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Linked Security offers a wide range of door buzzer solutions and products for New York, NYC local businesses and residential buildings. Whether you are working at a storefront or office, renovating a residential building, or working on new development, or you need to increase Security and control who enters your space – we will provide the system that will be the perfect solution for you!

Wireless Door Buzzer Lock

Wireless-based door buzzers operate through the phone line or the internet. It can send an audio message or video in real time to a mobile phone. The benefit of such a system is that you can answer a buzzing visitor from a special application on your smartphone. In addition, you can see the activity at your door from your mobile or laptop, which is very convenient when you can’t open the door, or you’re away.

The pros at Linked Security can install wireless door buzzer systems for your office or home front to make your life easy.

Residential Building Door Buzzer

New York, NYC residential buildings usually have a door buzzer system on their front doors. The door buzzer is connected to the intercom system, letting tenants release the door (“buzz the door”) and let people in. This is usually done by an Electric Strike device installed on the frame, but it can sometimes be done by Magnetic locks, Electric locks or bolts, and other means.

If you are looking for a security systems integrator that can do it all – you’ve come to the right place.

Different types of businesses require additional security and smart automation solutions. Linked Security NY has been protecting businesses of all types for over 10 years.

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Securing Your New York, NYC Building's Entrance using a Magnetic Lock

As most residential buildings in Brooklyn and the rest of New York, NYC work with an electric strike device, adding a magnetic lock as a second locking device can be the ultimate solution to prevent break-ins. Adding a magnetic lock to your door will lock it with an additional 600/1200/1500lbs of force, right at the top of the door, making it impossible to “jimmy” the door lock and extremely difficult to force the door open.

New York, NYC DOB regulations concerning residential entry doors set a few rules that we must observe:

  • The door must have positive latching, meaning a front door must remain closed from the outside, even in case of a power failure in the building. For that reason, a magnetic lock alone is insufficient, and the door should have a latch lock and electric strike.
  • The door must be easily opened from the inside by any layman without special knowledge or skills; for that reason, the DOB has been giving fines to buildings with magnetic locks that only have the Push-To-Exit button. When we install a magnetic lock, we install a Request To Exit motion sensor inside the door, which automatically unlocks the door when people approach it. A Push Button is installed as a precaution in case the motion sensor doesn’t work.

Door Buzzers for Offices, Storefronts, and Other Business Environment

When running a business, securing your facility can be very important and useful. A door buzzer system on your storefront can prevent burglars or homeless people from coming in. Access control system in your warehouse facility can help you monitor which employees come and go between the different areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

A door buzzer is an electrical component that is wired to a power source and a controlling device such as a button, a remote, or an intercom system. When the user clicks on the button, electricity will power up the buzzer, which in turn allows visitors to open the door. 

Door buzzer systems are typically integrated with various components, such as keypads, proximity readers, intercoms, remote controls, and more. These additional components can provide extra functionality and security. For example, a keypad or proximity reader can be used to grant entry to specific individuals, while an intercom system allows for two-way communication between the person inside and the visitor outside.

Door buzzers with an intercom system have two communication components: one inside each apartment and one at the building’s entrance. Communication between residents in their flats and guests at the front entrance is made possible by the wiring connecting these devices. Smart intercom/buzzer systems allow the communication and release of the door from the tenants’ mobile devices. For this function, the system must be connected to a local internet connection at the office/building.

When a door buzzer is integrated with an intercom system, the system includes two communication components: one inside each apartment or office and the other at the building’s entrance. These devices are connected by wiring, which enables the communication between residents, employees, and guests at the front entrance. Additionally, smart intercom/buzzer systems allow for the communication and release of the door to be controlled through the use of tenants’ mobile devices. To use this function, the system must be connected to a local internet connection at the office or building.

Hardware for a door buzzer system usually costs between $1,000 and $7,000. However, the actual cost depends on the type of system you choose and its features.

We calculate the price of installing a full home security system based on the following factors:

  • The type of system: Wired or wireless systems can have different costs, with wired systems typically being more expensive to install.
  • The number of entry points: The more entry points a system needs to cover, the more expensive it will be.
  • The features included: Additional features such as remote access, video surveillance, and intercoms can increase the cost of a door buzzer system.
  • The complexity of the installation: More complex installations, such as those that require running wires through walls or ceilings, will typically be more expensive.
  • The brand and model of the equipment: Different brands and models of door buzzer systems can have different price points.

Keep in mind that these rates are only estimates and do not include installation or potential maintenance costs. Due to installers’ control over pricing, door buzzer system installation costs might vary greatly. 

Be aware that buzzer systems need a lot of wiring and in-unit equipment, which means that costs could go up after taking these factors into account. To be sure you’re getting a reasonable price from a reliable expert, you should always ask for an estimate from a licensed installer.

Door buzzers with wireless technology work online or via a phone line. It can instantly transmit a video or audio message to a mobile device. The benefit of such a system is that you can respond to a buzzing visitor from your smartphone using a dedicated app. Additionally, you can view activity at your entrance from a smartphone or laptop, which is incredibly useful when you can’t access the door or are away. 

Buzzer systems have two hardware components: one inside each apartment and one at the building’s entrance. Communication between residents in their flats and guests at the front entrance is made possible by the wiring connecting these devices. Even better, smart buzzer systems include a speaker, microphone, and camera. Tenants and guests can see, hear, and communicate with each other in this manner.

For local companies and residential properties in New York, Linked Security provides a variety of door buzzer solutions and products. We will supply the system that will be the ideal solution for you, whether you are working at a storefront or office, renovating a home, working on a new development, or need to boost security and manage who enters your property. 

Securing your facilities can be highly beneficial while running a business. A door buzzer system can prevent trespassers from accessing your property, and you can keep track of which personnel enter and exit the various areas of your warehouse facility with the use of an access control system.

The front doors of many New York, NYC apartment complexes typically include a buzzer system. Tenants may unlock the door (“buzz the door”) and let visitors inside thanks to the intercom system’s connection to the door buzzer. This is often accomplished via an electric strike mechanism mounted to the frame, though other methods, such as magnetic locks, electric locks, bolts, or other ways, may also be used. 

Simply push the door release button to temporarily unlock the door if you want to open it for the visitor. The majority of buzzer systems use a buzzing sound to notify visitors that the door has been unlocked. 

Apartment buzzers take care of two concerns that both residents and visitors encounter: 

  • Visitors don’t need the resident’s phone number to notify property owners that they are at the front door.
  • Residents don’t have to leave their apartments or go downstairs to greet visitors at the front door.

Commercial doorbells are intended for establishments like stores, warehouses, and offices that require a reliable, long-range wireless doorbell. 

A commercial doorbell system is a type of building entry system for businesses and commercial buildings that enables visitors to communicate with tenants and request access to the property. This system is installed at the front entrances of offices and other commercial buildings to enhance property security. Commercial doorbells also provide smooth access for indoor environments, staff, guests, and delivery drivers. 

Each commercial doorbell features hardware that residents can use inside the building and at the front entrance. Furthermore, each piece of hardware contains a microphone and speaker so that residents and guests can communicate and hear one another.

A door release button is a requirement for every commercial doorbell. By pressing this button, individuals can remotely unlock the door for visitors. 

The major advantages of a commercial doorbell are as follows: 

  • Increased security 
  • Added convenience 
  • Enhanced effectiveness 
  • Improved tenant retention


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