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Do you own an apartment, home or CO-OP property that is looking to upgrade your apartment building’s doorbell buzzer or intercom system? Have you heard about one of the leading smart wireless IP video door intercom manufacturers called DoorBird?

DoorBird is a superior German manufactured high-tech IP video intercom system that will allow you to monitor and control your Manhattan or Brooklyn home or Coop’s, doors, and entryways with advanced security features. Complete with iPhone app integration, IP video, door stations and more, DoorBird is a suave, modern approach to video surveillance and wireless entryway access control. The product’s aesthetic and function design is pure, straightforward and smooth. It is comparable to other smart video intercom brands such as Aiphone, ButterflyMX or Siedle. 

As a homeowner, security is ever-increasingly crucial these days, but setting up a modern intercom system can be a time-consuming and costly hassle to deal with on your own. As a professional system integrator and installer of Doorbird intercom products, Linked Security NY can save you a lot of time, frustration, and money by taking care of your property’s video surveillance and intercom solutions for you, painlessly. We also can help implement the sleek DoorBird brand intercom technology product in the most aesthetically-pleasing yet effective way for optimal door entry surveillance and monitoring of your building or home. 

DoorBird is an innovative intercom system that combines the use of video and audio connected to an app on your smartphone to help you have more control over the security systems in your residential apartment or COOP and who can go out or come in. 

Answer your door anywhere –
with DoorBird you never miss a visitor.


If you are a person that is always on the go but you want to be able to monitor your home, and even remotely answer and control your doors, without a hassle, then contact us for a free security consultation. You no longer have to worry about whether they will be there to receive a package. It is really easy to use– you get a push notification to your smartphone anytime the doorbell button is pushed. You will be able to see your visitors, speak to them, and open the door from wherever you are. 

Never miss a delivery or a visitor. 

What’s so convenient about Doorbird security intercom’s is that you do not have to be in close proximity to your door to be able to open the door or speak with your visitors so if you are away on a trip and need to have a parcel delivered or have your cleaning service let into your home, you can do all of that from wherever you are.

DoorBird Intercom Features

The DoorBird Intercom Systems are some of the sleekest and most advanced security solutions on the market today, combining stunning aesthetics with robust features and functionality. While the visitor, delivery man, will see a minimalist interface, the multitude of features available to the user are far from basic. DoorBird door intercoms have a built-in HD video camera with a 180-degree hemispherical lens, 4D Motion Sensor, a noise-cancelling speaker, an RFID reader for keyless access control, and backlit call buttons. The integrated sensor can, if desired, set off an alarm or notify you of any movement around the front of your building. As an authorized NYC & Brooklyn-based Doorbird installers, Linked Security NY can help you take advantage of the following features: 

  • Seamless intercom installation onto your existing doorbell buzzer or older intercom.
  • Receive packages at any time – Direct the parcel carrier e.g. to the neighbor or open the garage door via smartphone
  • A live feed via the app directly from the DoorBird intercoms to your phone.
  • Save and record any visitor interactions in the cloud, accessible from your app at any time.
  • Two–way communication between your phone and the Doorbird intercom.
  • Contact up to 8 smartphones or tablets with push notifications with video and voice or IP phones via IP video or voice calls.
  • Record your exterior with HD video and 180º wide-eye hemispheric lens, infrared night vision, and bank-level encryption. 
  • Burglary prevention – Prevents more break-ins than an alarm system 
  • Connect to any and all doors in your home
  • Elegant and discreet design – no visible screws on the front panel, Plain and high-quality surface 
  • The intercom panel comes in a variety of durable options such as stainless steel, bronze, brass, titanium as well as free choice of colour with powder coating
  • Multi-tenant IP Video Intercom (100 tenants max)
  • If your COOP or apartment uses other smart home automation technologies, the intercom’s features can be accessed and controlled through other manufacturers’ systems and touch panels such as (Control4, Loxone, Crestron,ELAN, Fibaro, Bang & Olufsen etc.) 

Doorbird Multi-Tenant IP Video Intercom For
New York City Property Managers


DoorBird makes a couple of multi-tenant IP Video Intercom systems products which are designed for use in apartment buildings and multi-dwelling units of up to 100 units. We can install the IP video door intercom station at the building’s front entrance or gate, and visitors will be able to use the name directory to find and call residents. The DoorBird smart video door intercoms includes models with displays and keypads for multi-tenant buildings and customized solutions with multiple buzzer buttons and mailboxes. 

The DoorBird IP intercom systems are easy to integrate and wire in new and existing buildings. Apart from the network infrastructure, no additional hardware is required. DoorBird products are considered the most innovative IP technology in the field of door communication. Unlike other intercom products that can depend on costly additional devices, such as gateways, to ensure that they can operate IP-based. Using the DoorBird IP technology, architects, technical building planners, and integrators benefit from the easy integration and cabling. The external entry intercom systems can be combined with DoorBird IP indoor stations for additional functionality. Enhance your property management solutions to a new level with a DoorBird intercom system. The DoorBird intercom door entry systems provide a simple and unified way for admins to review visitor entry, save and record any visitor interactions in the cloud, control property access, and update tenant directories. 

Your building tenants can get mobile video and call access to the door intercom and connect up to eight smart devices (so other people can access to the controls like their family members) to one call button. Your residents simply download the free DoorBird ios or Android apps so they can see who is at the entrance, listen in, and have a two-way voice conversation. When a visitor rings the doorbell, the resident receives an instant alert and can access the intercom system and buzz them in. 

Authorized DoorBird System Integrator &
Installation Partner

For the last five years, Linked Security NY has established itself as the reliable low-voltage and custom security system integrator in the New York metropolitan area. Linked Security has become a New York City and Brooklyn-based DoorBird-certified partner, system integrator and licensed installer. We procure, install and integrate DoorBird entry systems into your new or existing security system.

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