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Linked Security provides 24-hour locksmith services & business security solutions in the New York (NYC) area. Locksmith Service is an important part of our business. You can say that in many cases Locksmith work is that final brick in the defending wall we call a Security System.

When considering a complete security setup for a house, a store or a warehouse, we always wanna look first at the most obvious points of access to the premises. Doors are always the easiest way to get in anywhere – and sometimes they are the only way. Therefore choosing the right lock is as important as any other piece in the puzzle. We service both residential and commercial locksmithing requests to all New York City, our host of clients ranges from property management, commercial offices, education facilities, retail stores, government offices, hospitals and more.

Linked Security is the proud owner and operator of  The NY Locksmith, a well established and known locksmith service company in NYC. As local locksmiths in NY, we have seen it all – and there’s a lot to see in New York City boroughs. By operating an in-house locksmith company we eliminate the need to contract out locksmith work, this way our customers can enjoy a professional service at a very fair price.

We offer a wide variety of Locksmith Services to cover all of your needs. Our technicians are professional locksmiths who specialize in fitting the right lock to the right security system. Are you looking for an NYC locksmith in midtown or on the Upper West Side?

Our services include: Residential locksmith service, Commercial locksmith service, Fresh installation of locks, Lock replacements, Emergency Lockout services, Deadbolts installation, Keyless and smart locks, Electrified locks and more.


Lockout Service – If you or your tenants get locked out of their apartment/house, your first concern will usually be how to get back in – and as fast as possible. For that reason we offer a 20 min. emergency response time and we’ll do our best to make it even faster.

Our techs are experienced in opening any locked door and are always equipped with the right tools for the job. Our technicians also carry a wide variety of lock sets and cylinders, so they can help you replace a lock or a cylinder in case you lost your keys or we had to drill the lock.

If you are locked out of your car out techs will be able to get you back in in no time. Please remember that certain cars are more complicated to open than others. If you’d lost your car keys and need a new one, we can help you cut and program a new key.

Changing locks or installing new locks for extra security is something we have a lot of experience in, NY is a renters’ city. Every one moves from one apartment to another and there’s always keys going around. We always recommend to change a lock when moving in to a new place. If extra security is needed we can suggest the best deadbolt for your type of door. We also carry high security brands like Mul-T-Lock and Medeco.

Rekey service – Rekey is a term we use for re organizing the pins inside a cylinder so it will work with a new key. If you have several doors in your house or several locks on a door and you’d like them to all be on the same key – that’s what we will have to do.

Our commercial customers usually have different kind of needs than our residential customers. The type of doors we deal with in commercial spaces are usually different as well. Therefor we operate a Commercial Locksmith Service Department that takes the best care of our commercial customers.

Our commercial locksmith dept. specializes in aluminum doors solutions – for building entrances and storefronts, exit devices for fire escape doors – including panic bar devices, cylindrical locks for Herculite doors at stores or offices, automatic door closers – surface mounted or concealed, master keys systems for offices with the need of limiting access to certain doors and personal, keyless locks for special utility rooms like elevator machine room etc, and many more.

Rekey services for commercial customers – Using rekey we can setup master keys systems for building owners and management, large offices etc.

Commercial grade Hardware – the hardware we use for our commercial locksmith service is always a grade 1/2 commercial heavy-duty hardware. We understand high-traffic and high-demanding applications need specialized hardware so you can count on us to provide the best service and the best products to your business.

Fire rated hardware – Fire doors are doors who by NYC Fire Codes and Regulations must be able to withhold a fire for an X amount of time. These doors must have a fire rated hardware installed on them. Ask us about fire rated hardware if you know your doors are should be fire rated doors.

Smart and keyless locks are becoming more and more popular every day. They offer a good (but not excellent) security level and the convenience of not using your key. Today, there are many smart features that differentiate the locks from one another. Smart features can be automatic unlocking of the door when you approach it (the lock recognizes your phone via Bluethooth), sending temporary e-keys to visitors, unlocking the door remotely and more.

Smart locks can be a good fit for both residential and commercial customers, but for commercial doors sometimes we will have to fit a different type of hardware since the setup of most smart locks will not fit Herculite doors or Aluminum doors. Another factor to consider is that many of the smart locks in today’s market are not designed for high traffic doors.

Smart locks do present a security dilemma as they allow a new kind of breaching that is not an option with regular locks – hacking. Since all smart locks use someway of communication – Bluetooth, WiFi or NFC, there’s always that option that someone could “talk” to it and get it to open. When we install a smart lock we always make sure to install only models who have been tested and tried for hacking. Our techs are trained to change all the default passwords and access ways so your device is protected.

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