, NYC

Let’s face it — cloud-powered technology solutions shape the future of access control systems. An increasing number of leading businesses in the market are rapidly moving to cloud-based access solutions to streamline flexibility and ensure their systems are accessible for all workers from wherever they are. What are your options at Linked Security?

A cloud-based system is flexible enough to ensure the right people can open the right doors at the times you prefer. It’s a functional solution if your employees work part-time or you need one person or group of people to manage access to multiple locations.

We’re proud to announce that our cloud access system comes with a lot of integrations with other software. Linked Security is a certified installer and distributor of the leading cloud access control systems on the market, including Brivo, KISI, Latch, and PDK. 

We revolutionized the control system by integrating it into the cloud and maximizing its reliability to help our users easily manage their systems without any more problems. Cloud-based access control is a reliable solution if you worry about maintenance and backups.

Access Control Systems For New York, NYC Home

Convenience — The most important thing for homeowners is to make sure that they can smoothly and nicely leave and enter their houses. No one wants to spend time looking for keys in critical moments. Thanks to our access control system solutions for homes, you can open the door with your phone in seconds. 

Integration — You can either take advantage of a stand-alone access control system for your home or combine it with an intercom system. The integration between the different security systems and smart home systems can allow you to simplify the process of securing your house. For example, an integration with cloud cameras helps you automatically disarm the alarm system in the house once you enter it.

Security — One more object of concern for homeowners is finding ways to ensure security. Considering this, Linked Security offers an opportunity for homeowners to increase the security of their properties. Our access control system can make sure your home is protected from break-ins with innovative security applications and equipment.

Our Door Controllers & Lock Systems

Electric Strikes – A power-charged device in the door’s frame that works for mortise locks, cam locks, deadbolt locks, door knobs, and more. It keeps the door locked most of the time and gets activated only when a visitor opens it.

Electrified Locks – It’s a mortise lock that ensures everyone inside the building can get out without turning the handle, while visitors can open the door using the lever. These locks look like regular locks, but instead, they run on a power source.

Magnetic Locks – A type of lock that requires electricity to generate a magnetic field. As long as there is an electric current, your door will remain locked. Once the current stops, the door becomes inactive, and you can open it. Due to the strong magnetic field the lock offers, it’s impossible for criminals to open or damage it.

Installing Exit Devices in New York, NYC

If you’d like to exit from an enclosed space without any concerns, we offer the following egress devices:

  • Motion Sensors
  • Wave-To-Open sensors
  • Push-To-Exit buttons
  • RF Receivers

Linked Security offers mechanical locks and exit devices from Dormakaba or ASSA ABLOY that are dependable for applications with heavy usage. Installation of the items is straightforward, and there is a wide selection of designs to please any preference.

Choosing the best device for your system is something we can assist with, as each has its own specifications.

Strategizing The Right Entry Control System

If you’re a homeowner or a business owner in New York, NYC chances are that you’re wondering how you can secure your property and simplify the process of entry at the same time. Installing sophisticated door entry systems depends on two factors — the number of individuals who’ll have access and the number of entries in the building. Linked Security offers a free consultation regarding the right entry control system to ensure the security and convenience of homeowners with the latest security applications and equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Linked Security offers a wide range of access control system solutions for various scenarios, access levels, and different groups of people. They provide stand-alone access systems for small offices and retail stores, cloud-based access solutions for larger offices and organizations, integrated systems for multi-tenant buildings, and complex networked access systems for multi-location entities. Their product offerings include door buzzers, magnetic locks, electric strikes and bolts, proximity readers and key-switches, keypads and mobile access systems, biometric access solutions, access cards, fobs and magnetic badges, facial recognition, and cloud-based software.

 Yes, Linked Security has a skilled team of technicians who can repair various types of access control systems from different brands. They can fix issues with electric locks, fob readers, sensors, and more. Whether you need to upgrade the existing access control panel or update the software, their security crew can handle each component of the access control system available on the market.

For commercial buildings, Linked Security offers best-in-class cloud access solutions, high-security credentials, and a wide range of integrations with your day-to-day software. They can provide temporary access to visitors, manage employees without needing a dedicated access management specialist, and monitor building doors from the cloud. For residential buildings, their experienced crew can design systems using electric locks, keypads, proximity, biometric readers, magnetic locks, and more, increasing security and enabling easy building management.

Linked Security’s access control solutions offer great flexibility and can be integrated with other security measures such as CCTV, alarm systems, intercom systems, and other management software. This integration allows for personalized systems tailored to your specific needs, enhancing the overall security and functionality of your property.

Cloud-based access control systems offer numerous benefits such as flexibility, ease of management, remote access, and seamless integrations with other software. Linked Security is a certified installer and distributor of leading cloud access control systems such as Brivo, KISI, Latch, and PDK. Cloud-based access control is a reliable solution if you worry about maintenance and backups, as the systems are designed to be easily manageable without causing additional problems.


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