Do you have a commercial property in New York NYC? For the highest level of intrusion and burglary protection, having a certified central monitoring station service can give your property 24/7 monitoring peace of mind. New York, NYC alarm systems rapidly evolve as technology offers better and smarter ways to protect your assets daily. With time, the spectrum of threats also broadens, so Linked Security is committed to bringing you the newest and most advanced alarm system installation solutions for New York, NYC businesses.

Why Do You Need Alarm System Installation in New York, NYC?

According to Citywide Crime Statistics from NYPD, business break-ins and burglaries have been increasing in New York. Preventative and cost-effective burglar alarm product solutions are one of the best ways to protect your business, inventory, property, and workers by safeguarding and deterring potential robberies, vandalism, trespassers, and intruders unlawfully getting into your premises.

For the last 4 years, Linked Security NY has designed and installed hundreds of wired and wireless intrusion alarm detection systems for New York, NYC businesses, supermarkets, commercial offices, auto dealerships, financial companies, retail storefronts, warehouses, storage facilities, apartment complexes, jewelry stores, delis, and restaurants.

We work with the top alarm system product brands such as Honeywell, Napco, DSC, ELK, Linear, and more, and we only partner with the best monitoring service providers. Our alarm system installation rates are competitive, and we offer flexible short-term contracts.

Stay Protected with Linked Security Solutions

The intrusion alarm system is one of the most effective ways to protect your assets, family, and yourself. A well-designed system will include a couple of layers of defense or detection, be easy and simple to operate, and be connected to the right central monitoring station.

A burglary alarm system can start as small as door contact, motion sensor, and alarm keypad for a small office and grow as big as you can imagine.

Technology these days offers many solutions for any facility or terrain, and here at Linked Security, we always keep up to date with the latest innovations in the industry.

What Are Your Alarm System Installation Options?

Doors and window contacts – Contacts are devices mounted on the side or edge of a door or window frame, along with a magnet on the door or window itself. This device gives us an indication of when a door or window has been opened. Contacts can also be flushed into the door and frame.

As their name suggests, motion detection sensors detect motion within a closed compound. Different detectors work on different technologies. A common one is PIR – passive infrared detector. There are many factors to consider when deciding to install a motion detector. These are the size of the room, indoor/outdoor, use of the room, and materials such as glass and metal that can affect the operation of the device.

Alarm keypad – The alarm keypad is your way to interact with the system when you’re on-premises. You can Arm/Disarm the system, monitor windows or doors, see movement in certain rooms, and much more. If you use any smart home devices, you’d be able to integrate them and monitor them through your keypad.

Glass break detector – will detect a breaking glass in its range. This device is usually installed in front of windows or glass storefronts.

Linked Security has been installing commercial alarm systems in New York, NYC for many years and can protect your business by designing, installing, and monitoring a system that will fit your needs. We offer a wide range of commercial products and services in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and all of Manhattan.


Where Can We Install Alarm Systems?


Businesses have several potential entry points, from parking garage doors to windows and gates. Strategically placed sensors can detect if someone is trying to enter your property by propping a door open or climbing a fence. CCTV systems also play an important role in business security system protection by deterring and recording any suspicious activity.


Intruders and burglars often break glass to enter the premises. A glass break sensor can detect the sound and prompt the security system to send an alert. Motion detectors can confirm that someone is moving inside your location in cases where glass has not been broken. Silent tripwires can also play a role in catching a burglar by initiating a lockdown sequence or using trap doors.

From simple alarm keypads for small businesses to more advanced commercial-grade intrusion alarm systems for larger organizations and commercial building spaces, our New York, NYC skilled security technicians can design and install a comprehensive intrusion detection security system that can detect any unauthorized attempt to access your facility, protecting your property, people, and assets.

Our NYC commercial intruder alarm systems can include:

  • Door and Window Contacts
  • Infrared Motion Sensors
  • Dual Technology Motion Sensors
  • Hold-up Alarms
  • Glass Break Detectors
  • Smoke and heat detectors
  • Weight change sensors
  • Photoelectric Beams
  • Window Barrier Bar Protection
  • Window Screen Protection
  • Shock Sensors
  • Safe and Vault Alarms
  • Tripwires

Along with reliable alarm system installation, Linked Security NY is committed to providing New York, NYC businesses with five-star customer service support, monitoring, and maintenance.

Alarm System Installation Via Central Monitoring Station

When we install a burglar alarm system, we recommend connecting it to a central monitoring station. In case your alarm trips, it will notify the police. This life and loss-saving service is highly recommended and starts as low as $30 a month. Linked Security is working closely with NationWide Digital. This monitoring station runs a state-of-the-art facility in NY and is rated among the best monitoring service providers in the country.

If you want a custom-tailored alarm system that will answer all your needs, schedule an appointment with our consultant – it’s free!

Our New York, NY Alarm Systems include door contact, motion sensor, glass break detector, alarm keypad, central monitoring station, remote monitoring, home alarm system, business alarm system, and silent alarm.

Design Your New York, NYC Burglar alarm System

Here at Linked Security, we believe we must design your Alarm System from scratch to protect you best. To do so, we need info about you or your business – and how you or it operates.

Designing a New York, NYC Alarm System means understanding the threats, locating the perimeter’s access points and weak points, and then choosing the right means to protect it. Of course, like with any other system, many different alarm systems accommodate different needs. As always – here at Linked Security, we will be happy to tailor the right system for you.

Please click on the following links if you’d like to see some of our alarm projects:

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How Much Does It Cost To Have an Alarm System Installed?

Typically, installing an alarm system ranges from $150 to $800. However, many factors affect the price. For example, a wired install will cost you more than a wireless one. The more complex the system is, the higher the price.

Another big factor is your home’s layout. While some need 2-3 sensors on their windows or doors, others may require more units. If you choose smart home features, that will also add up the cost.

If you are looking for a security systems integrator that can do it all – you’ve come to the right place.

Different types of businesses require different security and smart automation solutions. Linked Security NY has been protecting businesses of all types for over 10 years.

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An alarm system installation typically costs between $150 and $800.  But a lot of things influence the pricing. You will pay more for a wired installation than a wireless one, for instance. The price increases with system complexity. 


For instance, your home’s design is a significant factor when it comes to calculating the price of an alarm system’s installation. While some people only need one or two sensors on their windows or doors, others could need more. Choosing smart home features will increase the price as well. Therefore, it is best to contact our team at Linked Security for a more accurate estimate.

To prevent break-ins, a business alarm system uses sensors. When the sensor is turned on, an alarm will sound, and some systems might establish a connection with an external alarm monitoring center. In essence, a business alarm provides commercial security.


There are various types of business alarms available, so their use may vary slightly. In general, every business alarm system is made up of a number of components that work together to track intrusions and notify the owner.


The following are the key advantages of a commercial alarm system for your company: 



  • Safety and security: By installing a commercial alarm system in the company, you can guarantee the protection of both the employees’ privacy and the company’s. 
  • Peace of mind: One can sleep soundly knowing that their company is secure. 
  • No false alarms: False alerts are prevented by investing in a dependable and trustworthy alarm system. Additionally, video surveillance provides live footage. 
  • Emergency detection: Security systems give protection against fire and carbon monoxide leaks in addition to safe

With so many different types of alarms available today, it can be difficult to decide which one you actually need. As a result, we’ve compiled only the alarm types that are absolutely necessary for today’s enterprises. 


Here’s a more thorough review of the three basic alarm systems in which you might be interested: fire alarm, burglary alarm, and intrusion detection.



  • Fire alarm systems are typically required by law or insurance to ensure the safety of a building’s occupants in case of a fire. These systems consist of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that trigger an alarm and activate sprinklers to extinguish the fire.



  • Burglary alarm systems, on the other hand, are designed to detect and deter unauthorized entry into a building. They can be activated using a code or card, and if someone enters the protected area without deactivating the alarm in time, it will trigger a loud siren to alert authorities and deter the intruder. These systems can provide peace of mind and protection for your office or property, especially during after-hours or on weekends.



  • The intrusion detection system is the most sophisticated entrance alarm system. The SOC (Security Operations Control room), where a security operator sits and supervises any activities near the doors, is typically coupled with them.

The alarms you have in your house are not just there to provide you with a sense of security; one day, they might even be able to save your life. 



  • Smoke alarms – The smoke detection mechanism in optical alarms is a light beam. The light detector isn’t illuminated when there isn’t any smoke entering the chamber. Smoke, on the other hand, scatters the light beam and when it reaches the chamber, it activates the electronic light detector and sounds the alarm.



  • Burglar Alarms – Burglar alarms are a fantastic deterrent in addition to being effective at warning you or your neighbors when burglars are present in your home. In order to increase their effectiveness, burglar alarms should be used in combination with other security measures like window and door locks, security lighting, and even CCTV. 



  • A carbon dioxide detector – A gas that cannot be identified by sight or smell is carbon monoxide. Despite being colorless and odorless, it is harmful if inhaled, even for a short time. Because of this, carbon monoxide alarms are crucial.



  • Personal Alarms – In the event of a domestic incident, personal alarm bracelets that also function as pendants can be deactivated. A 24-hour emergency response service will get in touch with you after you hit the button to make sure everything is alright and to see if you need assistance.

Possessing a reliable fire alarm system will ensure the security of residents, personnel, and customers. Here are the major recommendations for installing an advanced alarm system at your place of business or residence.

  • Reduction of property loss potential: Reduced danger of property damage and losses is perhaps one of the most crucial justifications for installing a fire alarm system. Fire alarms will not only detect smoke before it is too late, but a good system will also alert firefighters to arrive as quickly as possible, reducing any future harm your property or possessions may experience.
  • Fire alarms save lives at all times: You never know when a fire will start. When a fire breaks out, fire alarms keep an eye on large areas and can assist save individuals. An effective system will be able to identify a fire before it starts and will alert the fire department to eliminate any potential accidents.
  • Code-compliance: Installing a fire alarm system will keep you in line with fire regulations and allow you to use your buildings for both business and residential purposes. As a result, you can use numerous insurance providers for a discount upon verification of the installation of a fire alarm system in a commercial building. 



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