Managing your business doesn’t have to be complicated. Simplify and secure your access control system with Brivo. Say goodbye to traditional keys and step into the future with key fobs or mobile access. Here’s why you should make the switch:

Enhanced Security

With Brivo, you’ll always know who has access to your business and when. Gain complete control over secured areas by setting up different access levels for your staff and managers.

Stay Informed

Tired of wondering if your employees arrived on time? With Brivo, you can receive instant notifications directly to your email for any events you choose.

Linked Security has been a trusted provider of access control systems for over 8 years, and Brivo is our top choice. As the leading US brand in cloud-based access control, Brivo offers affordability and convenience. Here’s why you should make the switch:

Versatile Access Options

Let your employees use PIN codes, key fobs, cards, or their mobile phones to access your store, office, showroom, and more.

Effortless Management:

Easily handle your users and access reports through the user-friendly Brivo cloud portal.

Remote Access

Provide secure remote access to vendors or customers right from the palm of your hand.

Ready to enhance your business security?

Linked Security now offers a Single Door Brivo setup starting at just $2,750! This comprehensive package includes your Keypad/Reader controller, electric strike for door release, IO key fobs, and all necessary accessories. And yes, the price includes installation!

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