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Linked Security offers customized and tailored security solutions to all of our customers. Customers coming from different industries have many times different security needs. With this in mind, we have been able to design and implement more precise, accurate, and effective security systems and serve you – our customers – best.

Retail & Shopping Centers

Loss prevention and marketing are on mind of every store owner. Linked Security offers Video Analytics through advances CCTV system to help with both.

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Schools, Pre-K’s, Campuses

Due to recent events and rising demand, Linked Security now offers Emergency Event Announcing System with local alarm sounding, PA system integration and law enforcement alerting.

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Diamonds & Jewelry Traders

Linked Security offers tailored solutions for Jewelry and Diamond stores: Specialized CCTV, Alarm systems, Safes, Trap Doors and many more.

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Construction sites & Workzones

Linked Security offers CCTV and Alarm systems, and other security equipment to protect your construction site.

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Security Insights and Resources

Our business security and smart home automation systems experts discuss the latest trends, product reviews and tips.

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