About Linked Security NY

Linked Security is a Brooklyn-based security systems installer & locksmith with over 10 years of experience in NYC and a combined 21 years of collective experience in our team. We are a family-owned business that respects its employees as much as it respects its customers, and we treat our city as our home. Our expert security technicians offer free security system assessments to New York businesses and residents.

Our intercom & security system installation company is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Linked Security serves all of NYC, including Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan. Our goal is to bring you the best security system solution that will fit your needs and budget and leave you completely and 110% satisfied with our products and services.

Meet our Team

Yonatan Yekutiel

Founder & CEO

Yonatan has worked in the security system business for 7 years. He began his security career in Israel. You will most likely meet Yonatan on a site walk-through or during an estimate meeting. Managing the company doesn’t leave him much time to install systems anymore. However, “Every once in a while,” he says, “I join the guys and get my hands ‘dirty’. I love traveling, music, and good food. “

Lawrence Cabello

Senior Systems Installer Fort Lee, NJ

Lawrence has been with Linked Security for 1.5 years and is a valuable asset to our company. If he drives up our van to your building, you can be sure you are in good hands.

“Hi, my name is Lawrence Cabello. God, family, and integrity are some of my most important core values. My favorite activities are reading, spending time with my family, and watching movies. Growing up, my family and friends would always ask me for help when it came to electronics. I enjoyed helping them, and in the process of lending a hand, I acquired a knack for electronic systems. For some reason, I like the part about figuring out how electronics work and how to install them.”

Haim Bar-or

Senior Systems Installer Brooklyn, NY

Haim is our most colorful part of the team, always up to something interesting or on his way to an exciting event. Haim has been with us 4 years and is very experienced in every aspect of our industry. His biggest treat is his creativity and ability to solve unforeseen challenges in the field.

Jose Muñoz

Tech Assistant, Brooklyn, NY

Jose is a new yet valuable addition to our team. As an experienced electrician, he contributes a lot with everything high-voltage. He is always ready to help and perform any task on hand.

“Hi, my name is Jose Munoz. I’m from Mexico. I’m a very active guy. I enjoy playing all kinds of sports. I’ve been working on security systems for about a year now. I find it fascinating that we can do with just a little bit of electricity, like bringing security to our customers.”

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Security Insights and Resources

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