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Securing what is important to you, whether you are New York, NYC small business, or a large commercial organization! Linked Security NY is certified to design and install integrated security systems using products from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Linked Security NY uses proven, well-respected brands to implement fully comprehensive security solution services for our esteemed clients. We stay informed with the latest trends in new technologies, products, compliance, regulations, and security best practices.

We constantly test new products before fully endorsing them to make sure that a particular security system product or brand manufacturer meets a number of criteria such as quality, price, warranty, reliability, longevity, and interoperability. This ensures that our customers’ buildings are protected and that the security solutions have long-term operability. Nowadays, comprehensive enterprise security systems are made up of a number of physical hardware products and software platform components that must integrate and work together as a machine. 

A security system is much like a chain. It is only as reliable as its weakest link. By providing top-of-the-line technology at every level, we ensure that your system works exactly as it is designed to, and we monitor it to make sure it is maintained properly.   

NYC Commercial & Business Security Solutions

Our New York, NYC security installer technicians have undertaken system integration projects of all sizes and budgets, so whether you need security system integration for a corporate office building or retail store, a multi-tenant apartment complex, an enterprise solution for multiple manufacturing buildings, or a sophisticated integration for a school, hospital, or corporate campus, we provide effective results with custom-tailored system integration solutions.    

Linked Security NY’s mission is to provide the right security system solutions that will increase security effectiveness, reduce risk, and eliminate the hidden costs associated with operating non-integrated security, buildings, and business systems. We deliver this goal by installing only the best security hardware and associated software in the industry. We stand behind the brands we install into our security projects that offer the perfect combination of value, performance, and reliability. A comprehensive building security system may include a wide range of security controls, such as intercoms, access control systems, physical locks, intelligent locks, fences, door buzzers, surveillance video systems, security guards, proper lighting, and alarms, among other components. We work with dozens of security system manufacturers. Below we would like to highlight a few in each category that we trust and use on a daily basis that you may be interested to learn about more.   We will be updating this frequently. If you have any questions about any of the products or manufacturers we use or our services feel free to contact us at any time.  


Aiphone Intercom Systems

Akuvox Intercom Systems

Access Control

Brivo Access Control Systems

Kisi Access Control Systems

Home Automation

Lutron smart Dimmers and Light Controls

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Our business security and smart home automation systems experts discuss the latest trends, product reviews and tips.

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