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NY alarm systems are rapidly growing an evolving as technology offers better and smarter ways to protect your assets every day. With time, the spectrum of threats broadens as well, and so Linked Security is committed to bringing you the newest and most advanced alarm solutions. We design and install commercial alarm systems to NYC businesses.

Intrusion alarm system is one of the most effective ways to protect your assets, your family and yourself.  A well designed system will include couple of layers of defense or detection, will be easy and simple to operate and will be connected to the right central monitoring station.

A burglary alarm system can start as small as a door contact, motion sensor and alarm keypad for a small office, and grow as big as you can imagine. Technology these days offers many solutions for any kind of facility or terrain and here at Linked Security we always keep up to date with the latest innovations in the industry.

Some basic components of an alarm system

Doors and windows contacts – Contacts are devices mounted on the side or edge of a door or window frame, along with a magnet mounted on the door or window itself. This device simply gives us indication when a door or window has been open. Contacts can also be flushed into the door and frame.

Motion detection sensors – as their name suggests, detect motion within a closed compound. Different detectors work on different technologies. A common one is PIR – passive infra-red detector. There are many factors to consider when deciding to install a motion detector, such as: size of room, indoor/outdoor, use of the room, materials such as glass, metal, walls… all can affect the operation of the device.

Alarm keypad – The alarm keypad is your way to interact with the system when you’re on premises. You can Arm/Disarm the system, monitor windows or doors, see movement at certain rooms and much more. If you use any smart home devices you’d be able to integrate them and monitor them as well through your keypad.

Glass break detector – will detect a breaking glass in its range. This device is usually installed in front of windows or glass storefronts.

Central monitoring station

When we install an alarm system we recommend to connect it to a central monitoring station that in the case your alarm trips – they can notify the police and yourself of course. This life and loss saving service is highly recommended and starts as low as $30 a month. Linked Security is working closely with Nation Wide Digital, monitoring station who runs a state-of-the-art facility in NY and are rated among the best monitoring services providers in the country.

If you would like to get a custom tailored alarm system that will answer all your needs, schedule an appointment with our consultant – it’s free!

Our NY Alarm Systems include: door contact, motion sensor, glass break detector, alarm keypad, central monitoring station, remote monitoring, home alarm system, business alarm system and silent alarm.

Design your NY Alarm System

Here at Linked Security we believe that in order to protect you best, we need to design your Alarm System from scratch. In order for us to do so we need info about you or your business – and the way you or it operates.

Designing a NY Alarm System means understanding the threats, locating the perimeter’s access points and weak points and then choosing the right means to protect it. Of course like with any other systems, there are many different alarm systems that can answer different needs. As always – here at Linked Security we will be happy to tailor the right system for you.

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