Conference Room A/V Solutions in New York, NYC for the Modern Workplace

In the bustling of New York, NYC, Linked Security NY pioneers in delivering top-tier A/V services tailored for conference rooms. From the initial concept to the final implementation, we meticulously plan, design, and integrate state-of-the-art audiovisual solutions that align perfectly with your vision, goals, and budget.

The landscape of the workplace is evolving, with the hybrid work model becoming a new standard. This model supports a distributed workforce, offering employees the flexibility to work from various locations, including home, corporate or satellite offices, and digital workplaces. Despite the convenience of remote work, there’s an undeniable value in having a dedicated physical space for brainstorming, collaboration, and social interaction among team members.

Meeting the Challenges of a Post-Pandemic World

Businesses, organizations, and companies in New York, NYC are navigating through the challenges brought on by the pandemic with resilience, agility, and flexibility. The global crisis has fundamentally shifted employee and customer expectations, creating a demand for workplaces to adapt swiftly. Investing in cutting-edge technologies for conference room A/V solutions is essential in meeting these evolving expectations and ensuring your organization remains ahead in this dynamic landscape.

Setting a New Standard for Conference Room A/V Integration

As we embrace the changes in the workplace ecosystem, the importance of equipped and adaptable conference spaces has never been more critical. Linked Security NY stands at the forefront of this transformation, offering comprehensive A/V solutions that enhance communication, foster collaboration, and elevate the meeting experience. By investing in advanced conference room A/V systems, New York, NYC businesses can create an environment that not only meets the current demands of a hybrid workforce but also sets a new standard for innovation and productivity.

Transforming Every Work Environment for Enhanced Collaboration

Versatile A/V Solutions for Varied Spaces

Whether it’s the formal setting of boardrooms, the collaborative atmosphere of meeting and huddle rooms, the dynamic energy of breakout rooms, the efficiency of office hoteling, or the personalized touch of home office setups, our industry-leading, integrated A/V solutions ensure seamless, high-definition video, audio, and content sharing across all environments.

Optimized Conference Room Solutions

Linked Security NY is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and secure end-to-end HD video, audio, and content-sharing systems for every conference room need. With our expertly designed solutions, you can expect exceptional meeting room audio and video conferencing experiences, complemented by smart control of lighting, thermostats, and more for a truly efficient and engaging work environment.

Embrace the future of work with Linked Security NY’s conference room A/V solutions – where technology meets functionality to create spaces that inspire and connect.

Affordable and Effective AV Installations

We specialize in providing affordable and enterprise-level AV installations for New York, NYC corporate offices, satellite locations, coworking spaces, and enterprise businesses. We are a leader in designing and implementing modern operations’ audio and visual solutions. Bridge the gap between in-person and remote meetings by delivering a seamless collaboration across the organization.

  • Our audio & video conferencing space system installations include:
  • Video solutions with plug-and-play connectivity and simplicity.
  • Cutting-edge wireless communication technologies.
  • Seamless connection with multiple communication systems interoperability.
  • Meeting room design services.
  • Professional deployment and great esthetics.

Integrating Different Proprietary Systems

Since simplicity is crucial, Linked Security NY integrates different proprietary systems for conference rooms and video audio solutions, such as Cisco, Crestron, Logitech, Lenovo, Extron, DTEN, AMX, or Polycom. As a result, you have one seamless way to control it all.

Enjoy a seamless experience between specific easy-to-use video conferencing hardware devices and the popular third-party cloud video conferencing app services like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, BlueJeans, Cisco Webex, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and more. Connect with different information systems, devices, and apps to drive seamless communication across your organization and the outside world.

Augment your experience by connecting the secure and easy-to-use cloud meeting services by tying in Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, Outlook, and Teams; Google Workspace, Slack, Amazon Chime, and other integrations. We can add one-touch buttons that make it simple, convenient, and easy to do things like lower the projector for a presentation, make a teleconference call, or share your computer screen.

Meeting and Conference Room A/V in New York, NYC

Sophisticated Meeting Room A/V Solutions

In the bustling business environment of New York, NYC, large corporate meeting spaces demand advanced A/V designs. These might include multiple display setups, such as projectors at the forefront and flat panels along the side walls, paired with finely-tuned audio systems for unparalleled voice clarity and audio reproduction.

Moreover, these spaces necessitate wireless microphones for both presenters and participants, alongside sophisticated audio and video-conferencing capabilities to accommodate multi-location meetings. Recording features for playback, custom-programmed control systems for seamless equipment management, and integrated control of lighting, shades, and air conditioning further enhance the meeting experience.

Tailored Boardroom and Conference A/V Solutions

Linked Security NY specializes in crafting the perfect A/V setup for boardrooms and conference rooms, ensuring every technology implemented maximizes the room’s potential. From selecting the right displays and conferencing technologies to optimizing audio quality and control systems, we consider every detail. Our expertise extends to preparing your space for hybrid meetings, integrating essential components such as:

  • Advanced Display Technologies
  • Conferencing Solutions
  • Superior Audio Systems
  • Intuitive Control Systems
  • Efficient Room Scheduling

With Linked Security NY, embrace the future of corporate meetings in New York, NYC, where technology and functionality converge to create productive, engaging, and seamless meeting experiences.

Elevating Huddle Room Collaboration in New York, NYC

Huddle rooms, characterized by their compact conference settings equipped with cutting-edge audio, video, and display technology, have become essential for groups seeking spontaneous or planned meetings to foster project collaboration. As modern office designs increasingly adopt open floor plans, the demand for huddle rooms has surged, providing private, quiet spaces for effective teamwork.

In New York, NYC, our huddle room designs incorporate both the hardware and software necessary for seamless, cloud-based audio and video conferencing, enabling efficient communication across different locations. Whether it’s in a bustling coworking space or a traditional office setting, our huddle room solutions are tailored to meet the dynamic needs of today’s workforce.

Essential Components for a Functional Huddle Room:

  • A 55″ Flat Panel Display for clear visual presentations
  • Soundbar for superior audio clarity..
  • Wide-angle video-conferencing Camera to capture every participant.
  • High-quality Microphone for crisp voice capture.
  • Intuitive System Interface/Dialing Device for easy operation.
  • All necessary mounting hardware for a sleek setup.
  • Reliable cabling or a wireless system for convenient source connection.

Transforming Spaces into Zoom Rooms in New York, NYC

Convert any space into a collaborative Zoom Room with our comprehensive setup solutions. Designed to facilitate global collaboration, our Zoom Room packages are complete with cloud-based and on-site services to complement the in-room hardware, making virtual teamwork effortless.

With Linked Security NY, you can easily transform huddle rooms, conference rooms, or any designated area into a fully functional Zoom Room, equipped with everything needed for engaging and productive meetings, whether around the conference table or across continents.

Zoom Room Configuration Includes:

  • A state-of-the-art 70″ (or larger) touch-sensitive LCD with all required mounting hardware for interactive presentations.
  • Crestron Mercury room system encompassing microphone, speaker, SIP conference phone, room control, and built-in AirMedia for hassle-free wireless (BYOD) presentations.
  • Professional installation of a wall-mounted flat panel (excluding high-voltage electrical work).

Our commitment to integrating advanced A/V technologies ensures that businesses in New York, NYC can foster a collaborative, efficient, and innovative work environment, adapting to the evolving landscape of corporate communication and teamwork.

Digital Signage Solutions in New York, NYC

Simplifying Information with Single-screen Implementations

In the heart of New York, NYC, Linked Security NY excels in setting up straightforward yet impactful digital signage systems. From welcoming visitors by name in lobbies to sharing dynamic, real-time content, our simple lobby-based installations ensure your messages are received loud and clear.

Expanding Reach with Multi-screen Solutions

Our expertise doesn’t stop at single screens. We craft comprehensive multi-screen systems designed to disseminate important announcements across various locations within your premises—be it lobbies, break rooms, training spaces, or other work areas—performing a myriad of functions to keep everyone informed and engaged.

Desk Booking Systems: Streamlining Office Space in New York, NYC

As remote working trends reshape office landscapes, the need for efficient desk and room booking systems has never been more evident. Linked Security NY offers innovative solutions that simplify the process of reserving workspaces, providing occupancy alerts to inform of availability, busyness, or cleaning requirements, thereby optimizing space utilization and enhancing operational efficiency.

Our Desk Booking Solutions Include:

  • Touch-enabled panels for intuitive interaction
  • Seamless access through email calendars
  • Mobile app integration for on-the-go booking
  • Custom integrations with existing systems for more complex requirements

Revolutionizing Reception Areas with AV Technology

Transform your reception area into a vibrant and welcoming space with our AV technology solutions. From enhancing the décor to contributing to the ambiance with strategic lighting and sound design, our AV installations promise to make a lasting impression on your clients, staff, and partners from the moment they step in.

Our Reception Area AV Services Feature:

  • Video walls and captivating displays
  • Interactive kiosks for engaging experiences
  • Comprehensive audio paging systems for clear communication

Town Hall Meetings: AV Solutions for Engaging Presentations in New York, NYC

With a growing demand for Town Hall spaces equipped with superior audio and video capabilities in New York, Linked Security NY delivers reliable AV designs that enable executives to conduct powerful presentations. Our experience in providing high-quality AV solutions ensures your Town Hall meetings are flawlessly executed.

Essential AV Components for Town Hall Meetings:

  • High-definition displays for clear visuals
  • Crystal-clear audio systems for impeccable sound
  • Reliable wireless connectivity for seamless presentations
  • Professional-grade microphones for effective communication
  • Recording capabilities for archiving and replaying presentations

Flexible Work Environments with Linked Security NY

Interested in enhancing your conference room with state-of-the-art video and audio solutions? Linked Security NY specializes in interactive technologies, cloud-based conferencing, custom control systems, and premium audiovisual products aimed at boosting efficiency, fostering collaboration, and increasing productivity. Start your journey towards a more flexible and collaborative workspace today.


Linked Security NY provides comprehensive A/V services for conference rooms, right from initial planning to final implementation. These services are particularly suited to the evolving hybrid workplace model, which sees employees splitting their time between physical and digital workspaces. The services are suitable for various work environments like boardrooms, meeting rooms, huddle rooms, breakout rooms, office hoteling, and home office setups. The AV installations offered include video solutions, cutting-edge wireless communication technologies, seamless connection with multiple communication systems, meeting room design services, and professional deployment.

Linked Security NY believes in simplicity and integrates different proprietary systems for conference rooms and video audio solutions. These systems include brands like Cisco, Crestron, Logitech, Lenovo, Extron, DTEN, AMX, or Polycom. This provides a seamless way to control all systems. Linked Security NY’s solutions allow for a seamless experience between specific video conferencing hardware devices and popular third-party cloud video conferencing app services like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, BlueJeans, Cisco Webex, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and more. They also augment the experience by connecting secure and easy-to-use cloud meeting services, tying in Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, Outlook, and Teams; Google Workspace, Slack, Amazon Chime, and other integrations.

Larger corporate meeting room AV design by Linked Security NY typically includes multiple displays, finely-tuned audio systems for excellent voice intelligibility, wireless microphones for presenters and audience members, and sophisticated audio and video-conferencing capability. The design also includes recording capability for later playback and custom-programmed control systems for better equipment control, lighting, shades, and air conditioning.

Huddle rooms designed by Linked Security NY are equipped with a 55″ Flat Panel Display, a sound-bar, a wide-angle video-conferencing camera, a microphone, a system interface/dialing device, all mounting hardware, and appropriate cabling or wireless system for source connection. These small conference areas are designed to allow groups to get together for impromptu or formally scheduled meetings to collaborate on projects.

Linked Security NY transforms any room into a Zoom Room. The setup bundles include everything needed for collaboration within a meeting space, whether around the conference table, across town, or around the world. The Zoom room setup can include a state-of-the-art 70″ (or larger) touch-sensitive LCD, a Crestron Mercury room system, including a microphone, speaker, SIP conference phone, room control, and built-in AirMedia for wireless presentations. All these services come complete with all the cloud-based and onsite services needed to accompany the in-room hardware.

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