Door Buzzer System Repair in NYC

Door buzzer system repair can be easy and painless if you know what you are doing! Linked Security NY offers same day door buzzer and intercom system repairs in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Our professional technicians are experienced with different door answering and door opening systems including wired and wireless doorbells, audio intercoms, video intercoms, wireless door buzzers, remote openers, magnetic locks, electric strikes and more.  if you need doorbell repair in Brooklyn or New York City we can help. Our door buzzer specialists can repair your doorbell or replace it with a new one.

Linked Security NY specializes in providing security systems solutions in NYC, including service and repairs for residential buildings buzzer systems, multi family intercom systems, commercial buzzer systems and office door buzzers. We work and maintain all brands including: Lee-Dan, Aiphone, Tektone, Comelit, Mircom, Alpha, Doorking, Butterfly MX, Latch, Kery and many more. If you are a property manager, a homeowner, or a business owner, we can maintain and repair your buzzer system quickly and affordably!

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Linked Security repairs, replaces and installs a wide variety of doorbell buzzer intercom systems for both residential and commercial applications. We work with leading edge brands to enhance the security and functionality of your space or property.

When should you upgrade your door buzzer system?

Door buzzer system upgrade is necessary when your current system is either not functioning or no longer fulfilling your needs. Many intercom systems in NYC are old, outdated, and may have repeated issues that can be easily updated by our local on-demand technicians. If you are considering an update to a door buzzer or intercom system, it is a good idea to get familiarized with the different systems that are available. 

video door bell Door answering systems including buzzers, doorbells and intercoms have seen tremendous technology
advancements in recent years.

Today’s video doorbells offer better audio and HD video, as well as mobile apps to assist you in answering your door, and even allow you to integrate with other network and door answering software. Wireless door buzzers are now available to replace most existing systems, and at an affordable cost. When you need intercom repair or service for your buzzer system, it might be a good idea to consider an upgrade.

Does your door buzzer look like this?

Old Leedan intercom panel

Choose from several brands to
upgrade your door buzzer system

As a leading security systems integration provider in NYC, Linked Security offers different upgrading options to meet you needs while considering your budget.

  • Upgrading old audio intercom systems to new digital video intercom systems using the existing wiring
  • Upgrading doorbells into video doorbells
  • Upgrading hardwired door buzzer systems to a wireless door buzzer system
  • Upgrading hardwired intercom systems to a wireless intercom system that allows tenants to use their mobile phone to answer the door
  • Adding magnetic locks for existing door buzzers to improve security
  • Adding keyfob systems to existing door buzzer systems and intercoms

We can fully customize any of our door buzzer systems to meet your needs!

Whether you need a system repair, an upgrade, or a new installation, we will do our best to
offer the best security solution that addresses your needs and expectations.

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What about wired or wireless intercom systems?

Many of our customers seek our expertise when it comes to installing a wired system VS a wireless system. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Below we list some basics to help you figure out what the best system for your needs.

Hardwired intercom systems include an entry panel at the entrance to the building/business, and an indoor unit/monitor at each apartment (or an office). These systems  are usually more reliable and require less maintenance. You should expect very few issues when installing a hardwired intercom system compared to a wireless intercom system. These systems can offer HD video, high quality audio, fast communication between the door and the tenant, and door buzzing. For larger buildings, they may include other functions such as doorman call, 2nd camera viewing, light switching in hallway and more. When considering an upgrade of existing multi-family intercom system, often more than not, we can use the building’s existing wiring for the upgrade – which saves you a lot of money on the labor.

Wireless buzzer intercom systems include an entry panel only, and no units in the apartments. These systems are connected to a phone line or internet line and provide audio or audio/video communication to residents’ landline or mobile phone devices. Like with anything high-tech, there are more chances for issues and faults with these systems. The convenience of being able to answer the door using an app on your phone from wherever you are comes at a cost of more maintenance. As an upgrade, this is a very cost effective option since it saves you money on installing a monitor at each apartment. We usually recommend this solution to larger multi-residential buildings.  

Hybrid IP intercom systems include both wired units and wireless connectivity using mobile apps. These systems are usually more expensive and allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Wireless door buzzer and intercom systems we install: ButterflyMX, Comelit, Aiphone, Akuvox Alpha Technologies, Doorbird, ABB.


Beside door buzzers,  Linked Security NY specializes and offers intercom repair services for almost every brand of intercom including Aiphone intercom, LeeDan intercom, NuTone, Comelit intercom, Mircom, Keri systems, DKS, Akuvox and much more.

We provide competitively priced intercom repairs and troubleshooting for Brooklyn multi-unit apartments, NYC commercial offices and businesses in the surrounding boroughs. 

intercom repair brooklyn

“The communication between the apartment and the door unit had broken because of some issue in the intercom. I needed to have it repaired promptly. I called them and had their technician at the exact-time. He started his work and resolved the mess. Based on my experience I highly recommend them for accurate Intercom repair.”    –Lena Decoteau

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