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Intercom Systems

Intercom systems exist today in every building in NYC and around it. Today, a lot of homeowners as well as business owners decide to install intercom systems to protect their assets better and as a way to welcome visitors.

Linked Security is a proud intercom system installer, using leading intercom system brands in the industry. We’ve been installing intercom systems around New York City and Brooklyn neighborhoods for many years, and we’ll be happy to help you upgrade your current intercom system or install a new one.

Our Intercom System services include Single Family Intercom, Multi-Tenant Apartment Intercoms, Commercial office intercoms, Audio intercoms, Video Intercom systems, Hands-Free Monitors, Touch Screen Devices, and Phone Directory Intercoms, IP Intercoms, Intercom Repair, and Intercom Upgrade.

We're ready to install or repair any type of intercom system


Single User Intercom Systems

Single user or single tenant intercom system usually consists of 1-2 doorbells or entrance panels and 1-4 indoor monitors. These systems serve the best single-family homes or business operators with no intercom as part of their facility.

Comelit hfx9000

Multi-Tenant Intercom Systems Installation


Multi-tenant systems are usually installed in buildings with two or more separate condos/apartments. These systems can accommodate 1000’s units with as low as one entrance panel or ten entrance panels per the customer’s needs. At Linked Security, we specialize in NY’s most common multi-tenant systems like Aiphone and Leedan and newer players in the industry like AkuvoxSiedel, and ButterflyMX, offering a few different interesting features like built-in virtual doorman service or IP-based intercom.

Here are different features of intercom panels and indoor units we install:

  • Audio Only
  • Audio/Video
  • Door opening capability
  • Doorman call
  • SD/HD camera
  • Hands-Free intercom
  • Touch Screen monitor
  • Voicemail messages
Aiphone GT multi residential building intercom

Phone Directory Intercom Systems


Phone directory intercoms are composed of a front panel hardwired to a phone line. When a user chooses a tenant’s name from the list, the intercom will call a pre-programmed phone number to reach the tenant. The door can be opened by pressing one of the numbers on the phone’s keypad.

The advantages of these systems are the low cost – since there are no indoor units to install and the vandal-proof panel, which suits vandal-prone areas. The disadvantages of these systems are the necessity of a phone line for each tenant (cell phone lines are ok as well) and the fact that there’s no video feed, meaning these are Audio Only systems. Some of the leading manufacturers of these systems are Mircom, Door King (DKS), and Keri Systems. 

IP Intercom Systems Installations


Similar to a phone directory intercom system, the IP system uses 1 (or more) front panel and requires no indoor units, but this system is connected to the internet and not the phone line. When a user chooses a tenant’s name off the list (usually a touch screen panel), the intercom system calls the tenant’s smartphone through a designated App.

Using this App, the tenant can talk and see who’s at the door and open the door as well. Since most people have a smartphone with internet connectivity, these systems offer a great option for multi-tenant buildings that want to save money on expensive installations and yet offer an Audio/Video intercom service to their tenants.

Other features you may see in these systems: 

  • Optional indoor unit using a tablet-based device
  • Virtual Doorman services
  • Video feed monitoring by third-party security services
  • automatic snapshots of visitors and much more. 

Linked Security uses hardware and software of leading manufacturers offering these features  –  Aiphone, ABB. ButterflyMX, Doorbird, 2N, Comelit


Linked Security offers a FREE of charge or commitment consultation meeting.

We will come to your location, examine the existing intercom system and wiring, and explain the different options you have.

The most important thing when considering an Intercom Upgrade is the type of wiring currently existing in the building and their condition. This factor will determine whether we need to run new wires or not for the new system. Many audio intercom systems are using just enough wires for us to use for an upgrade.

Click here to learn more about Intercom Upgrade.


Linked Security offers a same-day repair service for all intercom types and brands. We stock most brands’ replacement parts including amplifiers, power supplies and indoor units, so we can take care of your situation that same day!

Brands we work with: 2N, ABB, Aiphone, Akuvox, BCG, ButterflyMX, Comelit, Door King, Elvox, Enforcer, Leedan, Mircom, Siedel

Outdated Intercom system
Upgraded Mircom Intercom System
Upgraded-Mircom-intercom-system-by-Linked-Security-NY-at Beck-Street

Successfully Designing Intercom Systems in NYC

Here at Linked Security we believe that choosing the right intercom system for your building, house or business, starts with understanding and prioritizing your needs.

We will consider what features are important to you and what features are required by the the building department or city code.
We will explain the limitations we might have by the existing wiring or existing structure.
And of course we will take your budget into account.

Feel free to call us today at (347) 462-0751 for a
FREE consultation regarding your Intercom system.

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