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Linked Security offers a wide range of door buzzer solutions and products for New York City local businesses and residential buildings alike. Whether you are working at a storefront or an office, renovating a residential building or working on a new development… if you need to increase security and control who enters your space – we will provide the system that will be the perfect solution for you!

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Residential Building Door Buzzers

Residential buildings in NY usually have a door buzzer system on their front doors. The door buzzer is connected to the intercom system and lets tenants release the door (“buzz the door”) and let people in. This is usually don by an Electric Strike device that is installed on the frame, but sometimes can also be done by Magnetic lock, Electric locks or bolts and other means. 

Linked security has years of experience in installing electric strikes and other door buzzer hardware.

We use:

  • Top quality door hardware
  • 3/5/10 year warranty electric strikes
  • Magnetic locks for Glass doors
  • Electric bolts for Herculite doors
  • Wide variety of power supplies and relays to connect your front door to any system you need

Door buzzers for storefronts, offices and other business environment

When running a business, securing your facility can be very important and very useful as well. Door buzzer system on your storefront, can prevent burglars or homeless people from coming in. Access control system in your warehouse facility can help you monitor which employees come and go between the different areas.

Some of the items we recommend for small business / office:

  • Single user intercom systems – audio only or audio/video communication between your door and front desk – or directly to your mobile device
  • Door release buttons at your location of choice
  • Door release using a remote control (RF operated)
  • Door release using your phone
  • Keypad or electronic key-switch to secure your office
  • Door status monitoring (open/close)
  • Doorbells

Securing your building’s entrance using a Magnetic Lock

Magnetic-lock-to-secure-building-entrance-NYC-buzzer-installationAs most residential buildings in Brooklyn and the rest of NYC work with an electric strike device, adding a magnetic lock as a second locking device can be the ultimate solution to prevent break-ins. Adding a magnetic lock to your door will lock the door with additional 600/1200/1500lbs of force, right at the top of the door, making it impossible to “jimmy” the door lock and making it extremely difficult to force the door open. 

NY DOB regulations in regard to residential entry doors sets few rules that we must observe:

  1. Door must have positive latching meaning a front door must remain closed from the outside even in case of a power failure in the building. For that reason, magnetic lock alone is not enough, and the door should have a latch lock and electric strike.
  2. Door must be easily opened from the inside by any layman without special knowledge or skills, for that reason, the DOB has been giving fines to buildings with magnetic locks that only have Push-To-Exit button. When we install a magnetic lock, we install a Request To Exit motion sensor from the inside of the door, that automatically unlocks the door when people approach it. A Push Button is installed as a precaution incase the motion sensor doesn’t work. 

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